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  1. ( National News USA ) Open Letter To Black America by King Nazir Muhammad With the rise of the Trump Administration , Black Lives Matter and the reports of police brutality against black people in America. It is easy to assume and believe that America "as a whole" is a racist county. But if black people are considered a lesser and inferior race, why would Hollywood depict a black man as GOD .. of all things ? This new YouTube T-shirt Advertisement raises the question no one wants to answer ... Is America really a racist county .. or are we just choosing to believe wha
  2. Apart of ( The #Sleep Culture ) Order by CLICKING HERE BOOK REVIEW : Controversial Author @KingMuhammad1 has delivered a literary masterpiece with his new underground release " White America's Messiah ". At first glance at the title I thought this book had to be about Donald Trump, but surprisingly it is not about a white person at all - well not exactly.This book has a very original storyline about a black kid based in what the author calls " a real life scenario " concerning the long awaited " Black Messiah ".So it goes, this black child is born to be the long awaited messia
  3. ( National News USA ) East vs West , Age vs Youth , In A Battle To Bring Praise Back To The Name MUHAMMAD ... " By definition, the rise of an Americanized Prophet Muhammad gives birth to a competition that will reveal if this new version is simply a copycat searching for attention. Or a legitimate alternative for a more modernized religious generation in which the youth view ancient teachings and beliefs as outdated . - And this time, the decision of who we should follow will not be influenced by a religious committee. - The power will be in the hands of the common men and women on soci
  4. This VERZUZ Battle is to decide which era of modern black culture is most significant in creating a mentality in MEN that WOMEN are most attracted to - As the initiators , #Dem90sBoyz will state their claim below via Twitter.
  5. #Sleep represents The New Sub-culture in Black America. The dream come true alternative to the #Woke culture. WE AGREE TO DISAGREE
  6. The term Religious Segregation is only applicable if every race studies and practices their own individual theology. Yet the term should not be used to imply racism, but rather an act of independence. #ReligiousSegregation
  7. Synopsis : After humans were awakened from their involuntary slavery in the digital dream world. A plot was devised to reclaim the masses by offering them a choice to re-enter the dream world ... To live in a reality more satisfying than the dis-satisfying reality of the real world. This anti- #Woke campaign is led by a rogue program called BLACK πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡² TRUMP .. A powerful #Sleep Agent
  8. On This Day In Black History - A new form of BLACK THEOLOGY @YesGodisBlack went viral on social media and sparked a massive worldwide debate on the issue of religious racism, and the recognition of the multiple genders and race ethnicities of GOD #Juneteenth2021 YesGodisBlack
  9. PR - Why Do We Need An Executive Order To Force All Retail Stores To Sell The #GODisBLACK T-shirts ? by @YesGodisBlack Answer : Because as Minister Louis Farrakhan has been quoted as saying - In order to be made slaves Black People had to be stripped of their names , their language , their religion & their GOD. ➑️ Listen to him by CLICKING HERE Therefore, In order to be made free from the slave mentality , White America must give black people back the knowledge of their GOD or under the beliefs of the GOD is BLACK Movement - @YesGodisBlack The powers that be must acknowl
  10. Psychological Analysis by Lesbianology.com To simplify this complicated subject we have to reference two unique books. #1 ACT like a lady, THINK like a man by Steve Harvey This book title alone illuminated a hidden reality about 75% of Black Women that identify themselves as lesbians. And if our theory is correct, and the title is giving us an indication of their mentality. Then relationships with said women are physically homosexual - but mentally heterosexual. Unless BOTH women think like men .. which is another issue all together #2 ACT like a man, THINK like a lady by
  11. The Future of Politics ... Digital Politicians are designed to advocate new social and political ideas while remaining anonymous. Eliminating the human factor which distracts the public from the importance of the issues.
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