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  1. Lol thats what really happened. Have no clue who block is
  2. I went on Maxpreps to see the Trinity league teams and I saw Jserra Lions and just took their name. When I started posting somebody called me "block" and I just went with it because it was funny to see how people would lose their shit over some guy named "block".
  3. I heard Terry Eidson for DLS is gone??? If that's true that explains why DLS is so down
  4. Bosco is 1-2? I thought they were 1-1? STA is 3-0 against Cali teams...? Whose the other Florida teams
  5. When did Jason Negro ever do it? And what team did he call out? I remember Kenny Sanchez flat out calling out DLS years ago for ducking them
  6. Back to the point on why I created this thread. It seemed no Florida posters are contesting what MD said. So is SoFlo football really "ducking" Mater Dei? Will we see STA step up to the plate? They are a badass program
  7. The fact MC's record so far against FL schools is undefeated and could possibly repeat for a title shows they are not some weak pushover
  8. Add in Servite to the mix and it seems OLU, SM have plans on competing with them as well. We could see a balance of powers soon. The football gods broke up the BNU. Seems they're eyeing the Trinity League
  9. I feel bad for MD and SJB sometimes because they get lumped in with IMG just by association when they are nothing alike. MD and SJB are all Cali. IMG is worldwide
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