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  1. He knows the deal .... big difference playing Clemson instead of Oklahoma.
  2. Don’t agree.... Ohio St would of been a 12 point favorite over Oklahoma. Ohio St will be a slight dog against Clemson by 2 points. Two td swing. So not getting the 1 seed was huge. Whoever played Oklahoma was almost getting a bye.
  3. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/joe-hunter-biden-seen-golfing-with-ukraine-gas-company-exec-back-in-2014-photo-shows Didn’t Joe Say he knew nothing about his son’s business dealings? Hmmm interesting photo .....
  4. Ohio St not punching it in first and G at the 2 late in 4th after the pass interference cost me 3Gs in two parlays. Plays should of been .... Dobbins first down. Dobbins second down. Dobbins 3rd down. And if necessary Dobbins 4th down. Ryan Day wtf ?
  5. Understood. But OU only has one loss.
  6. If Wisconsin didn’t lost to Illinois you’d be correct ..... but they did. So Oklahoma getting in....
  7. Yes, so if result holds then 1 LSU plays 4 Oklahoma. 2 Clemson plays 3 Ohio state.
  8. OT: DePaul’s own Hasis Dubois 10 catches 130 yards and a TD against Clemson. Still 8:21 left in 3rd Quarter.
  9. Ohio St can lose tonight and will still be in people.... relax.
  10. Ohio st 62 ..... Oklahoma 35 with a late garbage td to make it look more respectable.
  11. Step away from the crack pipe.
  12. You don’t want to play Clemson in semifinal ..... Oklahoma is essentially a bye. I will say Clemson and LSU on paper is the best semifinal since the playoffs started.
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