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  1. Poor Pitts. The team that drafts him is going to give him system overload because they will want him in so many different formations.
  2. "In all fairness, Merrick Garland is like, you know, Santa Claus." ๐Ÿ˜‚ ๐Ÿคฃ
  3. All I can see is money, money, money.
  4. Unless the government decides to bomb them away then there's no stopping them.
  5. From my own experiences of playing on every tours. Practice with people better than you, get used to being a ball spotter. Watch and learn, don't get down just cos you may be getting hammered and watch the improvement, this will help you mentally for matchplay. As far as tournaments go, I used to go in as many as possible, at first getting beat 3-0 but the more I gained experience and learnt how to handle myself under pressure. Then the improvement in matchplay will follow, it's all about dedication and temerament. As the saying goes. You have to learn to lose before you can win.
  6. WHO does pack some advice from their articles. The link you shared had it all. Thanks for sharing.
  7. Best gift I could give myself....? A coma, wake me up when next September ends? Okay, that was too dark. Uhh. New shoes. Despite living in rainy place, I don't have proper waterproof shoes. I have some rain resistant casual boots, but those aren't good for puddles, and I ripped the zipper pull off one of them somehow. I kinda need shoes to go biking, and really could use it for walking around town in rain, or going hiking when there is anything moist around. So yeah, okay. Minis, biking/walking rain gear including shoes. Honestly I'm just hoping people don't go nuts over the holidays with
  8. Your life must have been very boring for doing all this stuff here. Well, I'll give you that. ๐Ÿ‘
  9. You really believe herd immunity will save you? Viruses mutates time to time, so good luck seeking your shelter with your so called herd immunity. Then again, if leaving just a helpful article hurts your what? then that's your problem not mine.
  10. The second wave is much worse than the first. During the first wave there was a strict lockdown, which I believe helped in lowering the numbers. With winter here I think politicians are afraid to do that again and risk more people becoming unemployed. I just found out about this article and I thought I could share and leave it here, a good read for most of us that's trying to maintain our mental well-being during these days. Always keep yourself safe. http://managing-depression-intelligently.com/are-you-having-a-mental-breakdown-pandemic-and-mental-health-awareness/
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