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  1. And 8 Democrats started the KKK in TN , Democrats killed Abe Lincoln , loved slavery, still enslave with all sorts of freebies, LBJ ,after the Great Society enslavement said, or words to the effect,"we will have these N........ voting Democrat for 200 years"....Now the Democrats have America in Marxist mode..
  2. Well said...This is all about the hatred for Trump by the left and scumbags like George Soros......Trumps speech had nothing to do with D.C and POS Pelosi knows it...
  3. Not me...I have enough trouble with one computer...Blueliner ??
  4. He's a Bosco guy and him and Nooner stuck up for me a few years ago, I don't forget and am loyal..That ain't about politics....Your good too Troll..
  5. Me neither....but the guys right...
  6. John Adams, you are right...Great Post...💪💪
  7. With that big nose he could breath for several people....
  8. 66, Your a good guy...Hopefully, you and yours get the Vaccine..
  9. Left wing, BLM,Marxist and ANTIFA are fine, no Dem pol said a word...Watch the next four 👹👹👹👎👎👎
  10. We got the Moderna yesterday....
  11. Yet you never said "maggots" when Marxist BLM scumbags and ANTIFA thugs, burned,robbed,looted,beat and tried to
  12. Listen, Bankruptcy is not pleasant.....I don't applaud it but none of us, most likely, were ever in his shoes....nor do most of us really understand what took place...
  13. That's true,but clearly in a different context..One from existing Law,ie Bankruptcy and the other political choice ,,Clearly different...Remember that too..😏😏
  14. It's legal ..........Remember that......and if not for the nobama bailouts GM and others would still be filing bankruptcy...ITS LEGAL...Real Estate, to the extent that Trump engaged in is replete with risk as well as rewards....Joe Biden was never, ever in business rather than than robbery along with his Son and Brother......Like Hillary...
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