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  1. They need a nemesis for Murdock.
  2. That is bigger than the crowd here in America.😆
  3. I thought she snatched it from Charlie Brown. Ohh, I see. You got the picture stories mixed up. You meant well, I'm sure.
  4. And the more you stand with him......the more you become him. Soon, you and he will have another commonality.......... But will he be a Freebird?
  5. Always relaxed. I am too Blessed 2B Stressed.
  6. .....from the International Cherry Blossom Festival concert in downtown Macon. Had a ball enjoying Grand Master Flash with Scorpio and Mellie Mel and the Sugar Hill Gang.. Wonder Mike rocked the mic for 45 minutes or so. Going back Saturday to catch Mother's Finest. This is the coolest atmosphere, with carnival rides, magic shows and many things of interest like the dog jumping after the object into the water for distance competition, a whole fortnight of fun. Admission........$10 Margarita.........$16 Fried Oreo........$10 Yuengling.........$7 Yuengling.........$7 Margarita..........$16 Chicken Finger Basket...............$12 And the wife ..............
  7. You are not allowed to have 2 sets of books. Taxes took down Capone.
  8. You must find it within yourself to accept some things at face value because well..,.....they are truth. Undisputed truth, in the sensible realm. Accepted universally. Consensus et al. Application is next.
  9. Welcome Home. I am happy to see your progress. Read something real, read something in real, live life. Fiction has been your problem. I have been trying to tell you and the boys that for quite some time.
  10. It is all you see, of course it is your perception. You know nothing else. You need to stop hoping you're helping. Maybe in a physical manner, you can help but this thinking thing.........ahhh, I think not.
  11. Alabama freshman defensive back Tony Mitchell attempted to evade police by driving at 141 mph before his arrest last Wednesday, according to police records obtained by AL.com. Holmes County, Fla., police wrote in their report that Mitchell “admitting to fleeing law enforcement,” and claimed his passenger, Christopher Lewis told him to “punch it.” Police found $7,000 in cash and 226 grams of marijuana — as well as a loaded gun — in the car, a black Dodge Challenger. Mitchell and Lewis were each charged with possession of marijuana and intent to sell and/or distribute, while Lewis was also charged with carrying a concealed firearm without a permit. Police attempted to initiate a traffic stop when they clocked him going 78 mph in a 55 mph zone. Lewis then accelerated to 141 mph, causing officers to lose him, per their report. When the vehicle again passed by where the cops were stationed, they were able to pull him over. Officers found Mitchell’s eyes to be “red and glazy” while he offered slow and delayed responses to their questions. When asked if there was marijuana in the vehicle, Mitchell produced a baggie of marijuana from the passenger floorboard,” the Holmes County Sheriff’s Office wrote on its Facebook page on March 16. “Both Mitchell and Lewis were taken into custody.”
  12. Learning is supposed to be fun. You are very welcome. I try to make learning fun for all my students. I see hope in you despite your limitations. KEEP HOPE ALIVE
  13. Yes I can. You're ignorant. That's why. Not a matter of answering, moreso a matter of you asking.
  14. Yeah but the answers to the questions you ask are common knowledge. Go figure.
  15. You sure do ask a lot of questions for someone that claims to know so much.
  16. Hilarious. All I can see is the spread for the champions dinner at the white House.
  17. Changes nothing. Ask Google where the most racist place is in the US. Could be Wisconsin.
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