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  1. you seriously don't know who this is do you? Well there is no chance you got the joke then either.🤪
  2. National? Lol All 25 people who post here. I would argue less than .00001 % of the fine folks of this nation even know this board exists. That and I am a rebellious sort by nature. 🤠 Maybe I should start a Wilmington Friends vs St Marks 2A semi final game thread. Starts in 40 minutes. 😜
  3. Camera angle behind the ball always makes the ball look further up. Look where the ball is touching the ksu player under him in relation to where his hip and rear is on the ground. Plus we don't have a view of when his knee hit and where the ball is then
  4. Man what a year for Manhattan football fans. 6A State Championship and the Big 12 Championship. Big party in Aggieville tonight..
  5. Bunch of dorks who never played or coached the game trying to figure out who the best team in the country is by using math equations and daisy chains... it's quite comical really 🤓🤯
  6. I wouldn't say private schools don't have any boundaries. Unless it's a boarding school the kids do have to live close enough to commute there every day. That is most privates, I know there are some outliers where kids come from far away and stay with a friend during the week or whatever but it's not the norm. I have looked into this issue before and found most the kids that attend a private are usually within a 30 to 40 mile radius of the school. Some maybe a little further but rare.
  7. Meet my new lil' buddy... Dexter
  8. ok well that makes more sense anyway. Still that is a lot of dough to put up but if it's GEICO putting it up it then I am sure as a title sponsor its a great end of the year advertising write off..
  9. Just going by the all expenses for 75 people. That has to be what about 1000 per person (flights, hotels and food). x 75 for 75,000 a team times 4.. no way in hell they put up $300,000 for teams to come play in these games.. no way and I think 1k per is light.
  10. HEY.. Just going by what was posted. Not sure what is meant on this but I take it as the travel stipend is $12,500.. Maybe ESPN doesn't want to lose a bunch of money this year whu the fuck knows.. You tell me what to make of this? On one line he says all expense paid then he says $12,500 travel stipend? I figured the first line was his typical sales BS..the $12,500 stipend seems normal to me
  11. Was just going off what GSB posted and he only mentioned the date and time of 1 game but again who knows how much he is in the know with ESPN/Paragon these days with the BS fiasco and all. Kind of looks like it will just be one game. Basically a BG invitational which is another reason I think it will be a closer team that can bring more fans so BG can make some money. https://www.geicobowlseries.com/
  12. Prices are high right now and air travel is a mess. GEICO doesn't pay for everything the stipend is $12,500 that only goes so far Who knows if Chaminade or anyone else on the East wants to make the trip or if they have the money to do it.. Not saying they won't or can't just don't think they will. Chaminade been there done that.
  13. With the daunting task of trying to book a flight in that short of a turn around time and with the mess the airlines are right now with the cancelling and delayed flights. not to mention $12,500 travel stipend ain't covering it all. that said I doubt it will be a team from east coast. Most likely at team that can bus there.. UT or AZ would be my guess
  14. The only thing unprecedented is the ridiculous amount of drama social media adds.. Stop being such a Nancy boy...
  15. This thread reminds me of my childhood on Saturday mornings Got em this time...... nope.. beep beep!
  16. Massey computer absolutely hates Florida teams..not sure why even involve them. I mean really MC at 15? wtf
  17. lol "We went to high school together. Snoop Dogg was a year older than me. I remember him, he was very tall and skinny. He wore lots of ponytails. I'm pretty sure I bought weed from him." ~Cameron Diaz
  18. PlayOn! Sports is NFHS Network and GoFan!
  19. Romper isnt that just another word for onesie 👶
  20. Not sure if that is some jersey gay or Cali gay shit but undoubtedly gay gay. @FreeBirdplease tell me you didn't go out in public like that 🤣
  21. Lol. Been there done that.
  22. Manhattan stops the try for two. Indians win 6A state championship. Manhattan's 2nd in school history last one 1988
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