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  1. March Madness Seeding Projection

    Interesting matchup. Press Virginia going to need to get some turnovers. If I’m Jay Wright I play DiVincenzo more and leave him in back court after WV makes. Brunson, Booth, and DiVincenzo can break the press .....
  2. March Madness Seeding Projection

    Michigan will certaintly be favored by 5-6 ish but don’t count the noles out. They were 6 point dogs Tonight Too.
  3. March Madness Seeding Projection

    Length and athleticism of Seminoles gave zags issues.
  4. March Madness Seeding Projection

    Big 12 showing well. Texas also should of made it to at least round of 32. Horns gagged away the game against Nevada with questionable fouls on Mamba and missed free throws.
  5. March Madness Seeding Projection

    Nevada coach should of fouled late twice down 1 with 30 seconds to go.... there was only 5-6 second differential on the shot clock. Extend the game put Loyola at the line and make them earn it. Mistake. Calipari should of called timeout down 2 with 10-15 seconds left. Mistake. Calipari is the most overrated coach in college. Granted this wasn’t one of his more talented teams but he squanders so much talent. A KY team with John Wall, Eric Bledsoe, and Demarcus cousins couldn’t even get to a final 4. Bruce Weber (k state coach) got lucky not fouling Too when Kentucky almost banked in a 3 Down 3. Foul there put Kentucky at the line up 3 with seconds left. Mistake but got lucky. Watched a lot of Gonzaga this year they were overrated. If Nigel Goss and zack Collins game back to school from last year’s team they were a legit final four contender and #1 seed. Collins was a lottery pick and is doing ok in Portland but Nigel Williams Goss was late second rounder wasting his game in Serbia now. He should of went back to Gonzaga.
  6. trump vs Joe

    Transgender Reconstruction surgeries have gone up 20% every year the last several years. Two decades ago, you couldn’t even find many doctors to do them. In addition, most aren’t cosmetic procedures, like a nose job, where the patient pays out of pocket but their insurance is covering them because doctors are saying they are a necessity. Gee, I wonder why doctors are saying that? Trump is absolutely correct banning transgenders in the military for a dozen reasons.
  7. trump vs Joe

    Also breaking news .... guys with lots of dough can get a lot of pussy. That’s breaking news at 7.
  8. trump vs Joe

    This should be unacceptable. I’m a sexual libertarian and can care less what two consenting adults do but don’t get children involved. This should not become a normality. I also have a big problem with the lgbtqrstuvwxyz telling kids it’s ok to question their gender at a very young age. Transgenders are mentally ill there’s no such thing as changing your gender.
  9. trump vs Joe

    https://www.google.com/amp/www.philly.com/philly/news/politics/city/philly-voter-fraud-trump-immigrants-registration-commissioners-penndot-20170920.html%3famphtml=y someone who lives in Philly sent me this today. I thought illegals couldn’t vote? I’m confused.... Zero illegals voted in the presidential election right @noonereal
  10. trump vs Joe

    You’re in the stands watching. You're not even in uniform in single A ball yet.
  11. trump vs Joe

    My facts aren’t radical .... surprisingly, I feel like the majority of Americans. You, on the other hand, wouldn't mind living in a world where children have two mommies or two daddies.
  12. trump vs Joe

    Fox News. Fox News. Fox News. Dude, come up with a new pitch. Your fastball down the middle is getting belted out of the ballpark.
  13. trump vs Joe

    This is a garbage response to a preposterous claim.
  14. trump vs Joe

    I’ve said numerous times, I don’t watch Fox News ever.
  15. trump vs Joe

    Coming from the guy who thinks invading Iraq led to the 08 financial collapse 😂