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  1. Well this seems like a good opportunity to change some things!
  2. I want to get back to your original statements we seem to be getting off track...why is proof for our students and parents not good enough! Since you like to call people (dr.crain etc.) why don’t you call ODE and ask them if we are a registered school or not? The reason I’m suggesting this is because you said you don’t care what we print up...you’re right it could all be bs lol so call away...I don’t see why it’s such a big deal to you..you asked I give you answers and then it’s like you don’t want it to be real or valid...we are functioning and working towards helping young men...join us and
  3. Yes, and they understand who we are! I’m more interested in why you would call them about Maryland schools and talk about us? I don’t want to jump to far ahead because this is how conversations get confusing.
  4. Ok, next question. MAPL as far as being a school that offers reclass and is listed NCAA...but to take it a step further let’s look at the PISAA...affiliate NFHS and Kiski, Valley Forge, etc members....reclass schools.
  5. One at at a time!!! We have been a part of TCAL all since May of 2020....so you do not know that as a fact!
  6. I’m going to answer one at a time!!!! Lol We choose TCAL; I’m not sure how that’s BS?
  7. We are not trying to pass off anything. We are no different than let’s say a MAPL school. We are a high school that allows for a reclassifying of a student. We are a part of a NFHS affiliate member just like MAPL, WCAC, etc. As far as the NCAA is concerned we have called them and it is ok that we use a third party educational platform that is NCAA approved. Lastly, our students go to school! You clearly know all of this, your family is in education so you know how we are doing this. My question for you is why are you asking questions you know the answers to. Unless you are trying to educate th
  8. Hello Cod! We are following the rules lol!!!!
  9. You have no idea how much we appreciate your input...we are always looking to improve!!!!!! It’s like you mentioned earlier it doesn’t really matter at this point the people left holding the bag are moving forward....now let’s get all the help we can and keep going....Thanks for your thoughts!!!
  10. The exact date don’t remember Feb of 2018 .....the Bishop and other leadership....why else would everyone support the project? In the article there were developers who said the same thing as well as a local politician. Like I said there was 100 people and it was at the churches headquarters....did you not read the article?....
  11. We weren’t flip flopping the response was reasoning....the quote had said 5th year isn’t fair or shouldn’t be.
  12. Prep schools have been around forever send the same message to Fork Union, valley forge, choate, peddie, hun school...
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