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  1. Yep. I don’t get these people on the board like GSB and Nole and now this Mickey person who are so obsessed with national comparisons and national rankings. I mean, it’s okay for pure entertainment value, but at the end of the day, who really gives a toss about whether some random team from Ohio Is or isn’t better than some random team from another state based on how other random schools from each state hypothetically might perform against each other. For Christ sake, just enjoy a fucking high school game.
  2. This from the poster whose lips are permanently puckered on GSB’s ass.
  3. That’s just sad. Really sad. It’s not just the lies. It’s not just that’s it’s still trying to defend the scam. It’s that the lies have been so throughly debunked and the scam so thoroughly exposed at this point that anyone still peddling this garbage is just sad. But even sadder and more pathetic is that once again, despite claiming not to be a lapdog for GSB/Joe or a pimp for the BS scammers, it is @Nolebull813 who is pushing this nonsense. Dude, do you have no self-respect at all? You’re just embarrassing yourself. Why debase yourself for GSB like this?
  4. When I grabbed the “roster” provided by Bishop Sycamore, all I could do was laugh. It contained 26 names. No numbers. No designation for whether the player was a senior, junior, sophomore or freshman. And the players were listed under position categories: “QuarterBack,” “Running Back,” “O/D Line,” “Wide Receivers,” “LineBackers,” “Defensive Backs” and “Athletes.” That’s it. That was the entire roster. Anyone think this is a coincidence? What do you bet that the “list of 26 players with D-1 offers” that GSB claimed to have (but never shared) was just this same useless roster of 26 names? Too funny.
  5. Hoban’s defense only gives up 13 points and loses. That’s gotta hurt.
  6. Unbelievable. Hoban ready for a game-winning FG on the final play, but instead it gets blocked and returned for a TD with no time on the clock. Crazy. 3 defensive scores by Iggys in the game. Final - Iggy 33, Hoban 27.
  7. Hoban comes up with another INT. Game still tied 27-27 with 2:30 left.
  8. Hoban answers with a FG of their own. 27-27 late in the 4tb.
  9. FG Iggys to lead 27-24 with 6:30 left in the game.
  10. Hoban with a quick score of their own. Cuts the lead to 24-17.
  11. Iggy with another quick score. 24-10.
  12. Another defensive score for Iggy — pick 6 makes it 17-10 Iggys.
  13. It’s a good thing the game was at Florida, because whoever called that joke of a play on the 2PT attempt should be made to walk home.
  14. Hoban and Iggy tied 10-10 at the half.
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