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  1. This New Age Church Prefers - Whites Only #WhitesOnly By Anonymous Writer Has America come to a pivotal point in it's history of racism in which a black owned business does not want to cater to black people ? strangely enough it has .. because a new age church has listed on its business profile .. We are open to all ethnicities (yet) we prefer whites only SEE HERE Although segregation is illegal in the United States - to "prefer" to cater to one particular racial group seems to be a loophole in the system. But for a black business to prefer not to cater to it's own people is a new one on me. It reminds me of a Dave Chappelle skit in which he depicted himself as a Black-White Supremacists SEE HERE But what seemed to be a joke actually reveals a truth about black people that no one wants to talk about. - As proven by this business profile. And it begs the question, will this become a trend for the new age uncle tom ? Or worst yet .. A new business strategy for all the new age racists to use to segregate their businesses as well ?
  2. Freeing Young Democrats From Slavery Blueprint By @Socialdamus Since 1863 young Democrats have been haunted by the stigma that they were once known as The Party of Slavery and segregation. But that was until a unique opportunity arose in which A Million White Democrats could be freed from this enslaving stigma. A descendant of Slavery is now asking for young democrats to give One Dollar as a symbolic gesture of their need for freedom. The freedom from the assumption that they have NO intention of ever resolving the issue of Reparations anytime in the near future. An assumption that makes this gesture so important, because In the spirit of the Rev. Jesse Jackson We Must Keep Hope Alive Because just as black people had no hope in ever seeing a black president. Black people believe the possibility of being granted Reparations is a hopeless dream - Until Now Now The Members of A Once Slave Advocating Party Have The Opportunity To Fund The Hope by ➡️ [ CLICKING HERE ] And every dollar gives the masses hope that if One Black Man can get his reparations - Then one day they all will get theirs too. And nothing is more motivational than knowing that a pot of gold is waiting at the end of the rainbow
  3. GOD as understood by slaves @GenesisVerse127 " Slaves were raised to believe that their God created them in his own imagine and likeness. And that he was the God of Racism, which meant that he was the creator of their suffering - And For That Reason, after They Were Freed they Became A Godless People - which grew from a hatred and fear that he would one day enslave them again "
  4. A Movement by @MarriageorElse " We created this movement to end the most divisive and destructive practice in Black America which is - Promiscuity And as a result, we discovered that the idea of ending it was far more divisive " " It seems that the millions of broken homes in the black community are not a result of circumstances, but the result of conscious choices steming from a mindset that many black men and women do not want to change "
  5. OPINION By @Socialdamus The story of the Mahdi is not a well known story in the western world outside of the Islamic circles. WIkipedia States : The Mahdi (Arabic: ٱلْمَهْدِيّ, romanized: al-mahdiyy), meaning "the rightly guided one", is an eschatological Messianic figure who, according to Islamic belief, will appear at the end of times to rid the world of evil and injustice. The coming of this figure has been anticipated for over 1,500 years. But what if this savior is already here, but not recognized as such - because she is a woman ? Which begs the question, has religion evolved enough to even entertain the modern notion of a Female Messiah ? #FemaleMessiah
  6. Policy Suggestion by @DTBVersion " If the definition of Hate and Racism dictates that Black Lives Are Worthless .. The Mandatory Life Insurance Act will ensure that no American's life particularly Black America's will not be treated un-valuable like George Floyd "
  7. What Will Hip Hop Sound Like in 2040 ? By @Socialdamus " Hip Hop more than any other genre of music has radically evolved from it's original form. And for the sake of it's own survival - it will continue to evolve in the years ahead " And if this song is a preview of things to come , the sound will be radically different. But it's ability to address social issues and report on the state of the hood will remain the same. #HipHop2040
  8. Attention All Podcasts ♨️ This Discussion is for BLACKS ONLY Topic Selected by @DTBVersion This topic invites black heterosexuals and black homosexuals - To debate the most effective path to gaining total equality between whites & blacks in America. The Topic is - " Does a Black member of the LGBTQ community have a better chance at equality than a Heterosexual non member " ?
  9. Q&A : How Can A Black Church Be Designed To Cater Solely To White People ? The answer to the question lies in the doctrine ... Example : The Fall of The Black Woman in America This particular doctrine deals with the ( origin ) of racism and hatred for ( black men ) that white people at one point in history did NOT possess... Can Orthodox Black Theology Argue That Such Doctrine is simply playing the role of Devil's Advocate ? NO, Because this religious doctrine exposes Orthodox Black Theology as the one that's playing Devil's Advocate ... This is why The Online Church of Black $yientology is #ForWhitesOnly VISIT THEM @ ➡️ HERE
  10. Op-ed By @KingMuhammad1 #1. Islamophobia has become a Diagnosable Mental Disorder - Labeled amongst a list of particular phobia types. And just before 9/11/2001 it was estimated that 19 Million people in the United States suffered from some type of phobia. Later In 2015 it was reported that 55% of Americans are now islamo-phobic SEE HERE This means that 175 Million people out of the 329 Million people living in the United States suffer from this condition. Conclusion : Islam is and has been causing a mental health epidemic and the only way to cure it is to separate the cause from those it is effecting. And if it is negatively effecting the mental health of half the population it must be banned. TRUMP BANS MUSLIMS This was not a decision of hate or discrimination, this was a way of dealing with a public health hazard. BE ADVISED : Islamophobia is a sickness, and if you suffer from this affliction Please Seek Medical Attention. #Trumps_Islamophobia
  11. Religious Gangs by @Socialdamus Urban legend has it that The Bloods initially formed to provide members protection from The Crips. And as gang participation continues to grow in popularity among America's urban youth ... The news circulating through the grapevine is that Black $yientology was formed to provide members protection from them both. A new set within the gang culture that has been labeled a Religious Gang. - Adding BLACK to the roster of gang colors being represented. Check Out Their Official Website HERE #ReligiousGangs #RedBlackandBlue
  12. " Women ♀️ We have devised a plan to get rid of all the MEN with little or no resistance " If we begin to utilize sperm banks , artificial insemination and gender selection we can create an entire nation of women by the year 3050 - 🇺🇲 The United States of Women
  13. Analysis by @SOCIALDAMUS From Police Killings of Blacks, to Endless stories of Social , Criminal and Economic Injustice .. The cause is always attributed to RACISM ... And for many this makes no sense because the number of interracial marriages have increased from 310,000 in 1970 to 2,340,000 in 2008 - And the numbers have continued to rise every year. And according to Pew Research Center : 1 out of 7 infants born in the United States were multiracial leading up to 2015 - That is nearly triple the number since 1980. MY QUESTION IS : With so many interracial children being produced from black and white love affairs. How can we label any issue RACISM when statistics show that race purity is virtually non existent ? MY CONCLUSION IS : Racism is an outdated term , and these Injustices have nothing to do with skin color. " The Hate we hear is Fake , because everybody marvels over everybody's ethnicity with infatuation in America "
  14. .. Gangster Rappers Have The Black Community " Under The Influence " of BLACK MAGIC .. " Rappers Are Demonic "
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