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  1. I did answer you sir. I said call them whatever you want too. If you want to lump ALL Orthodox Jews as stinky bad neighbors who cheat the system be my guest. News flash I have a couple of bad neighbors as well. I have no idea what religion or race they are.
  2. Go back a read the post about how THEY smell or how THEY work the system. Who is they? By reading his post I am to believe THEY all stink and THEY all cheat the system. by your name I’m going to guess your Hispanic. I know your a DLS fan so I’m going to guess you live in CA. I’ll go out on a limb and guess Mexican? I know for a fact you have heard THOSE dirty Mexicans or all THEY can do is work the fields. Are you ok with this?
  3. You are clearly a low informed human. BTW when there is a red line below the word you typed. That means you misspelled it.
  4. Would you be fine if the race was changed from Orthodox Jews to say Black or Mexican? If this thread was titled Blacks in NYC or Mexicans in NYC would you be ok with the direction of this thread?
  5. Q has stated from the get go both parties are involved. I believe this is why Trump is so hated/feared. He is a threat to all their bullshit.
  6. Are they bad neighbors because they are Orthodox Jews or just because they are bad neighbors?
  7. THIS is your exact quote: If you live near them, have smelled them, watched how they operate, see what schemes they abide with and a plethora of other traits, you just might be more informed...
  8. call them whatever you would like. Point is I'm sure not all Orthodox Jews are bad people. Nor do they all smell bad and have nasty traits.
  9. I have often said I would rather a racist show their true colors. I can deal with that. Its the sneaky fuckers I cant stand. Thanks for showing yours.
  10. Can I start a what's up with the Blacks in America? Im hearing they are shooting police. Or how how about this thread What's up with the Mexicans? Im hearing they are the leaders of proud boys? This is a lame ass thread man. Im going to go with not ALL Orthodox Jews are bad people regardless what you people are saying.
  11. https://www.winknews.com/2020/09/23/cdc-shows-covid-19-has-high-survival-rate-doctor-still-wants-to-see-precautions-taken/
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