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  1. Even more interesting. HEIR isn't even a High School but a club team for HS aged players but mostly it's a youth program. I am guessing Trinity was scheduled to play a Tacoma Life Christian but with Covid they didn't play football last fall and their players played some club games with this HEIR group. Didn't some kids in California do the same thing? Neither Tacoma Life or HEIR are TCAL members. Really odd https://www.heirsports.com/ Heir Football Academy made history by becoming the first Club High School 11 on 11 football team in the country when we defeated Winners Circle (CA) in 2020. We have evolved since then and now have a spring league that showcases our athletes against the nation's best! At the end of Spring League we finish against our cross state rival FSP for the perpetual Battle Of The Brands Trophy.
  2. The more I dig into this "national" high school stuff the crazier it is and I thought the NCAA was nuts. At least the NCAA has scholarship limits and does try to enforce some rules. So apparently Trinity Christian Cedar Hill won the National Championship last year. That usually doesn't get a coach fired. Of course the team they beat for the crown played exactly one game, the championship game vs Trinity. I have seen some serious fluff in my time but this is a bit over the top even for the Christians. Maybe Bishop Sycamore will get crowned this year? https://trinitychristianschool.com/2020/12/01/tigers-win-national-championship/ Congratulations to Coach Andre Hart and the Varsity Football team on your win over Tacoma Life Christian. Way to end a great season! Go Tigers!
  3. Maybe he meant Div 3 in TAPPS. It is possible with Deion Sanders leaving along with the head coach Hart being replaced with a new head coach in December they convinced TAPPS to let them back in or maybe it is still in discussion and why they haven't posted a full schedule posted yet. https://trinitychristianschool.com/2020/12/18/head-coach-announcement/ The other team shown on their schedule Lubbock Christian is in TAPPS Div 3. So something must be in the works being TAPPS teams were banned from playing them last year.
  4. According to the player from this article. Trinity Christian Cedar Hill will be playing in 3A and play a more local schedule. https://www.hjnews.com/sports/usu/usu-football-freeman-talks-about-his-commitment-to-the-aggies/article_55c1ad9f-bb20-5270-b5af-3ecd49c8e3f8.html The Cedar Hill-based school will be competing in Texas’ 3A classification this fall, “playing a normal schedule with a few out of state schools,” Freeman said. His primarily goal is to help the Tigers win another state championship. “There’s nothing like Texas football,” said Freeman, who will also line up at the outside receiver position this fall for the Tigers. “We played a national schedule last year and went everywhere. No one plays football like Texas.”
  5. Convinced yet? I though it was obvious what he is. I am curious as to what TCAL is now. Are they selling NFHS affiliations with no vetting process or oversight? That is like selling inspection certificates for vehicles without doing the inspection. Probably illegal and dangerous. Let one of these high school kids get seriously injured by an adult player on Bishop Sycamore who shouldn't be on the field according to TCAL and NFHS rules. The law suites will fly.
  6. TCAL 6A - National Division Grandbury North Central Texas only offer boys basketball and girls volleyball Dallas Universal Academy 6 man football also not a TCAL member for football Dallas Spring Creek Academy no football offered Cedar Hill Trinity Christian can't verify they are still a member of TCAL for football. MaxPreps listed as freelance Mansfield Texas United homeschool basketball team RW Goins STEM Academy only offers basketball and volleyball Ocean Springs (MS) Grace Baptist only offers boys basketball and girls volleyball Spring Legacy Sports Sciences is a member of TCAL for all other sports except football. For football they are members of TCAF (Texas Christian Athletic Fellowship) Columbus (OH) Bishop Sycamore ?? That along with below, the conclusion is TCAL offers no national football division https://t-cal.org/fees/ 1A – $1250.00 1A – $250.00 2A – $1500.00 2A – $350.00 3A – $1750.00 3A – $500.00 4A – $2250.00 4A – $500.00 6A – $1250.00 (Basketball Only) 6A – $250.00 (Basketball Only)
  7. It's Grace Baptist Academy in Ocean Springs, MS that is listed as TCAL National Division members but they only offer boys basketball and girls volleyball as far as sports. They only have about 60 students K-12. National Division is basketball only according to TCAL website. Something really odd about the whole TCAL and Bishop Sycamore thing. Garden State already stated on here that they were not a Christian school. Very odd
  8. Aside from maybe Bishop Sycamore I could find at least 1000 teams with tougher schedules. Schedules so tough that if they are able to win just one of their games they will celebrate like they won their state championship.
  9. Yes we know he is a D1 offered player and athlete. Hope he gets qualified and finds a good home. I was just curios why you felt the need to post that tweet here. It has nothing to do with the topic.
  10. All coaches say nice things about the players but did he offer him?
  11. Oh the BBQ and Camp that is open to any kid entering the 9th grade and up. $20 and you are in. Everyone is invited. The more the merrier of course. Did OSU make a offer? If so did he commit? Asking for RedZone
  12. Funny, The Buckeye Bash for 22 recruits was back in early June. Is he reclassing again and going to next years bash for 2023 recruits?
  13. Another way to look at this is as fast as one can become a social media darling they can turn on you just as fast. One misstep or says/post the wrong thing and poof no one is interested in him anymore in that way and Kombucha is quickly not interested anymore. To me that has as much if not bigger chance of happening over the next few months than getting injured playing his senior year.
  14. NFL has had and still has issues when rookies started sign for the big buck right away. Now we are talking about 17, 18 19 year old's catching a win fall and many of them with no idea how to handle that much money. "Street Agent" will take on a new meaning for these kids. I foresee a big mess for some of these kids and many of them will get hustled big time and end up with nothing because they won't stay in college and get their degree even more so than now
  15. Jennifer Capriati would probably be a better young tennis player example. Hingis is Swiss or was at the time she became a professional Jenifer was an American phenom and a professional at the age of 13. She is also a prime example of the pit falls of to much to young.
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