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  1. Bumped them up. 1A D-1 will be between Irwin, Brooks, or PACS for years to come
  2. Neither ELCA or TC will be in 1A next year. Prince Avenue isn’t going anywhere they will be loaded next year.
  3. Grayson 31 Archer 31 Graysons CJ Dixion leads them on the 2 minute drive to tie it up with 17 seconds to play
  4. Archer leads Grayson late 31-24 under 2 minutes
  5. 38 yard TD run by Archer QB Carter Peevy... Archer Ties it up 17-17 late 3rd
  6. Grayson 10 Archer 0 midway through the 2nd Archer QB Carter Peevy having a rough start with 2 interceptions (1 returned for 6)
  7. After Graysons Spring Game 2 things are clear they are VERY undersized and soft
  8. Has found their next HC .... Adam Carter of Creekview HS Former Valdosta DC...He went 12-1 under his first season at Creekview
  9. Would shock me either... But I would be interested with Ford at Grayson if their defense remains dominant and if Ford can bring an offensive boost Grayson would be in great shape but either way Grayson will be looking for a new HC soon
  10. From what I’ve heard Hunnicutt is a lock in to take the Buford with the strong ties with Hunnicutt and the Buford Principal
  11. Are the Stadium seating requirements still in play
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