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  1. Didn't hear shit from those Antifa cunts tonight. Concealed permits tend to keep assholes away.
  2. Id give her the best 31 seconds of my life. Rest an hr then give her another 22 seconds.
  3. Well damn, who is going to tell us all, when the world is going to end now?
  4. A post was created about Koch dying which basically turned into this shit. I agree we should let the dead rest in peace. What I dont agree with is these social justice warriors calling anyone out for doing the same shit they do or have done. I stand corrected bell. the Koch thread did NOT turn as bad as this one did.
  5. Weird I don't remember any of you guys condemn this https://www.foxnews.com/media/twitter-celebrates-the-death-of-billionaire-philanthropist-david-koch Or this Hollywood celebs rejoice after David Koch's death, slam the .. or this Hollywood Celebrities Rejoice At David Koch 'Has Left the ... or this Leftist activists publicly celebrate the death of libertarian ... or this David Koch: Bill Maher rejoices billionaire businessman's death or this Liberal celebrities rejoice on Twitter at the death of David Koch ... or this Twitter users - including Bette Midler - post cruel messages ... or this Twitter users – including Bette Midler – post cruel messages ... or this 'Good Riddance, Evil Sack of A**': Celebs Gleefully Dance on ... Where were all you shocked and appalled justice warriors then? Not one of you said shit. But let anyone return the despicable act and all hell breaks lose. GTFOFHM
  6. I hate that fucking racist pile of shit.
  7. Fucking racist. Let me appall you and the rest of your social justice warriors. I hope you die soon.
  8. So your answer was no? It wasn't too long ago when a Republican DONOR died of cancer. The dems were celebrating and saying he gave cancer a bad name. Not a peep. But today the social justice warriors are appalled.
  9. Yeah a mistake is going to be killer, but these teams are just really good. As always comes down to pitching. Our starters are better then yours. Nothing more. I think a lot of announcers, baseball people are dumb as hell saying this match-up will produce the World Series winner. The Nats are not a joke. I told my dad who is a life long Dodgers fan, that the Nats have been playing playoff baseball for over three months and with their pitching as hot as they are right now. Will be a very tough out of either of these teams.
  10. but but Fossil fuels are bad. We demand a green new world.
  11. Texas doesnt need a kid for CA to come and play QB. Take a look at the NFL. We do just fine.
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