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  1. How is Del Rio and Garcia able to play this year after several games have already been played? Isn’t there a GHSA registration cut-off?
  2. What if....Garcia re-classifies at Grayson? Repeat 12th grade?
  3. Alabama...Nick will pull out the win somehow.
  4. Allatoona is #1? Is this ranking only for certain teams in the GHSA? Marietta is #9....their JR. QB1 Tyler Hughes is leading the county in TD throws with no interceptions. Wonder if his recruiting will pick up, this kid has zero stars.
  5. GotMA


    Milton wins tonight in the rain! They have some talent going on I think. Anyone know why McEachern isn’t starting their normal QB Bryce Archie I think is his name. Playoffs not far away!
  6. We’re relocating next year to Cobb county GA and our son is a rising 8th grade football player whose been in QB private training the last 2 years. Any recommendations for the best public middle school program in Cobb county for him to compete and grow in? We understand there is Hillgrove, Marietta and McEachern with varying levels of success. Looking for a solid HS football program as well as middle school without a lot of politics with coaching etc.
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