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  1. Who’s playing qb for Bosco ?
  2. Crazy how MD handled SFA after this result.
  3. Big game ..... could decide who finishes 2nd nationally?
  4. Sjr also flew 3,000 miles to play J Serra.
  5. Lay off the drugs. Servite got smoked by a below avg Bishop Gorman team.
  6. Moorhead? He’s not going to Rutgers.... I’d be shocked.
  7. Harvard is not ranked but Princeton is 16th and Dartmouth is 21st. I like Dartmouth to run the table and finish within the top 10.
  8. Where does he think he's going to go?
  9. What choice did he have? I think he started JL because Tx Tech transfer not available due to concussions and Sitowski wanted to red shirt.
  10. The loss hurts notre dame more than Uga. It Uga Runs the table here on out and beats Bama they are In .....
  11. Bosco beat SJR in the 15 title game. SJR handed a top 10 nationally ranked team St. Edwards their only loss that season.
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