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  1. Mjd33

    Stephen A Smith at ESPN

    https://dailysnark.com/stephen-a-smith-shows-he-knows-nothing-about-football-with-horrible-analysis-of-chargers-chiefs-game/ This is So embarrassing. This is Espn! Spencer ware is not playing tonight. Hunter Henry hasn’t played a down this year. Derrick Johnson’s not on chiefs anymore. The suits upstairs have to be shaking their heads this morning. Look at the faces of Bruschi and Max. Is it worth giving someone so cluelesss a mouth piece while sacrificing and degrading the quality of your product, just to bring in a certain demographic?
  2. Mjd33

    DeMatha HC to Maryland

    Isiah Williams. WR from BC.
  3. Mjd33

    MD 35 - DLS 21 (F)

    Pretty big not to have the #1 JR corner in the country.
  4. Mjd33

    MD 35 - DLS 21 (F)

    What player (s) sat? Was is it for entire game? And if don’t mind mentioning, what did he/they do? Thanks.
  5. https://www.5dimes.eu/livelines/livelines.aspx 3 GA Hs lines available. No colquitt though.
  6. 🙄 c’mon no sandbagging. Ill go w @ATLien12x and @ron169‘s similar MOV prediction.
  7. Going to check out colquitt haven’t seen them this year. GA guys, how many points would you favor colquitt over Milton ?
  8. Mjd33

    BNU Commitments

    Not bills. They just drafted Allen in the first. Jags will need a qb. Washington because I think Alex Smith is done for his career. Maybe Denver? Maybe bengals if they want to move on from dalton? Bucs will have a big decision to make w Winston who’s contract is up. And dolphins because tannehill clearly not the long term solution.
  9. Mjd33

    BNU Commitments

    Don’t think pats reach for qb in first.... that’s not what they do. A team w a qb need will make a Move to get him.
  10. Mjd33

    BNU Commitments

    Someone will reach for him and he probably will be because not a great qb draft class at the top.
  11. Mjd33

    Folsom versus Cathedral for CA 1AA State Title

    Ah yes hyper improvement 🤔
  12. Mjd33

    BNU Commitments

    I don’t like it .... but I understand it. look at Oliver, Bosa, and Gary.... all 3 barely went through the motions this year. Business decisions.
  13. Mjd33

    BNU Commitments

    I like how there’s a playoff don’t get me wrong .... but it has devalued the rest of the bowl games with all these guys sitting out..... and I don’t blame them trust me. I can’t believe Even will Grier, a qb, is not going to play in West Virginia’s bowl game.....
  14. Mjd33

    BNU Commitments

    Maybe @Zipcep can give us a run down how yale beat Maine by 3 tds. He was probably there.