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  1. Because he will say the Jamaicans met with the judge who changed the ruling after a lid of ganj was delivered to his courthouse.
  2. Yeah man I hate to admit it but I know more Mexicans that are racist pigs then I do white guys. Then again I do know quite a few more Mexicans.
  3. Im not condoning racism, Never will. What the President said was stupid but Racist I dont think so. All you have to do is read the entire tweet My problem is when this board gets talking about racism, it is always Black and white. I can 100% tell you racism is alive in well on the brown side as well. Sadly just as many racist essay's as there are Grand lizards.
  4. I stand corrected you are Prejudice not Racist.
  5. No bro you told me specifically you hated ALL Muslims. I am sure I am not the only one who read that. Do you believe you can be prejudice and not be racist?
  6. Who found him innocent? How can you watch that tape and say you see nothing wrong with it. For the record you have many many posts other then this one that lead me to believe your a racist. You yourself told me you hate Muslims, all Muslims. Guess what hating all Muslims because they are Muslims is racist.
  7. Just so you know, when the stupid fucking DemoRATS are screaming President Trumps supporters are racist ...you prove their point.
  8. Justice? are you fucking kidding me? They killed that dude man. Seriously put your dad or brother or son in the position Eric was in. You wouldn't be screaming fucking murder? Answer honestly please.
  9. just a quick question...how did this turn into a black vs white topic AGAIN? Ive been here for years and it is always the same thing Black vs White. news flash scholars. All of you making this black white thing better take a look where a few of the squad is from.
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