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  1. Mjd33

    St Joes vs Pope John

    Rutgers is a dumpster fire. No depth. No talent. Poor coaching. Villanova is better than Rutgers. Only a 3 point line against Buffalo and they get smoked. Awful.
  2. Mjd33

    DBP 13 at BC 14 F

  3. Mjd33

    DBP 13 at BC 14 F

    Union city is one game. That’s silly.
  4. Mjd33

    St Joes vs Pope John

    PC had a nice run. The paladins Came on the national scene hot like a pistol thanks to Partridge’s Verizon plan. He ruffled some feathers for sure but got his when it was all said and done.
  5. Mjd33

    DBP 13 at BC 14 F

    It’s a shame SPP blew a two score lead to SJP in 4th. They would be top 10 minimum .... maybe even top 5.
  6. Mjd33

    DBP 13 at BC 14 F

    If he’s out for season ... repeating as state champs probably in jeopardy .... esp with sjr in group 4 not to mention spp.
  7. GA guys.... OT. Do you remember this kid in HS at George Walton? https://pennathletics.com/roster.aspx?rp_id=12580 Or this guy.... https://pennathletics.com/roster.aspx?rp_id=12599
  8. Mjd33

    DBP 13 at BC 14 F

    Article said leg.
  9. Mjd33

    DBP 13 at BC 14 F

    Dicosmo broke his leg?
  10. Mjd33

    (3) Mater Dei defeats (1) IMG 28-24

    It’s called analysis. Btw, I picked MD to win.
  11. Mjd33

    (3) Mater Dei defeats (1) IMG 28-24

    Great game..... nice drive by MD. The Not enough men on line of scrimmage penalty was costly for IMG after long run.... would of been 1st and 10 around MD 20 w few min to go. Instead the penalty backed IMG up and had to settle for fg. IMG had all the momentum and was Grayson’ing the monarchs running down their throat. I probably wouldn’t of even kicked the fg if I’m kevin Wright. That was a mistake and he will be second guessing that call on the flight home. I must say .... If I’m a coach of a team traveling from the east to west coast, I get it written in the contract game starts 530 PST latest.
  12. Mjd33

    MD IMG Pregame Hookup

    I like MD at home by 10 ish.
  13. Mjd33

    2019 OOS update

    But his tiers. 😂
  14. Mjd33

    My football predictions

    Read wimbush getting benched.
  15. Mjd33

    2019 OOS update

    Remember 2 years ago when you didn’t know who SJC was and thought they were a tomato can 🥫?