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  1. Evidently, since I apparently share their point of view from a business standpoint, it is you, not I, that is ass backwards because it happened in reality. Don't be a dumb ass and act as if you have no idea the intent of the metaphor.
  2. A good business supplies what the customer wants. If you lose your wife to a woman, you have not given your customer what they want. Hello Disney
  3. I think 3 posters took Carrollton over Colquitt. We win!.
  4. Pulling for Dutchtown. Southern Crescent Football.
  5. Nonetheless, it is their choice to make, making your argument moot.
  6. Why am I the pain? Because you can't follow along?
  7. No, that would be his brain, not his thoughts. Think simple. It works better for some.
  8. Why are you confused? People making business decisions?
  9. He would have liked me. I share his thoughts.
  10. In today's world, where citizens attack the capital.....in America.....yes.
  11. As I said, it was a business decision to market to that community. Again, quite simple. Give us an example, by name, that we all can recognize as what you claim.
  12. I just copied and pasted, as it was posted.
  13. The umbrella is wide. All involved are held to a standard set by the association.
  14. Not everyone follows the rules. It says they don't get many complaints but it happens. There are unspoken rules that a losing team, a disgruntled fan or an upset booster can call attention to. There are places that the officials will not say anything to the band. In Dekalb, the bands play all game long, without much complaining because that is the way they do things. Unless you complain, the refs will not address the issue, hence giving the QB the opportunity to ask the ref to quiet the band. All in all, the rules are there. Some are obsolete but rules they are.
  15. GHSA (Semifinals) Class 7A Colquitt Co. vs. Carrollton -1 Mill Creek at Milton -8 Class 6A Hughes vs. Rome -15 Roswell vs. Gainesville -7 Class 5A Cartersville at Warner Robins -7 Ware Co. vs. Dutchtown -27 Class 4A Benedictine vs. Troup -19 Cedartown vs. North Oconee -7 Class 3A Cedar Grove vs. Oconee Co. -23 Sandy Creek vs. Carver, Atlanta -10 Class 2A Appling Co. vs. Thomson -1 Fitzgerald vs. Fellowship Christian -12 Class A Division I Irwin Co. vs. Swainsboro 0 Prince Ave. Christian vs. St. Francis -16 Class A Division II Bowdon vs. Lincoln Co. -21 Johnson Co. vs. Schley Co. -1
  16. When the law was written for a certain group, there was a reason for the numbers included. If a school met the criteria, they are included, not if a school were to achieve that range unexpectedly.
  17. I learned hard lessons. Lessons you apparently have no knowledge of. Don't get angry when I call you ignorant. By definition, you are because you don't.
  18. Personally, I have intervened on behalf of Lovejoy, with the GHSA at Banneker and Stockbridge. Have you ever been to a game where the announcers lead cheers from the press box? Maybe deliberately drowning out your cheerleaders from the press box? I took it immediately to the principles of both schools, on the spot and they did the right thing and made sure it stopped. Most don't know there are rules regarding such matters.
  19. You would be surprised at some rules in some places. Here in Clayton for example, no team is allowed to run thru a tunnel of people (other than cheerleaders) or any inflated devise to enter the field.
  20. It is not a by-law. It is in the code of conduct, The exact wording does not indicate this particular subject but I assure you this is the case. Skip to main content GHSA Supports Code of Conduct for PA Announcers COACHES / ADS SPORTSMANSHIP The Georgia High School Association strongly supports the goals of the National Association of Sports Public Address Announcers (NASPAA) and urges all member schools to require their P.A. announcers to abide by the “Code of Conduct” adopted by NASPAA and reprinted below. The GHSA believes the announcer’s role does NOT include “cheering the home team on” or otherwise inciting the crowd. Do so may be common at other levels of athletic events, but high school events should be different because they are educationally-based. In a very real sense, the public address announcer at a high school event is a “Champion of Character” and can influence the atmosphere of the contest – positively or negatively – by what is said and how it is said. The announcer who performs professionally promotes good sportsmanship by what they say and how they act upon saying it. The GHSA does not receive many complaints of unprofessional behavior by P.A. announcers, but any such actions will NOT be tolerated and may result in the banning from GHSA contests of the guilty party. Please act responsibility in this important role. You can read more about how professional P.A. announcers around the nation conduct themselves at the NASPAA web site www.naspaa.net. NASPAA Code of Conduct The following principles and expectations underscore the NASPAA’s P.A. announcing philosophy. P.A. announcers who utilize these guidelines will be in a position to announce virtually any athletic event with confidence. 1. Announcers shall understand that their role is to provide pertinent information in a timely manner and to do so professionally and not attempt to be bigger than the game or event by doing play-by-play or by providing commentary in an effort to entertain or to draw attention to himself or herself. 2. Announcers shall understand that because they have a tremendous influence on the crowd and that cheerleading or antics designed to incite the crowd for the purpose of gaining an advantage for their team is inappropriate. 3. Announcers shall promote good sportsmanship and a positive environment by what they say and how they act. 4. Announcers shall treat the opponents and their fans as guests, not the enemy. 5. Announcers shall respect the individuals who are responsible for the conduct and administration of athletic games and events, such as coaches, officials and administrators, and avoid making any comments that reflect positively or negatively on them. 6. Announcers shall respect the participants of all teams and remain neutral when introducing the starting participants, announcing substitutions and the outcome of plays or performances of the participants. 7. Announcers shall be competent. This means following approved announcing guidelines, expectations and policies, such as emergency procedures, provided by the administration or the host facility. 8. Announcers shall be prepared, such as being familiar with the correct pronunciations of the participants’ names, knowing the rules of the sport, the officials’ signals and how the game is played. 9. Announcers shall exhibit professional behavior and represent their school, organization or association with respect and dignity at all times by what they say, how they act and how they appear. 10. Announcers shall avoid using alcohol and tobacco products at the venue.
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