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  1. Houdini put drugs in his mouth while handcuffed and being controlled by 4 cops. Idiotic thinking at best. Being pulled out of the car by the legs is a sure way of forcing your way out, isn't it? He had enough in him to kill 3 adults but not enough to kill one makes sense. Pretty scientific stuff.
  2. Not an avid user you know. Got the inquiry. Banned.
  3. Lots of angry white boys in America........killing the masses.
  4. No, they need to crack open a dictionary.
  5. Yes. Not everything is public info. Need to know is advisable at times.
  6. As I said, too shallow to wade into. Talking about rent free. I shall relay this across sea's.
  7. Beat us before you claim someone else will.
  8. Once again, that has nothing to do with Lovejoy dominating North both times they have played.
  9. That in no way has any reflection on Lovejoy owning North head to head. Go find an offensive TD then get back to me. 21-6 19-7
  10. How many times must you be reminded that Lovejoy is 2-0 against the bull pups?
  11. I have seen them and your insinuation is questionable.
  12. The problem with your thinking is that you think the Wildcats are the teams on that schedule and they aren't.
  13. Put 2 schools with the same name against each other. Who wins and why? The nation holds your choices.
  14. You must reside in the triangle. Your bearings are off.
  15. Percentages only count when you are losing the argument. They can't change the fact.
  16. More whites get assistance from the government than any others.
  17. Sportsnut must have handed someone here their posterior. He was absolutely right in his relayed message about some of the less intelligent posters here. Far too shallow for my constant presence. Although I do find some here worthy of conversation, many lack the prerequisite knowledge to engage in meaningful conversation.
  18. That is best. You be a good boy now. Ya hear?
  19. We know you are down..........down low. Chin nuts.
  20. And talking schitt with their mouths full. Chin nuts.
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