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  1. Playing IMG 10/8 i see them going 7-4. Losing in round 1 of playoffs. That’s a hard schedule. I don’t see anyone beating next years team. Truly no games off minus Catholic BR. MSJ and FCA are good as well
  2. SFA will be top dog this year WCAC GZ DM SJC GC- good counsel is the team to beat next year
  3. Neeo can possibly make the league They are gonna throw it around the yard. They lose some talent in the backfield but I have them 3rd in the WCAC. DM and GZ are the two best teams this year
  4. You can’t glean too much from a spring game in which is a tune up for fall ball SFA looked like well a team who hadn’t practiced or played in 1.5 years. Numerous errant snaps etc. Stupid fouls etc. They lost 2 linemen in the game to injury. Good Counsels defense played well, but this was their 4th game. They are running exclusively spread(!) now, their recievers are very good. The Q who didn’t play last night will be a BIG time college player. I don’t see them winning it all this fall but next fall they will be hard to beat. These two teams play in the fall- that will be a MUCH more telling game
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