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  1. Copy & pasted from a response in another forum: Southwest Prepratory Conference, it includes Texas and Oklahoma and considers itself the "Ivy league" of private schools and behaves as such. It is a very exclusive league and doesn't allow new members. Very expensive, very prestigous, and are all college prep schools as oppsed to religion based schools(yes, many of them have "Saint" in the title, but they do not include Christian worship or Bible teachings).TAPPS is a much larger, but much less-exclusive league. It is constantly evolving and is almost entirely made up of Christian schools. There are some non-religous schools, but none are based on another a religion other than Christianity(ie; no Muslim schools). TAPPS has 4 divisions for football and 6 classes for every other sport. SPC only has 2 divisions for all sports(based on competitiveness).


    This is way too political. This post needs to be taken down.
  3. You should give a quick rundown of who Todd Peterman is and what this means for the Duncanville offense for the non-Texans
  4. If Allen was in Louisiana with that band size, you’d be thumping your chest about how Louisiana has the largest marching band in the nation 😉
  5. Wonder if we’ll be seeing a resurgence in Lake Travis then. The talent has to go somewhere. Maybe that’s too far of a drive though. Vandegrift needs to be more aggressive and be the next up-and-comer.
  6. From a logistical standpoint, I understand why most of these perennial powerhouses don’t play each other in Pre-District, especially when it comes to teams with a big following having to travel to a metro area that’s 5 hours away when they could easily find a team just as good in their own backyard. That doesn’t include the hassle of having to take the marching band. Allen for example, would be a nightmare having to go to Houston with all the extracurriculars. Their band size is like 5,000 kids. With that being said though, doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t like seeing the top echelon of TX football play each other more often in Pre-District. Katy vs Allen Katy vs Southlake Carroll Austin Westlake vs Duncanville Denton Guyer vs Lake Travis North Shore vs Allen Atascocita vs DeSoto Denton Ryan vs Lake Travis Westfield vs Cedar Hill
  7. I want to see Mission Viejo vs Folsom. I think Lake Travis or Allen would be good opponents for Mission Viejo.
  8. Really digging this matchup. How’s Buford looking like for 2022?
  9. I was about to say…kinda hypocritical. How old is RedZone? And he spends the majority time of his day on a High School football forum.
  10. Open the floodgates and let athletes move wherever they desire, similar to Florida. @pied, which side of the fence are you on in terms of recruitment and transfers? Being a private school fan from Texas, I would like to hear your opinion.
  11. Wow. I was anticipating for Denton Guyer to have a huge year in 2022. Maybe they still can with the right hire. Wonder if some athletes will move out after this.
  12. I'm sure Maxpreps and other media outlets will have St. John Bosco vs Allen as the biggest game of the year, or at least top 3. While it definitely is a marquee game, I don't think it'll come close to being the matchup that some people and outlets are gonna make it out to be. I think SJB, MD, SFA, IMG type schools are slowly but surely creating their own tier.
  13. Put one of Louisiana’s best teams against St. John Bosco and let’s see what they do to them. Allen is a good program, but they’re not a national powerhouse with an elite roster. The game might not end up being pretty but I’m glad we’re seeing these type of games being played, OOS games that is.
  14. Not looking good for Allen in their first game of the year next year. They’re gonna need all the help they can get. St. John Bosco is gonna come and knock the doors off at Eagle Stadium. Their roster is looking very intimidating.
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