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  1. Several 5A's with impressive scrimmages so far. SOC over West Mesquite 70-14 last week. They have Bishop Dunne tonight. Keith Smith a 9th grader, a future name to remember for them. Marshall dominated in their 3 team scrimmage vs Carter and Wilson last night.
  2. Reedy stacked. 5A is gonna be fun to watch this year. Both divisions. Of course Aledo and HP are the big dogs in the room but teams like Marshall, Huntsville, Reedy, Lone Star, John Tyler, SOC, Lufkin, FB Marshall, Denton Ryan etc will all be interesting to watch. That Poteet-Ryan game Week 1 gonna be worth the price of admission. Poteet is a 5A DFW sleeper.
  3. Demand Demas found ineligible for Tomball. Word on the street is he'd like to be at NS, but if Tomball wasn't happening...no way NS happens. Best thing to do is go back to North Forest. Or hit up St Pius X.
  4. Doesnt sound like it. Sound like Blackshire is the worst one they have. They dont have a timetable for him.
  5. D-Ville has 6 starters out with injuries, another who wont suit up for 3 weeks because of spring injury. Goodness.
  6. Prosper will have 3-4 HS by 2025.
  7. The dude has 1 loss on his resume since 7th grade. A missed FG vs Midway in the semis in 2017.
  8. Without question. Lee's defense couldn't stop a blind snail and they haven't had a respectable defense since the Owens era. From the moment they let him walk, I knew Lee would suffer. People didn't like him but at least he knew defense and brought Lee a title. Still they do have some nice offensive talent coming up. Will they win? Probably not, they're too young (2022 class) and even when they come of age they probably won't play the level of defense required to be successful in W/L column.
  9. Lee's 2022 class has two potential FBS backs in it. Miller one of them. Brother of former JT 4* WR Damion Miller...ended up at Lee instead because of TISD attendance zone shift. 700+ total yards for Lee in 2018 as a freshman.
  10. Actually expecting Midway to roll in that one. Post Lineweaver ET just isnt the same.
  11. Check out Marshall's stuff. TXHSFB aka, college before college. They have an indoor pavilion in the works too sort of like what UAB has. Crazy thing is, none of it was paid for with bond money. Money was raised for this stuff.
  12. Longview-Dallas Carter 2008 And LV won lol
  13. I said they valued that SC WAY more than some MNC, which is without a doubt true. I honestly havent even seen NS fans talk about it much, but that SC? Whole different story. Look at media interviews all around Texas right now going into the season. You know what those players tell each and everyone of those reporters? Goal is a SC. Not one word is mentioned about a mythical opinion lol You dont live here nor seem to have an "earn it to achieve it" mentality so you wouldnt have any idea what we are talking about.
  14. There's nothing mythical about winning a SC in probably the best HSFB state and conference in America. Its really sad that you arent understanding this concept. Ones mythical and based on opinion, other is actually earned and you get bling for it.
  15. As a Texan, I personally could care less about playing OOS. For what...MNC based on opinion? There's plenty of competition within the state anyways. Champa said it best, Texans care more about winning something actually earned. I guarantee you NS fans value that SC WAY more than some MNC.
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