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  1. Listen I wish Alaimo all the best. I'm not one to come on here and bash kids. I dont get why hes a 4 star. It has been two years now and I still dont see it.
  2. Doesn't even matter all these sophomores will transfer out to either MD or SJB by next year.
  3. So the QB play was terrible last year and the O-line was terrible but yet coaching has nothing to do with it. I'm done here. Go back to your miserable dungeon Troll boy.
  4. Oh did I hurt your feelings? Was Mark Richt your bible camp counselor.
  5. I meant too. Damn smart phones!
  6. He build an impressive SEC record beating SEC bottom feeders. Always lost 1 to 2 games every year that he had no business losing. Shit the bed multiple times in big games.
  7. Go back to sleep. Obviously your tampon is on to tight. Mark Richts terrible play calling is what kept teams that had half the talent we had in almost every game. Searels was a terrible OL coach. Sucked at Texas,VT & Miami. Lets not forget the genius ideal of hiring his son as the QB coach. Wonder why hiring the Buffalo Bill's coffee run boy wasbad idea.Your just clown ass internet troll.
  8. So I'm a fanboy for calling out Richts anemic offense that had zero creativity? Let me guess you were also a huge fan Stacy Searels?
  9. SJR why do you think Augie is being so conservative?
  10. Looooong time ago my friend. The problem was that he was still calling the same plays 20 years later.
  11. Mark Richt must be calling the plays for SJR.
  12. So when Don Bosco was whipping everyones ass did that make the BNU the best league?
  13. According to 24/7 sports Alfano will enter the Transfer Portal.
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