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  1. thc6795


    Have to go with a Chicago pie over a NY slice
  2. https://summit.news/2020/03/30/in-late-february-nancy-pelosi-encouraged-large-groups-to-congregate-in-chinatown/
  3. Here is more of you tolerant fucks: Lauren Krolcyzk, a hospital executive in Buffalo, NY posted on her Facebook page that Trump supporters should be forced to "give up their ventilators" and die.
  4. Well, Well, well. Now why would they do that? Can't be because they think it might work. Sorry doom and gloomers this is going to end. Start planning your next outrage. Nevermind it will be the Trump hoax. He made up the numbers so he could look like a savior. Transparent fucks.
  5. The media trying to do what since January? Force a bullshit impeachment down our throats. That's what I thought you said. I've posted media bite after bite where the media called the Wuhan bullshit and go on with your life.
  6. Over/under times dumbass replies to himself. I'm going 4
  7. Who cares? You're going to die. It's over. Infact you're already dead. We all are. There is no hope.
  8. Of course only doom and gloom. There is no hope we are all going to die. Fuck it free everyone let's go out with a bang. Free murder's, rapists, child rapist. If the Wuhan don't get you or your kids they will. Who cares it's all over anyway.
  9. Fake ass media CBS News tells me the misleading video showing an Italian hospital during a segment on NY coronavirus crisis was "an editing mistake." No word yet on issuing an on-air correction. "It was an editing mistake. We took immediate steps to remove it from all platforms and shows." They sure seem to make a lot of "editing" mistakes when they get caught.
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