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  1. Mostly not true. But yes, lots of drool. You're welcome.
  2. Of course a stooge like you can’t comprehend what I said. It’s not the difference between posting a link or cut and pasting an entire article .... It’s that you can’t just Post a link then give us your own synopsis on the topic. Because both you’re reading comprehension level and IQ prohibit you from being able to do so. So we all await your next copy and paste job.... we can’t wait!
  3. You’d mumble “12,000 lies and 2.4 million more votes over and over again” while drooling on yourself. When are you going to post an article link and articulate thoughts of your own rather then copy and paste it in its entirety? Or can you not do that? Yes, yahoo pumps out daily anti trump BS so they are total propaganda.
  4. In saner times, 66 would be put in a mental facility fit with a straightjacket. He would be mumbling to himself..... "2.4 million more votes though" over and over and over again while staring out a window with prison bars on them. He has to have the lowest IQ, by a pretty wide margin, of any poster on the entire forum.... and that's saying a lot.
  5. What did Line start at ? Dls - 16 or something crazy ?
  6. Copy and paste boy at it again. What a dumbass. I read that article yesterday. Yahoo is a propaganda arm of the left. And Its apparent 66 isn’t familiar with business cycles, when Obama came into office at recessionary levels, interest rates at 0, quantitative easing ..... etc etc etc If the economy was doing so well under Obama, why wasn’t hillary elected?
  7. I’d think you’d take 4 tds with Dematha. Obv sjb wins but Dematha is legit squad. Take the points with STA. Take the points with MC..... although I don’t know much about MC but 19.5 is a lot.
  8. Thanks for the updates..... 1s done do you know ?
  9. Will BC/STA be televised? Anyone know? @SJR 04 you might have to fire up that periscope for us if not!
  10. After STA game.... BC won’t see as many athletes rest of the year so that will help.
  11. Imhotep C..... lot of athletes.
  12. PR Scheduling IMG is akin to SPP scheduling SJB year after wimbush and mincah graduated.
  13. PR beat sjp 41-21 the year prior in the title game and beat everyone by at least 3 tds. That was a special team it’s a shame we never saw them against a top 5-10 team that year. The coach should of scheduled more aggressively that season. Scheduling IMG the year after Jurkovec graduated is pretty foolish.
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