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  1. Did you ever hang that painting of killary Clinton? I'm sure you believe Billy boy was a saint.
  2. Based on the election of 2026 he is the President of the United States. Glad to see you came out of your bunker for a little air. We're you disappointed the world hadn't ended.
  3. If President Trump did everything they said he did guess what? He'd be a DemoRAT
  4. Still mad bitch? Now you know how your wife feels after fucking you. Here is a secret bitch...you have never made her cum.
  5. Media got it right...sort of. The KKK did show up at a rally. Just the wrong coast. They were in Seattle, https://theunionjournal.com/white-antifa-terrorist-screams-f-you-uncle-tom-at-black-trump-supporter-at-seattle-mlk-day-observance/
  6. You mad bitch? Who cares lions dont give a fuck what sheep think. This bullshit will be over soon bitch boy.
  7. Guess who is still President Bitch boy? Guess who will be President for another 5 yrs bitch boy? President Trump. Save yourself the mental breakdown and kill yourself TODAY.
  8. Ill be happy when your fucking dead. Children in LA will rejoice...another pedophile is dead.
  9. Ronnie Lott, jack youngblood he played half a season with a broken leg. Randy White. Steve McMichael from the 85 Bears. All these guys were mean. The meanest was Jack Tatum. That forearm put Daryl Stingly in a wheelchair unable to move from the neck down.
  10. Meaning I'm his daddy. Go watch CNN now or report me. Either way I don't give a fuck.
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