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  1. Evidently, since I apparently share their point of view from a business standpoint, it is you, not I, that is ass backwards because it happened in reality. Don't be a dumb ass and act as if you have no idea the intent of the metaphor.
  2. A good business supplies what the customer wants. If you lose your wife to a woman, you have not given your customer what they want. Hello Disney
  3. I think 3 posters took Carrollton over Colquitt. We win!.
  4. Pulling for Dutchtown. Southern Crescent Football.
  5. Nonetheless, it is their choice to make, making your argument moot.
  6. Why am I the pain? Because you can't follow along?
  7. No, that would be his brain, not his thoughts. Think simple. It works better for some.
  8. Why are you confused? People making business decisions?
  9. He would have liked me. I share his thoughts.
  10. In today's world, where citizens attack the capital.....in America.....yes.
  11. As I said, it was a business decision to market to that community. Again, quite simple. Give us an example, by name, that we all can recognize as what you claim.
  12. I just copied and pasted, as it was posted.
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