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  1. True, to a certain extent. I get upset when white boys, angry white boys and men, go on these indiscriminate shooting sprees. Killing without regard. They shoot up schools, malls, churchs, parks. There is no defense against this onslaught of violence, perpetrated by one group of people. A group that is contained within about 10% of the worlds population but imprisions more humans than any country if the face of the earth. And who are those that inhabit those cells? Of course...those that have suffered oppression at the hands of that 10%. So........yeah. A certain type mass killing does put starch in my shorts.
  2. Not a matter if he intended to kill him over a broken tail light but rather the fact that he DID kill him behind a traffic stop for a broken tail light. Do you not have the mental capacity to understand this?
  3. Go ahead, post them. Let us compare.
  4. First of all, the fact that they ARE in that mansion sipping is proof they are not dumbass. Second, YOU are not. I doubt they are laughing at me. On the other hand, we know for a fact you are being laugh at because WE are laughing at you.
  5. Just another example of the ignorance coming through. Thanks for the verification. Go to line 3 for your check.
  6. Sure they do. We told you to move around to improve your reception. The world is passing you by.
  7. About as much as I expect them to follow law now. "Get out, pull your pants down and say please." You deserve what you get, right? Or...........do you get what you deserve?
  8. The greatest threat to the black man in this country is the same one that has been the threat since 1619.
  9. Plenty people know of them. Your zip code isolation is showing.
  10. Quite often, these programs don't think they have a chance in hell to get the upper echelon players. That is why they never get offered.
  11. Because he insinuated that in order for JSU to get a top athlete, they had to pay him. He said the same thing regarding A&M. Maybe he did not mean for it to come out like it did but it did and thus.........an apology followed.
  12. My point exactly. So why is Saban pissed?
  13. No problem. The conditions in many homes of the young athlete are not ideal, with most suffering from societal ill's that many are aware of and some are not aware of. Living in a situation or place that has little prospects of escaping, allows for the mental development of certain thoughts associated with decision making, no matter the subject.
  14. Some, if not most, never consider the HBCU's. Some have no knowledge of them. Some have no idea of the greats that came from such schools. Ignorance is at fault just as much as anything. When you see the glitz and glitter and you don't know any better, you rush in. Need I say more?
  15. And I have seen can't miss kids go to power 5 schools with all the trappings and never achieve that lofty status they seek. Times are changing and the athlete of today has a myriad of choices with incentives, no matter where they go.
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