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  1. SMU was a repeat, blatant offender. Kind of like Bama.
  2. There was DJ Fluker getting paid cash. Before that. It was Clinton Ha Ha Dix getting paid. Before that, it was Bama players getting of cash for signing memorabilia before the title same. More recently, there was Ralph Cindrich, the agent who confirmed he had paid numerous Bama players for years. And over the last year, a banker says he paid big money to Bama players. But the NCAA does nothing and just pita their head in the sand.
  3. They had wins forfeited and a bowl ban. That’s a pretty big hammering. And again, it was guys trading their own stuff for tattoos. These are cash payments. Vacate the wins, strip the title, and bam them from a bowl this year and next year.
  4. We’ll see just how hypocritical the NCAA is — hammered tOSU for guys trading their own stuff for tattoos, but then let Auburn and Bama completely off the hook when players were getting paid. Now LSU? We’ll see if the SEC bias is alive and well.
  5. Looks like a game GSB would set up and then claim that it’s a great game because it’s all about giving the big dude in red another chance. He’d also ask us to prove that the big dude is older than the little kids.
  6. Yeah, with all the craziness of 2020, it’s strangely comforting to know that even in a world gone mad, you can always count on the Browns finding a way to embarrass themselves. #tradition
  7. Baker got lit up. O-line was awful. He got crushed repeatedly. Surprised if he doesn’t have cracked ribs.
  8. Bengals are still the Bengals. Browns are still the Browns. Cam is still Cam. Rodgers is still a douche.
  9. Well, that’s the one constant — Vegas always wins. ; ) Take that for what it’s worth when you see how the judges scored this one. Not saying they necessarily got the decision wrong, but those scores were not based in reality. Maybe — maybe — Lopez won by couple points or so if the judges valued quantity over quality, but 6 and 10 point margins? Ridiculous.
  10. I agree that the age difference may be the decider going forward, but there were times in the second half of the fight, especially in rounds 8-11, where it looked like López was in real trouble and Loma was inflicting serious damage. If Loma had started being aggressive just a round or two earlier, I don’t think López makes it through 12.
  11. Yep — too bad he didn’t start attacking in the 4th or 5th instead of waiting until the 6th.
  12. Maybe — maybe — Lopez out-pointed Loma over the 12 rounds. but you’re absolutely right. Loma repeatedly landed heavy shots to the face and head of López that did real damage; Lopez never really touched Loma with any big shots. Guess the judges liked quantity over quality, but I agree that the scores were ludicrous.
  13. You’ve pimped for pedophiles? What’s wrong with you, freak? LOL.
  14. Loser, you’re the only one here who claims teams as “yours.” #pimpingforscammers
  15. LOL. Like a bug to a blue light, every time I say “pimp” and “scammer,” Nole comes running. Zap!
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