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  1. nj.com has the 50 greatest NFL players from NJ. They stink relatively speaking, but the list gives an idea whether it's the Publics or Privates, suburbs or cities that are churning it out. It's slightly rearview, but at any rate, it hasn't been the BNU, and I'm focusing on more recent players. Cushing was the only guy in the top 30 at 27. In fact, I don't see any BNU guys at all in the top 50 other than Cushing. also, IMG has, what?, 100 kids spread out over 4 years, more or less. 854 new ones i think make the NFL yearly. by definition, most don't come from IMG or the best privates
  2. you're moving the goalposts. Was initially poster boy from sort of no-hope Camden, to no level of prep as good as IMG's. No one will deny that IMG beats almost every HS out in what it narrowly and perhaps harmfully provides. The only point was whether that was needed, cost-benefit, harms, cons might outweigh the pros, etc. WWHS's Chandler entered the NFL in 2018 McBride 2007 Baker 2004 Green 2003 Darius 1998 Hegamin 1994 Lawrence 1993 Freeman 1987 ****** the 5th-rated NJ recruit is a 4* at Camden. Mich and The U offered him. 9 offers
  3. perfectly said the good news is that they can't beat Joes or Bosco yet
  4. cat better stay. what's his local HS?
  5. the top schools have $ to bring in the kids, or they're riding a winning tradition for now, or they're the only school in 50 miles, or similarly, they have no other schools nearby that want to compete, meaning they're not up-ending everything just to win football games. Joes and the other BNU schools should have DEs lined up. That's not a criticism. Just weird, because we're on a national board now struggling to have relevant teams in a state ranked 9-12 in FBS/FCS talent. If some of the BNU talent heads to Publics, which GSB hates with a passion, then we're done, maybe???
  6. would it help to hire someone like JJ Walker as a coach and he could warm the kids up before practice and games, and kick it after games? fun & downness all in 1, at a cut-rate price Chris Rock lives up here, but he has only girls who go to Holy Angels. Or else I would have proposed him. Russell Simmons is too real--he'll even have the whites trying to pay to go out of district to Eastside. Maybe Holy Angels and Bosco could merge so the kids can twerk all day long? As PC found out, the skirts would become history, although for twerking they're optimal.
  7. these transfers aren't interested in Joes 1 DE graduated to Rice and the other to IMG you're not getting our OL, all of which have P5 offers
  8. all that makes a lot of sense, and could easily be true. public is free and co-ed. closer to home. it's your neighborhood--it's comfortable. easier to be big dog. Alvarado has his offers already. well, when you get the facts, please tell GSB so he can put out a Baller Alert all the BNU-plus schools have their niche. Bosco and SPP (leaving aside Delbarton) have the highest tuition. Bosco is pretty academically rigorous. No chicks. those things aren't changing. parents and kids are more obsessive than in the past. it's worse than herding cats. you'll never satisfy all
  9. to many mistas, not enough sistas all on defense so far? Why didn't Alvarado and Dorilas transfer w/in BNU? was Cam rubbed raw that he hasn't been offered from tOSU? UC and Highlands--worlds apart so many other questions and not time enough the real question is whether GSB is coming back to Bosco. i'm thinking of transferring him out
  10. As a preliminary matter, you're a predictable joke who barks when we want you to bark. you drip politics and then dispense compliments and criticisms as if your opinions mattered. you're a moderator on a board with 10 posters. put your talents to great use in the real world--we sorely need them. I'm not an OT poster. I haven't posted there since late Feb or early March. 300k died. A bad flu season is 65k. since covid hit, we've been thru 1.5 flu seasons, which is 100k at most from a bad flu. So, covid is clearly worse--don't lump me in with your simplistic categories for how y
  11. That would seem incommensurate, which means it's likely to happen. CDC breakdown for 301,679 Covid deaths as of 12/30 for the U.S. (assuming accuracy of numbers given the paucity of deaths): Under 1: 32 years 1-4: 19 5-14: 51 102 deaths for 14 and under. year 15-24: 483. Let's arbitrarily say, 48 per year. 14-19 is 5 years x 48 = 240. Don Bosco had 9 pre-Covid deaths--ask GSB. So, 585 deaths for 19 (HSF top age and under). It's fewer when girls' deaths are removed. I understand that adults are hanging around, but I'm not
  12. Real fighting gangs died out in the vert late '50s. Think of the West Side Story gangs. These early 1960s Wanderers gangs were more like social clubs with kids who were coming of age, figuring out how to be men, and really trying to get laid. You can see that the kids, when you cut thru the BS, like each other, sometimes more than they like those from their own group/"kind," and for good reason. The gangs that came back in the early '70s were no longer fighting over "turf," but were fighting over criminal activity. The members tended to be much older, as many had come back from Vietna
  13. Hey Testadura, Great movie. I don't remember why I watched it, but it was great. I also read the book. So funny, me being a fake black, and you being a fake Italian ... and us having a conversation about a fictional movie based somewhat on real life. wow. it's surreal Richard Price, who wrote Clockers, which Spike Lee made into a movie, wrote the book. It was his first book. About racial tension in The Bronx in 1963, just like we have on this board in 2020, 57 years later. the tension was primarily between the blacks and Italians, which is why I think we get each other. in t
  14. i'm not at all i was saying he's 1 in a million. smart and POY. not a lot of those kids around i was at a Christmas dinner Monday, and 1 of the kids was at Joes and knows both of them. he said that they're both great kids. he said Estime is smart. not that the other one isn't smart--just not in Estime's league intellectually. i'll reread what I wrote but i've been a huge fan of Estime--i can't say any more about him
  15. thank you for point out something i should know we all have warts. good people are everywhere. but it's amazing what people in power can accomplish with the rest of us (which doesn't let us off the hook), and what we as sheep (or as whatever) are capable of
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