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  1. Maybe you have a point....Under Armour All America's...
  2. HS All Americans...Bosco had 17 since 1969 which is not to bad..
  3. Not all...We have a great Gov...No riots or BS down here..
  4. As a side note, Bosco had 2 All Americans on the 2009 team,plus several on 2011... What teams have 2 MNC in two years besides Bosco and I think, STA, who Bosco had beaten twice...
  5. DBP 35-0 2 MNC and beat six good OOS teams including DLS 30-6, great Prattville and MV teams, 2011 team had between 4-6 All Americans on it...No other team has that..plus OOS wins were by 31-10..
  6. Right...Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....Go Sammy...."shit hits the fan later.....🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀
  7. In the last twenty years few have gone out and scheduled like DBP.....BC and SJP are also good.....GA and Louisania play zero compared tho those three.....
  8. See you guys later.......Moving on.....
  9. I saw the video,he resisted and most who get shot, not all,DONT COMPLY and will continue to die... He had warrants as do many and get what they deserve....
  10. Bosco schedule for those three years and two MNC are above the rest...
  11. Mays was a pain in the ass at signings, Mantle was great...
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