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  1. https://creativedestructionmedia.com/investigations/2020/10/20/the-back-story-of-hunters-computer-being-found-must-read/
  2. 2016 Bishop gorman team = karma?? Kenny Sanchez fired twice Tony Sanchez fired Tate Martell never seeing a down biggest bust Haskell Garret shot in the face Malik Hausman hit by drunk driver Armand Perry forced to retire forever
  3. To be honest Bergen Catholic had more national accolades than Mater Dei and were known more than MD nationally at the time. don't blame them. MD never traveled outside of Southern California prior to that game for a long ass time since DLS in the early 2000's, 2007 they played a Utah team American fork that was it.
  4. What happened this game? How did BC lose so bad? I have seen NJ teams rise and beat Gorman in their prime, STA, Grayson, this game stands out to me. Why?
  5. Fucking lost a 5k fucking hell. I'm crying in my corner right now
  6. In our state it's Long Beach Poly high school, they use to have the #1 players sent to the NFL I believe it's 2 now? They have nothing to show for it, always starting fights and trash talking. Narbonne, an LA City school with loads of the best talent in California same deal with Poly. Poor discipline and coaching. Serra of Gardena, another LA school from Culver City they cracked the list of high schools with most NFL players but they struggle to teams that have 5'10 Defensive ends. Very bad coaching and culture. These three schools are what you normally think of when it comes to
  7. He apparently wrote like a piece article attacking Greg Toal or the coaches or something. Also, you have to be so mean?
  8. Daddy needs some new songs. Please post anything that goes hard!
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