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  1. Saban really coming off sounding like bitch .. wahh wahh. https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/deion-sanders-fires-back-at-nick-saban-after-alabama-coach-claimed-jackson-state-paid-top-recruit-1-million/?fbclid=IwAR3SlHDxvqtUtjUU1Wbd2y8QNVjJpOxEdX8uWkW_Y4BqkC3jx-k-BRGsExI https://www.cbssports.com/college-football/news/texas-a-ms-jimbo-fisher-fires-back-at-narcissist-nick-sabans-nil-shots-some-people-think-theyre-god/?fbclid=IwAR3SlHDxvqtUtjUU1Wbd2y8QNVjJpOxEdX8uWkW_Y4BqkC3jx-k-BRGsExI Of course Prime flips the card.. lol
  2. Cities like Philadelphia don't have gangs or gang violence anymore. Just spirted neighborhood disputes and of course gang has been replaced with gun. Philly only has gun violence now. Every morning there is gun violence being reported on the news and apparently the guns just ride up to the corners all by themselves and mow folks down. They got magic corner boy killing guns in Philly and these magic guns retaliate against the other magic guns in town. At least there is no gang wars anymore so that is a relief.
  3. You mean the USFL stacked the Birmingham team being all the games are played in Birmingham? go figure..
  4. well that's half the fucking problem is people taking "sides". I got news for you the people at the top of both sides are assholes and don't give a shit about you, me or even the folks taking their side. They only care about their agenda, their power and keeping it at all costs even if that means you suffer. Really it is and always has been about greed and power. We "The People" are just a means to an end for these pricks and prickettes in Washington. I will never choose a side because that's what they want us to do. A truly united people is more powerful than they are and that scares the shit out of them. Imagine being for some issue only because some side you chose to join says you have to think how they say.. nope not for me..but you fellows carry on the back and forth. Posting memes and probaganda bullshit from propaganda sites. . what's it ben 10 years and none have you has convinced anyone on the other side of anything....Time to jump off that merry-go-round and think for yourselves.. just saying
  5. and over 200,000 young people in the US will die from Chinese fentanyl smuggled in through Mexico this year and no one gives a shit.
  6. Somewhere the bandwidth Gods are rejoicing this decision. 🎉
  7. Mater Gei High Mater Dei Dryhumpers
  8. yep here also.. group tea bagging and then the cover up.. The difference here is no one is going to get away with it. No high power law firm at their disposal https://www.caller.com/story/sports/high-school/football/2022/02/22/orange-grove-high-school-football-coach-delpercio-reassigned/6900194001/ https://www.caller.com/story/news/2021/05/06/police-investigate-hazing-incident-oghs/4980317001/ https://www.kristv.com/news/local-news/several-people-facing-charges-after-alleged-hazing-incident
  9. All in the name of winning football games at any cost just to be voted by some blog or website as the fake National champion. Disgusting what high school sports has become at the top tiers. Cheating to win states is one thing but this is a new level of debauchery. National Championships are not needed in high school sports it breeds to much corruption even fake ones.
  10. More like a cult. The MDI (Mater Dei Institute) would give the Scientologist a run for their money are far as creepy cover ups and lawyer teams.
  11. Great info on that site..lol WTF .. The Ohio campus pics look like that college the Jersey Joke said BS was buying, them and their big time investors. 😂 https://www.whio.com/news/local/former-site-urbana-university-campus-purchased/NRRZ6GAXHBFIJOUUYWZXW2Q36I/ The acquisition group also includes Paul Holyfield, founder of DNA Prep Academy in California; Paul Miller, of Charg1ng athletic brand; and Tramain Hall, founder of Enhance U Sports Performance Academy in Ohio. Other members of the group were not identified.
  12. The point is who cares about high school coaches interviews? Not me. I wouldn't even want to watch an interview of Nick Saban let alone some high school coach. It's all just coach speak ie. Bullsheiza
  13. How many people you think even view that nonsense? 50-100 maybe? I can't believe theses coaches even do these interviews with those clowns coming live from some basement HAM studio lol Actually given the egos of some of these high school coaches I guess I can but man really who gives a shit what they have to say and half of it is bullshit anyway.
  14. He may also been a passenger and it may not be his car. but who knows..well the cops do but they ain't releasing info yet still investigating.. If the girl gets charged with DUI we will know..
  15. https://dailycaller.com/2022/04/13/report-dwayne-haskins-intoxicated-woman-in-vehicle-before-death/ NEW: Dwayne Haskins was traveling in a car with a drunk woman before he walked onto the expressway, multiple sources tell me. The woman was passed out in the disabled car at the scene.
  16. The Jersey Liar doesn't know what he is talking about. My wife barely even drinks and certainly has never taken a drug. She is a well decorated and respected elementary school teacher for 30 years. His statement is straight up libel.
  17. interesting about his relationship with wife.. maybe she put him out on the road. They seem to have had a tumultuous relationship https://www.the-sun.com/sport/5096155/dwayne-haskins-kalabrya-gondrezick-inside-relationship/
  18. Anyone think it's possible this was a suicide. Like Haskins may have stepped out in front of truck on purpose?
  19. LOL ohhh HAD TO CHANGE THUMBS DOWN TO HAHA missed it the first time around..😜
  20. Twice cooked pork fyi...Mongolian Beef- PF Changs is a good one too
  21. Yep Davis beat him in his last home game at Cameron and took him out at the Final 4. Cold blooded lol
  22. I tried it for a minute but it was just one young girl after another dancing in a string bikini or her underwears saying how they like older men and what not. It was ok at first but got old.
  23. I post from my computer not my phone.. silly boy Galaxy has a bad ass camera though. Fuck Apple, hate the apple
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