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  1. Lombardo played Tressel-ball tonight. Had 3 or 4 chances to end this game early, but basically played not to lose — played the punt and field position game all night. Not sure why they decided to go so ultra-conservative tonight.
  2. Final: SEHS 16, UA 10. SEHS Defense absolutely dominated again tonight. Unbelievable performance. Offense was less than pedestrian. Didn’t do anything like they’ve done the last several weeks. Credit to UA for playing tough, but just terrible play-calling by Eds almost cost them. Thank god their defense is absolutely lights-out. The whole D gets a game ball tonight.
  3. Eds defense gets a safety! 16-10 Eds, and UA with the free kick to come.
  4. Pooch punt downed at the 1. UA has 99 yards to go with 31 seconds left.
  5. Offense can’t close it out. Punting back to UA with 44 seconds to go. One more stop needed from the D.
  6. Huge sack forces a 4th and long, and then Eds gets the INT! That could seal it, unless Lombardo calls more stupid plays.
  7. Terrible play-calling all night. What a waste of great field position and a perfect chance to end the game. It will be up to the Defense to get another stop with 3:30 to go.
  8. D does it’s job again and forces a UA punt. Offense needs to do something here to end this one.
  9. Eds had a great opportunity to pull away, but went backward and punted. Up to the D to get another stop with 7:30 left in the game.
  10. D continues to dominate — another 3rd down stop forces a UA punt and gives Eds great field position. But another false start and Eds has to punt it right back — the pre-snap penalties have been killing the offense.
  11. Game is flying by. 14-10 Eds at the end of 3Q.
  12. OdbCle ought to be on the payroll — Eds mixes in short and mid passing with the run and marched right down the field for a scare on the ground by Enovitch. Eds leads 14-10.
  13. Nice goal-line stand by the Eds D to hold UA to a FG, but the O really needs to get it going in the second half.
  14. Yeah, it’s weird, because Ramos is at his best when he’s mixing in the short-intermediate passing game.
  15. Eds has dominated the 1st Q, but that KO return for a TD means it’s all even where it counts, 7-7
  16. About an hour until Eds and UA kickoff. Game time temps in the upper 20s, and forecast indicates there’s a chance of snow flurries starting about kickoff. Eds ground game should not be affected, but we’ll see if the cold, blustery winter weather will affect the passing games.
  17. They could have just twisted it 180 degrees, so it turns its back on UM students, just like Bo did.
  18. Even Bo Nix knows Arkansas got cheated by the refs against Bama, and he’s not even playing. Love his comments, basically saying that’s the way it always is with the SEC refs and Bama. BS touchdown call. BS missed personal foul. BS calls all game long.
  19. Hey, there’s no reason for everyone to get all upset and start fighting. After all, we all agree that the SEC is vastly over-rated gutter-trash, so let us use that common ground as a bridge to peace and harmony. Can’t we all just hug it out and get along? 😜
  20. LSU’s defense was god-awful when they managed to win the title. Burrow threw for a million yards because he had to — he had to play the entire game and rack up the stats because the defense sucked so bad.
  21. 42-35 with an onside kick to come. If not for that terrible replay call where the Bama receiver was still juggling the ball when his elbow hit out of bounds in the back of the end zone, Ark would be leading right now.
  22. Bama’s trash defense just gave up another TD.
  23. Stroud did everything in one half. Just like Burrow’s Heisman year, Young is putting up big numbers because he’s playing the whole game.
  24. Even if they manage to hold on in this game, Bama should drop to about 7 or 8.
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