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  1. Gotta be a great win for them to take home.. good for them..
  2. Cedar Grove 35 St Johns College 13 final
  3. Great catch and run by SJC WR... 35-13 now 5:51 to go
  4. Original late hit penalty and after marking off all the PF's puts ball on SJC 5.. Then CG runs it it in... CG 35 SJC 7 6:28 left
  5. Looks like 3 ejections but no way to tell who
  6. SJC can just go into forget about rankings and focus on winning WCAC mode
  7. No it was some late stuff from SJC player OB on CG sideline.. definitely some swings and hits connected.. If they eject players then usually they would be out next week by most association rules if not all
  8. I missed what started it but that would be my guess.. SJC not liking being chirped at by the CG players lol
  9. C'mon.... I am trying to switch over to the Towson UD game.. Let's goooo
  10. Seems to be under control now.. refs meeting to figure this out
  11. CG held off SJC again.. 7:20 left still 28-7 SJC can't pass when they have to.. oh shit big melee breaks out on CG sideline..
  12. SIlly pass.. Pick for SJC in their own endzone for touch back ... SJC ball on 20 coming out
  13. SJC losing some composure get PF unnecessary roughness.. CG on SJC 35
  14. CG def stiffens and holds off SJC TO on downs CG ball
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