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  1. BC should win by 50 according to the kid they got more D1's than BS...The whole damn team is P5 lol.. GSB should hire this kid now
  2. good thing @imaGoodBoyNow isn't there.. he'd be choking this kid
  3. now it's over announcer is in tears... lol
  4. announcer.. singular. and he is a nut.. everything is most incredible thing he has ever seen... lol
  5. kid so excited he said the score was twenty to nothing lol
  6. seriously thought the kid was going to go into seizure on that call.. then of course holding..lol
  7. Angeli better not try that shit at Notre Dame...just saying of course lol
  8. imagoodboynow.. we may have to put this kid down if BC scores.. just saying
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