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  1. Hey Skippy, I pay $249.00 Amuuurican to watch TV! And Pea TV don't even get a mention as a major network! And I don't HAVE pine trees! They're all Oak and Pecan!
  2. AHHH, the Ravenel Bridge! His son was on that show, until he WASN'T! Something about his not being able to stay outa prison!
  3. That game I saw the other day tween Tenn. and UGA! Verne Lundquist was trashing the UGA kicker, HOTROD BLANKENSHIP! Next to Butler, he is a UGA LEGEND!
  4. If you locate to Mt. Pleasant, you could probably land a slot on the reality series, SOUTHERN CHARM! They're one percenters like you and Rufus!
  5. If you get a pang of patriotism, stop by Patriot's Point, to see a sister to my ole home in Vietnam, the USS Laffey! Summerville and Goose Creek are probably your only viable choices. The only REAL team in the Palmetto State is in Irmo, Dutch Fork!
  6. NOW, may not be a great time for you to slither into you hacienda in Havana!
  7. Name ONE moderate Socialist in your party?
  8. FUEL PRICES drive EVERYTHING MORON! THAT, and the tree huggers letting half of California BURN!
  9. PROOF you want? PROOF you'll GET! The U.S. Border Patrol said last week, that the influx of illegal migrants from all OVER the WORLD, is the worst it has EVER been! And a majority of which are polluting the country with Covid 19 and the Delta Variant! On DAY ONE, Craaazy Joe curtailed the Keystone Pipeline, which perpetuated a domino affect in inflation, that is growing by the day! Because fuel cost effect EVERY commodity on the planet! Couple THAT, with the downfall of Afghanistan, affecting the lives and deaths of thousands who were loyal to the USA! The imminent prospects of Taiwan being invaded and taken over by Craaaazy Joes buds, the CHICOMS! And last but not least, the crickets heard from Craaazy Joe's Administration, regarding the freedom of the Cuban people, from Communist tyranny! And I said THAT to say THIS! Craaaaazy Joe has, in a short period of time since Inauguration Day, to place THIS country, in the most peril it has seen since WWII! He has emboldened Iran, emboldened the Taliban in Afghanistan, the North Koreans, under Kin Jun Dung, and placed our country and Japan and Taiwan in imminent danger, from the Chinese Communist and the Rooskies, who will now have a great foothold in two strategic areas of the world, Cuba and Taiwan!!
  10. Yeah, they'll probably let you tag along, when they go for their $899.00 discount at Walgreens or Wallymart!
  11. How many of you DIMMS use the $899.00 discount in San Fransicko?
  12. GEEEZ, I worked for ten years for a BLACK FEMALE supervisor, and the first time she gave breaks was N E V E R! She legitimized the lack of the aforementioned, by saying that being a white collar worker, we had breaks ALL DAY LONG!🤬
  13. You Cajuns don't need pillows in that thar swamp!
  14. FUNNY! As an aside, you could place Nancy Legosi, Barack Hussein, and Craazy Joe's pic where the My Pillow guy's is! And put President Xi's butt where Trump's is!
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