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  1. Mjd33

    Ryanair CEO

    What time is the CAIR meeting tomorrow you real man! Lol you fucking pussy. Later cupcake.
  2. Mjd33

    Ryanair CEO

    Yes, you are quite manly. How do you walk around with those ginormous balls of yours calling someone you don’t know a bigot from behind your smart phone. You sir, are a fucking man if I say so myself! Bravo.
  3. Mjd33

    Ryanair CEO

    Because he’s stating a fact?
  4. Mjd33

    Ryanair CEO

    Lol sure he didn’t.
  5. Mjd33

    Ryanair CEO

    Pretty sure his comments are crystal clear. 99% of the comments on the article also agree with him did you notice?
  6. What was the vegas line on this fight?
  7. Mjd33

    Ryanair CEO

    Is the CEO of one of the world’s largest airlines also a bigot?
  8. Says Muslims more likely to be bombers and should be profiled at airports. https://www.yahoo.com/news/ceo-one-worlds-largest-airlines-173741520.html In other breaking news, water is in fact wet! Who’s the bitch I was arguing about this shit weeks ago? Was it you @HawgGoneIt? Can you believe the CEO’s comments? He’s obviously a KKK member too right?
  9. Of course Putin wants Bernie to beat Trump. The US economy would tank. Follow the $
  10. This type of complacency is why the witch lost.
  11. I’m not asking him to give me a price point for some exotic fixed income derivative instrument either .... he CAN’T do simple addition. Lmao. What a fucking schmuck.
  12. Who’s the fool? You cant fucking add! Lmao. Trump isn’t taking the 400K presidential annual salary bozo which Obama your hero took for 8 years. So Trump is leaving 1.6 million on the table to be president for 4 years but is sticking it to the man by raking in 650 bucks a night? Lmao. Wow. Just when I think you can’t say anything stupider you actually do!
  13. 650 bucks a night vs 9 million by michelle in a week. Trivia time.... which number is greater? 🤔
  14. I’m assuming SFA flying out to California?
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