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  1. The government is spending so much money the last few years I’m pretty surprised every time I get one. We count on them around here. My wife gets 2 of them. 1 for SS and a federal retirement. You might say we live off the government.
  2. Carr needs to get his head twisted on a little tighter before he can think about anything else. Ain't no one above being coached and he's going to get some coaching from this staff.
  3. We’ll learn how to tackle by the time he gets to varsity.
  4. Looks like fun 96 but it doesn’t look like any white people were invited.
  5. Snake was one of my favorites.
  6. I find this place a safe haven. 😁 On a brighter note, spring footballs are flying through the air in South Georgia. I hear the Colquitt coach has already increased some numbers and the new Lowndes coach has reduced some numbers. Trimming the fat at Lowndes is probably a good thing.
  7. He applied for the Colquitt and Lowndes job. It appears it worked out very well that he wasn't selected. Clemson now has a pipeline for Grayson coaches.
  8. There were more than a few fans in Rush's corner at Colquitt. I'd go so far as to say the majority were in his corner. What the hell am I saying. The majority of fans at Colquitt are still in his corner now that he's not at Valdosta. There's no way in hell Colquitt could allow a Propst 40 miles away at Valdosta. It would be Wright Bazemore all over again.
  9. Guess he thought he had to drop the hammer after 2 years of Dubose. You have to admit though his plan worked at Tville. Didn't produce a championship but they played well. You can't hold being 0-2 against Colquitt against him. 😉 I was rattling your cage a bit with my post. I think Grange will do well.
  10. He could have went big. There were at least 3 big time nationally known coaches available but were overlooked to go on the cheap. This will set the ViQueens back years behind their nemesis Colquitt. The Packers are on the verge of fielding their largest class of Power 5 recruits in school history and are being led by the man that laid the blueprint for Colquitt's 30-0 run with back to back championships. Coach Hoon is blessed with lots of speed, speed, speed and good hands that are worthy of an Allstate commercial. The Packers will invade the spittoon in August for the Georgia/Florida Challenge and steal the show from the Vikes. I'm looking forward to meeting 96 at the Challenge and I have no intention of saying I told you so. I'm not that kind of guy. Spring workouts are so close you can smell artificial turf. 😉
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