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  1. What do I need to do to have you ban me? How about this Fuck you! You sorry white boy, who wants to be black because being black is the new cool thing. Ban that with a bow
  2. Tacolm calm down I wasn't defending anyone. Now go continue saving all the colored people. BTW what is your favorite color?
  3. He was the defensive player of the yr last yr. I am sure he had plenty of offers. You can bet they are now gone. Like life your actions have consequences hopefully he will learn from this. .
  4. Well, well, well....hey Mr. Keen Eye. The kid is Poly.
  5. More like Martel. Manziel was a great college football player.
  6. This thread is bunk...needs to be moved to OT
  7. Who I am doesn't matter. This is my first and only profile I've made, regardless of what you and the other dumb dumb think. So because you watched the video everyone is supposed to know the kid was black? Let me save you getting punched in the mouth. Don't ever go up to a BLACK person and call them colored. Black people are not ashamed of being black. Minorities don't need lily White hero's.
  8. How do you know what "color" he is? Ive only heard or read abt this in this thread. I have no idea what color the kid is, nor do I care.
  9. You still have not said what these Governor's are attempting to do. What exactly is Trump undermining?
  10. I don't believe Trump has done what you accuse him of doing. From the get go Trump has said it is up to the person they have rights. The left wanted him to mandate it he wouldn't. That is not undermining the Governor's. Do you really believe Biden will get away with mandating wearing a mask at all times? Will the Governor's of FL, TX ND be undermining him when they refuse? Or will they be exercising their citizens Constitutional rights?
  11. but it is...unless you changed it. You said Trump was undermining the Governors every attempt. I asked what they were attempting pls don't say saving life's. You said "here Ill make it easy. Trump has undermined the Governors attempts to get people to wear masks". I asked is it not our Constitutional right to choose to wear a mask or not.
  12. Do you believe it is your constitutional right to choose to wear a mask or not?
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