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  1. Evangel Christian is playing Trinity Christian from Addison, TX. But MP has them scheduled against CH-TC.
  2. Genuine question: What website do you use for rankings?
  3. Gotta agree with Nick. The Trinity League should be heavily-favored in this one. Nolan Catholic has slowly been on the rise again the past few seasons. They're 28-4 in the last 3 years, including a trip to the TAPPS Division 1 Championship this past fall. To my knowledge, this is their first time going to California. Maybe their HC feels a little confident about the experience his team is bringing this year. Not sure what they're bringing back talent wise. Here's a video of their 2020 Championship game
  4. I sure hope so. I like Converse Judson but i'm not too informed on what they're bringing back this year. Last year was definitely a down year for them. But aside from last year, they had been doing pretty well. They went 12-2 in 2019 losing to Lake Travis in the 4th round. In 2018 they went 12-1, losing to Lake Travis again in the 4th round. In 2017, they went 10-2 losing in the second round to none other than...Lake Travis. Year before that they lost to Austin Westlake, and they lost to North Shore in 2015 in the State Semifinals. The opening of SA Veterans Memorial and SA Davenport HS has affected their talent pool in my opinion. Hope they climb the ranks along with Cibolo Steele. It's more fun when the San Antonio schools are good.
  5. Not too shabby of a schedule for Lake Travis. They'll be facing some intrastate powers in Arlington Martin, Rockwall, and Austin Westlake, these teams are all ranked in the top 15 in Texas and top 100 in the country according to the MaxPreps Preseason rankings. They'll also be facing perennial power Converse Judson.
  6. @GardenStateBaller Do you think Dallas Jesuit would be willing to give it another shot at playing another OOS opponent? In 2013 they played St. Joseph's Prep, they lost 48-27. And in 2012 they played Loyola Academy from Illinois and beat them 30-29. I believe they still have the same Head Coach that agreed to play those games. Dallas Jesuit is usually pretty competitive, they're a private school who competes in the UIL and is in the 6A Division, along with Houston Strake Jesuit.
  7. According to that website, these Texas vs OOS games were supposed to happen in 2020 but were cancelled due to the pandemic. Would've been fun to see the outcome of these games. I hope we get to see these matchups happen sometime in the near future. North Shore vs De La Salle Duncanville vs St. Thomas Aquinas Duncanville vs St. Frances Academy Shadow Creek vs St. Joseph's Prep CH-Trinity Christian vs Myers Park (North Carolina) CH-Trinity Christian vs West (Utah) CH-Trinity Christian vs USA Academy (Alabama) CH-Trinity Christian vs Eagle's Landing Christian (Georgia) Mansfield vs Broken Arrow (Oklahoma) Dallas Episcopal vs Prince Avenue Christian (Georgia)
  8. Someone enlighten me, I haven't been living in TX very long but have always kept up with the state's football teams. I've always wondered why TX hasn't been able to have at least one viable football program from a private school that competes with the elite of the 6A/5As in the state. Shoot, even OOS. There's definitely not a shortage of athletes. Talent is everywhere in the state. Even the smaller towns sometimes have loaded teams every year (Argyle, for example.) What makes it difficult for there to be a team like SJB in the Dallas/Houston metro area. Do people around the state simply not care for sending their kids to a private school? What makes CA different from TX in that matter? They're both very populous states with absurd talent. Both have renowned public HS programs, but one also has brand private HS names. AND IF there was to be a team from TX that would eventually rise to be one of the national private elites, which team would it more likely be? Would be awesome to see either Prestonwood Christian, Nolan Catholic, Argyle Liberty, Houston St. Thomas, Brook Hill, Bishop Lynch, Bishop Dunne rise to the occasion. I respect Duncanville for scheduling the power privates, but it would be awesome if TX also had power privates that scheduled yearly OOS competition like St. John's College, American Heritage, Don Bosco, etc. I know there's sometimes TX private schools that travel or face OOS competition but they're not dominant programs per se. Maybe it's just not the scene in TX, or the state's football environment. Maybe one day! But for now it seems like power publics reign the meta.
  9. I might've resuscitated this one from the dead. Didn't know where to post a Georgia question without having to start a new thread. Do other teams around Georgia travel OOS often or is it only Milton? Do GA teams normally host OOS competition yearly? What makes Milton an anomaly? Are they a program with substantial financial resources? What stops Grayson from traveling to say, Texas, and face an Allen, Katy or North Shore? Has Milton always scheduled OOS competition or has this been more of a recent trend for them. What enticed them to schedule oos teams?
  10. I really wonder what holds some teams back from traveling OOS. I'm referring to those affluent teams with resources, good booster clubs and pockets deep enough to be able to afford to do so. Teams like Southlake Carroll, Austin Westlake, Lake Travis, Highland Park, The Woodlands, Prosper, Colleyville Heritage, Coppell. Those teams are all from extremely wealthy parts of Texas and are very successful programs. Is it the coaches that don't want to? The school district? I'm sure some wouldn't care for playing an OOS team and would rather much play a formidable opponent within their 20 miles radius, and they could very well have that expenditure go to something else like say, their athletic facilities.
  11. By that logic, it's only fair that it be deemed a great win for CE Byrd.
  12. Awesome. I'm hoping it's something along the lines of St. Joseph Regional, De La Salle, or St. John's College. I feel like Duncanville will beat them to scheduling St. John Bosco first.
  13. Man, I'm excited about what's been boiling over at Allen. It's not the same at the top without Allen. Hopefully Morris can schedule some good OOS competition in the coming years and make them a perennial powerhouse once again.
  14. Not sure that this TX HS Football magazine is as glorified as DCTF but they also released their Top 10 6A teams earlier this week. They've also got Season Previews for some teams. Duncanville: https://texashsfootball.com/2021-season-preview-duncanville-panthers/ Southlake Carroll: https://texashsfootball.com/2021-season-preview-southlake-carroll-dragons/ Austin Westlake: https://texashsfootball.com/txhsfb-2021-season-team-preview-austin-westlake-chaparrals/ Cedar Hill: https://texashsfootball.com/2021-team-preview-cedar-hill-longhorns/ Katy: https://texashsfootball.com/2021-season-preview-katy-tigers/ North Shore: https://texashsfootball.com/2021-team-preview-north-shore-mustangs/ Allen: https://texashsfootball.com/2021-season-preview-allen-eagles/ Lake Travis: https://texashsfootball.com/2021-team-preview-lake-travis-cavaliers/
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