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  1. Good Counsel will lose to St Ed’s by ten jones is good but they should win by ten They will beat stone bridge by 4 scores. Stone bridge is very good but they can’t match up inside stone bridge beats QO by 14
  2. That was a slobber knocker
  3. I think DM wins 24-13. Dematha has a very good ground game. They don’t throw the ball well at all SJC also cant move the ball thru the air. Interesting to see if they use the penny front 5–1-5 that has shut down DM in the first half
  4. Very clear to everyone that you gotta be able to throw the ball to win in the WCAC When you have 3 power 5 linemen 2 power 5 recievers and you can’t score more then ten points- need to make a change Look at GZ with a 1/4th of talent who hung with SJC DM and GC. There is zero excuse to lose to the team that you hung 24 on 3 weeks ago if I’m GCs staff I’m sick
  5. WCAC playoffs in the rain gonna be lit
  6. Young is easily QB1 i really like Tom Demorat out of fordham
  7. Not good counsels night Weaver has not improved from last year at all. I hesitate to to say any one player cost a team a game but when you cannot move the ball through the air=trouble Demathas defensive backs laid the lumber i don’t see anyone beating DM
  8. Should be an interesting final four GC has the best ground game and defense in the area. I don’t think Weaver is that guy but it probably doesn’t matter SJC has great wideouts but has QB inconsistency DM is coming into form GZ is well coached but doesn’t have the dudes my champ pick is a toss up between DM and GC
  9. Terrible play calling by good counsel weaver does not have the ability to push the ball down field if you can’t run the ball Moore played very well #81 for Moeller is very good low blow diving at the kneel downs- Greg schisms
  10. Gardner looked okay DMs line did not play well at all Gibbons was outsized and punched them in the mouth
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