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  1. Now they can start the recovery. I think they have the guy that can get it done. They weren't going to go anywhere this year anyway I don't think. I know we were going to leave a mark on'm when we went to Cleveland. : )
  2. I don't have a clue what you're talking about. I do know how to cook prime rib though. It was delicious!
  3. If they don’t get their act together the SEC may kick them out. They’re really giving the conference a bad look. 😂
  4. I think I read Herron said the wing t would be his base offense but would adjust to suit his personnel.
  5. 40-10 still caught in your craw? We’ll keep him and Slack till we can’t.
  6. They do like to get down and dirty in the city.
  7. I believe each region in the state elects a board member.
  8. He was only asked about Alabama and Georgia. Had he been asked about CC he would have walked that back as well. There’s no such thing as a cash farmer just like there’s no Hoover drug squad busting on I-20. You got something on CC or you just going to keep up the lying? I’ll wait while you look.
  9. I talked to Bueford this morning and he said the answer is no straight down the line.
  10. lol, Pompous you make up more shit than The NY Times.
  11. Damn Pompous you’ve been on a meltdown as long as I’ve known you. You really need to be on some meds. If you’re already on some they need to be adjusted. Seriously.
  12. No despair Outlaw. The whole world knows what a habitual liar he is. Hell, even he knows it but it's in his nature. And he always has these super secret contacts that gives him the scoop on everybody. At this point he's trapped somewhere between comical and pathetic without a foothold. He wants everyone to be caught for their sinful ways like Murrietta and LSWho but can't find a source. Poor thing, I'm afraid he may wind up in the nervous hospital. Maybe one of his super secret sources will throw him a lifeline.
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