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  1. Oh and btw if you check out some international news you can get slightly less politically biased coverage πŸ€“ 🍿
  2. You still spamming your newspaper πŸ“° poll theory of how you think things should be run πŸƒβ€β™€οΈ or are you just trying to distract everyone from seeing πŸ‘€ the declassification of your Russiagate bs 🧐 apparently there were some laws broken...🧐
  3. Yeah when you don’t like who you are just call a β€œswitch β€œ. πŸ€“ that’ll work 🀣
  4. Only just begun? πŸ€“
  5. Still trying to act like you are some how better than everyone else 🀣 So how come you didn’t ban your self for the exact same as you have banned others ? You already know why, it’s because you think that the context that you use it is fine, while theirs is not. 🧐 In short you think your speech is better than theirs πŸ€“ Apparently you think the same of your own domain here but here’s the thing, it’s no different out in the real world 🌎 no matter which words you try to censor, oh but it’s definitely more polite πŸ‘ 🍿
  6. Man I read this... On the ground look inside the maga maggots terrorist attacks on the capitol And I really thought that he was going to post this https://www.bitchute.com/video/CAIUBwx6ZpjZ/ Although they could have have done a better job of editing out the blm shooter violence filmed by the antifa protester πŸ€“ 🧐
  7. What you do is called flinching... dance flinch dance πŸ€“ 🍿
  8. So you are going to try to convince people that you know better than themselves what they really think πŸ€“ that should work out well 🍿 Ps. Most people probably think only a dumbo 🐘 ass would make such a claim 🀣
  9. I can definitely get with this 😁 but you guys better hope you don’t get censored 🀬 speaking all crazy πŸ€ͺ like that πŸ€“ 🍿
  10. All Lies I tell ya....🀣 lies lies lies 🍭
  11. What was the time frame πŸ–Ό on that? You seem to be assuming that it’s the same as your other bets..... but Im not like you, I would put some limits in place πŸ€“
  12. The btw was added before your next post. Too bad you missed it and blame others πŸ‘Œ get better πŸ€“ Ps no one notices how you can’t address it 😝
  13. Pssst....the fact that they were actively spying πŸ‘€ on the president elect would indicate that there was a will supported by action prior to day 1 , so I sure hope you are not just denying the date it started . That would be silly πŸ€ͺ hope this helps πŸ‘
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