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  1. Just arrived in Valdosta. Passed Hoco and Tift on their way to the metro. Chowing down on some Smokin Pig. Let the games begin !!!
  2. Exactly but whenever the subject is broached, the take it extremely hard.
  3. I believe you. The 2nd time going to Colquitt, I went in heavy. The first time freaked me out. We had to calm a situation between a players mom and a man from Colquitt sitting on the visitor side, on the other side of the chain link fence that runs up the bleachers on the visitors side. These people can talk all they want in terms of denial but truth is truth.
  4. I am not here for you to like me. I really don't care if you like me. I have not lied and that is what bothers you. Leave the girlish emotions beside the bed when you post. Your response exhibits your disposition. They say the truth hurts. You are an adult....right?
  5. There was talk of this many times before me and after. I have no need to lie about such a thing. No one does.
  6. I did not initiate the convo child. I see it is a sore spot for you though.
  7. I came down when Lovejoy came down 2 years in a row and I know what I experienced. How about Colquitt come into the here and now.
  8. @ Rufus. My bad. I did not intend to quote you on this topic. It was intended for FG.
  9. Made two trips and witnessed it in person. The home side was full of whites and the blacks sat on the visitors side. There is or was a chain link fence in the stands to separate the Colquitt black fans from the visitors. No lie.
  10. Those are known facts. Losing because you don't smell the endzone is also fact.
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