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  1. It really is embarrassing. As a lifelong Falcons fan I really have become speechless at this point.
  2. Hey, it might work for em. "Hey blue chippers, come here and you will def. start day one" lol
  3. Me walking into this hell hole of a section:
  4. I could be wrong here - and someone can correct me - but didn't they move there because they had family in Valdosta they could live with during the season?
  5. His parents are willing to legally separate just so he can play his senior season... I almost want to say give the kid a pass just for that dedication lol I would think COVID-19 would be enough reason to give the kid a waiver without the requirement of the seperation, though.
  6. I have no idea lol I'm just a longtime lurker that decided to finally sign up and post.
  7. Being proud of a nonexistent schedule sure is... a thing... I guess...
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