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  1. That decision to punt on 4th and short with less than 3 minutes left was in fact gutless and also against logic.
  2. Looks like neither Servite or Bosco are trying very hard tonight. Very conservative slow game.
  3. It’s really a battle to avoid being in D1. Those teams that could be in D1 would be D2 contenders.
  4. I don’t think the game matters much this week except bragging rights. Teams will play again on 11/19 in the semis regardless of the outcome. I suspect both teams play it close to the vest. The winner doesn’t even get home field advantage in that game.
  5. Servite and Bosco will be the 2/3 seeds in the playoffs which lines them up to play in the Division 1 semis. Does this final game really mean anything since these teams will be playing again in a few weeks?
  6. Servite is playing Mission Viejo on 8/27. That’s been in place for a long time. This is on the Mission Viejo website also.
  7. Now Servite just needs a game for the weekend of 9/10. They signed to play Sierra Canyon already. The school says they will travel if need be.
  8. Servite coach has posted that they need a week 3 and week 5 game. Any takers out there?
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