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  1. DEBATE - If the conspiracy theories are true, and the idea that black people in America were tricked into believing that they were descendents of slaves in order to justify using and abusing them as slaves ... πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡² .. Would granting reparations to black people constitute having taxpayers uphold this scheme by - paying for a lie ? #SlaveryWasALie
  2. REDEFINITION | Celebrating Mother's Day in Black America should consist of recognizing and honoring only the best of the best, as all mother's in Black America are not worthy of recognition. Therefore nominating an icon to stand as the symbol of excellent motherhood and aspiration is a more logical purpose for celebrating Mother's Day. NOTE | The Title of The Mother of Black America is equivalent to the honor given to women like Mother Teresa or Mother Mary. Concept by The Church of Black $yientology
  3. ( Psychology and Religion ) Are Religious Leaders Mentally ill ? - Thesis by CANCEL CULTURE Dating back as far as biblical times PROPHETS have always been accused of "madness" but in these modern times the proper term would be mentally ill. This issue is important because many younger religious followers are unaware that this psychoanalysis was applied to almost every single biblical leader in the bible - it was even applied to Jesus himself. But whether or not these men of god were in fact mentally ill was to our knowledge - never proven. But if we could analyze one of these people today - could it be proven that the oddness , weirdness or otherworldliness that is associated with those who claim to be the messengers or sons of god - is and was in fact the ora of someone suffering from a mental illness ? This is what makes social media religious leaders like KING NAZIR MUHAMMAD such an important figure in America today, because he has actually been diagnosed with a mental illness called SCHIZOAFFECTIVE DISORDER and ironically enough - he claims to be a Prophet. - and a growing number of followers actually believe in his authenticity. Therefore, his teachings are the most logical choice for this examination. And hopefully we can conclude that these people do not speak by the inspiration of god - but by the damage or birth defects of the brain. Because up until now these men have been able to influence society with teachings that have been passed off by religion as THE WORD OF GOD. - And it is only right that the people know the mental state of those that are teaching them !!! #CancelCulture
  4. ( Hip Hop & Pop Culture ) You can call them what you want to, but this new definition is becoming popular in FLORIDA. But unlike vegas, what happens in Florida doesn't stay in Florida ( CLICK HERE ) soon the word will be all over the world 🌍 " Don't call her a woman, call her #thugsexy " What Every Hip Hop Girl Wants To Be
  5. ( News in Dating & Relationships ) Once upon a time it was a young players fate to become an old suga daddy if he wanted to continue playing the game. But times have changed, because if you really listen to the conversations in the night clubs and dating chat rooms - it's becoming MANDATORY. And this has gotten even the young players considering the idea of becoming a suga daddy - and the ladies are loving it ! So just as suga daddy's are trending .. so are suga baby's ⬅️ And this is why this new online store CLICK HERE is becoming the hottest spot in circulating . - BE SAFE πŸ’― #SugaDaddys #SugaBabys
  6. ( Social Media ) Has Feminism Caused Beta Males To Become More Desirable ? by WHO+Deen=E? Author of The Beta Male Bible πŸ‘‘ In the past, women have always been attracted to the BAD BOYS or what we now refer to as ALPHA MALES. Even though it is safe to say that they are usually the players, the dead beat dad's , abusers and overbearing dominators. But in this current age of feminism, "alpha women" are no longer bowing down to male domination .. and because of this, the spotlight is now being placed on the GOOD GUYS which we now refer to as BETA MALES. But what is a beta male ? Definition And what makes them the perfect companion for today's modern woman ? Up until now, Alpha male propaganda has devalued beta males - painting them as weak, soft and simps. But in order to dominate the dating scene you have to devalue the competition. But thanks to feminism, the tide is shifting and many women are now wondering - who are these mystery men ? ... This newly created twitter page was designed to set the record straight. And introduce to the world what few already know to be - "the perfect guys" - and now you can decide for yourself.
  7. ( Financial News ) Do I actually have to be GAY to profit from the culture and lifestyle ? ... NO From Relationships to Entertainment ... The "gay for pay" occupation is becoming a legitimate practice among heterosexuals. " With the rise of unemployment and the lack of education and job skills, this highly lucrative practice requires neither " ... Many call this is the perfect alternative for urban dwellers who see selling drugs, rapping or playing sports as the only ways out of poverty ... #Gay4Pay
  8. ssssssh .. Women only go after Alpha Males - in order to turn them into Beta πŸ‘‘ Males .... #BETAMalesAreTrending
  9. ( National News USA ) Open Letter To Black America by King Nazir Muhammad With the rise of the Trump Administration , Black Lives Matter and the reports of police brutality against black people in America. It is easy to assume and believe that America "as a whole" is a racist county. But if black people are really considered a lesser and inferior race, why would Hollywood depict a black man as GOD .. of all things ? This new YouTube T-shirt Advertisement raises the question no one wants to ask ... Is America really a racist county .. or are we just choosing to believe that .. simply because that's what we want to believe ? ... And has that belief blinded us from the signs all around that speak to the contrary ? I feel it's time we start thinking as "individuals" and not as a group. Because that can cause a person to become " ignorant by association " .... and being ( Hashtag ) WOKE doesn't make a difference if you're ( Hashtag ) DEAF , DUMB & BLIND . #GODisBLACK
  10. Apart of ( The #Sleep Culture ) Order by CLICKING HERE BOOK REVIEW : Controversial Author @KingMuhammad1 has delivered a literary masterpiece with his new underground release " White America's Messiah ". At first glance at the title I thought this book had to be about Donald Trump, but surprisingly it is not about a white person at all - well not exactly.This book has a very original storyline about a black kid based in what the author calls " a real life scenario " concerning the long awaited " Black Messiah ".So it goes, this black child is born to be the long awaited messiah to blacks in America, but throughout his childhood he was rejected and abused by blacks. And because of this he grew angry and resentful of his own race which resulted in him defying his god given purpose and mission to bring salvation to blacks.Fortunately the young messiah found acceptance and support in the " white community " and so he decided to favor White America and give them the blessings of financial, spiritual and racial emancipation. And through these blessings America was transformed into the worlds new holy land - and the envy of all the nations.So to put it plainly " The Black Messiah " becomes " White America's Messiah "I don't want to give it all away, but for blacks this story is a total reversal of the concept long told about the coming of a black messiah. And is a testament to how the rejection and abuse of this child not only affects all abused children, but in this case caused an entire race to lose the blessings of god.Muhammad has outdone himself once again and delivered a 5 STAR work that is sure to become a collectors item. And without a doubt this will be a concept Black America will continue to ponder over for ages. - It Is A MUST READ ! ! !
  11. ( National News USA ) East vs West , Age vs Youth , In A Battle To Bring Praise Back To The Name MUHAMMAD ... " By definition, the rise of an Americanized Prophet Muhammad gives birth to a competition that will reveal if this new version is simply a copycat searching for attention. Or a legitimate alternative for a more modernized religious generation in which the youth view ancient teachings and beliefs as outdated . - And this time, the decision of who we should follow will not be influenced by a religious committee. - The power will be in the hands of the common men and women on social media " #MayAllahBlessAmerica
  12. This VERZUZ Battle is to decide which era of modern black culture is most significant in creating a mentality in MEN that WOMEN are most attracted to - As the initiators , #Dem90sBoyz will state their claim below via Twitter.
  13. #Sleep represents The New Sub-culture in Black America. The dream come true alternative to the #Woke culture. WE AGREE TO DISAGREE
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