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  1. Are you talking about me? What’s my other profile name? That’s news to me....
  2. https://therightscoop.com/former-espn-reporter-tweets-burn-it-all-down-until-the-animals-came-to-his-neighborhood/ Former black Espn reporter tweets burn it all down! Sound familiar? But then 3 days Later he tweeted the protestors were animals when they got into his gated community/neighborhood and destroyed a Starbucks 😂 You cannot make this shit up.
  3. https://www.dallasnews.com/news/investigations/2019/07/31/you-re-gonna-kill-me-dallas-police-body-cam-footage-reveals-the-final-minutes-of-tony-timpa-s-life/ Identical awful story. Just a Different skin color. No protests. No riots. No looting. Why’s that ?
  4. @HawgGoneIt still think the cop’s death wasn’t related? No, You had to run your big fucking yap before the facts came light saying it had nothing to do with the rioting. And to immediately think they weren’t related at all goes how stupid you are..... Just statistically speaking it was highly probable the cop’s death was correlated. What a fucking schmuck you are .... you didn’t even respond earlier saying you were mistaken. But hey, a cop died..... a black cop too btw. But just collateral damage I guess to you wanting to burn it all down. You low life scumbag.
  5. https://abc7news.com/federal-officer-killed-in-oakland-identified-per-abc7-source/6221576/ Angela Jacobs posted on her Facebook page saying,"My brother, Dave Patrick Underwood, a federal officer, was murdered 5/29/20 in Oakland California, while on duty during the riots. Care to back track your statement from yesterday you clown?
  6. Yup. It’s Trump’s fault. My God you are such a fucking pussy.
  7. He is a currency speculator who made billions by bringing nations governments/treasury departments to their knees. He Broke the Bank of England when he Shorted billions of the sterling pound when it was pegged to the Deutsche Mark at 2.8 to 1. He also Made a killing shorting the Thai baht. But he got his ass handed to him investing in Russia years later. Spent over a billion investing in a Russian telecom business plus a loan to a potential leader .... lost all that money. He spent millions in the 90s trying to legalize marijuana and Now he funds blm and potential radic
  8. Ha sure! You get yourself a Louis v bag you scumbag?
  9. Agree 100% but Not to that fucking schmuck @HawgGoneIt he says burn all these cities down. Fuck businesses (many btw owned by black people), fuck pharmacies, fuck low income housing, fuck police stations, fuck groceries stores etc Destroy your own communities and loot a Louis Vuitton for a new bag. That will show everyone how racist this country is!
  10. Can the two innocent federal agents who were shot last night in San Francisco join in on those protests? One was killed btw. Or is a cop getting killed just the collateral damage of as you would say, “burning it all down?”
  11. And for the record, if it was up to me this officer doing the knee job would be put in front of a firing squad tomorrow. Grease that mother fucker. Cops have difficult enough jobs as is after Obama shit on them for 8 years.
  12. Has Minneapolis recovered after the riots following Justine Damond’s untimed death by law enforcement? Google that because you’re in the dark probably. Media didn’t cover that one too much huh? Hmmmm 🤔
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