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  1. I wait in line for nothing! I do find immense humor every spring seeing people in line a mile long for a free one of these and then this happened imagine my disappointment.. 😭 https://www.nbcphiladelphia.com/news/business/sorry-water-ice-fans-no-free-ritas-on-first-day-of-spring-again/2738885/ Sorry Water Ice Fans: No Free Rita's on First Day of Spring, Again For the second-straight year, Rita’s Italian Ice has candled its free water ice event on the first day of spring in efforts to not have long lines with the coronavirus still impacting life.
  2. Pop Pops Felix was better behaved but still a party animal..lol
  3. .Original Felix was a bad bad kitty... FFF (fish fucking fool)
  4. Dude it's not even close to being clever or good. It's just stupid. A 12 year old failing 4th grade for the 2nd time could do better.
  5. Nobody is reading all that. At least make some paragraphs or something sheesh.. almost as bad as Testudurado's nonsensical drivel essays that no one reads. almost
  6. I particularly like the faux National Championship ring as if there were such a thing for high school football. I wonder how much the Pawn Stars would give for it? probably no more than it's value in gold as they don't deal in fake items .. lol
  7. and apparently his Dad is one of those faux Daddy ball coaches. You know the ones who aren't listed as coaches but they let them hang around like they are part of things so their kids will come there.. we can add that bullshit to this list of things as well..Just how many of these faux Daddy ball coaches does Mater Dei have running around? lol
  8. Ah yes.. The Bernie Dancel era at least with him y'all got some nice facilities out of it. πŸ˜‰
  9. I played football at 4 different public schools and don't remember any hazing type activities happening at any of them within the football program. There were things the student body in general seniors did to freshman though. Like at one school there was a senior bench the seniors all hung at and there was a big M on the floor in front of it and if any underclassman stepped on it they would drag the kid by the ankles and clean it with their ass (clothes on of course) At least that was the rumor but I never saw any one step on it or ass clean it. Rumor must have been true at one point because no one stepped on the M .. EVER lol
  10. wasn't that at all. Your missing the point.. could be any private school not just Catholic. Talking about things like lowering admission standards for football players, special financial aide (ie..football scholarships), private financiers providing for football players and the football program only, schools having to deal with behavioral issues and crimes like theft and fighting that they normally wouldn't, increased disrespect for the teachers and administrators in the school, just to name a few issues that tend to blow up the deal eventually. There is a big divide and certainly some animosity between students and parents of kids who had to write a 2 page essay on why they want to attend said school and score a certain level academically to even get accepted into the school vs kids who got in solely on their football acumen. Eventually it blows up and the implosion happens. Situations like the Mater Dei one is the fuel the football detractors are looking for to ignite it. We fully understand public schools have their issues as well and those tend to be dealt with swiftly by the State DOE and the state athletic associations. The state athletic association in regards to recruiting and so forth. Any time there is a hazing type incident in the public schools pretty much everyone is dismissed immediately, again in most cases. Particularly in states that have zero tolerance rules on hazing and bullying. Private schools police themselves on these matters and coverups are a big part of that.
  11. Nearly 500 (497) people have been killed in Philadelphia in 2021, putting the city on pace to surpass the record for annual homicides in the coming days. With nearly six weeks remaining in the year, the number of lives lost will likely far exceed the 500 people who were killed in 1990 at the height of the crack-cocaine epidemic β€” the previous record, and the only other time the city has seen 500 killings in a year.
  12. This all just gives fuel for the anti football crowd and how football creates a bad culture in the schools for antisocial and unacceptable behavior. Not to mention schools that have mercenary students who's only existence in the school is to play football or otherwise they would not be there. These students tend to think they are above the rules and are doing the school a favor for being there. It's quite the interesting dynamic for High School. It became acceptable in the Universities due to the big money involved not sure what the high schools gain for breaking/bending rules or traditions for gridiron glory. Typically when the football programs starts to overpower the school it implodes and then the schools cut back and make changes to scale back the program. We will see what happens in the Trinity League over time. Will it do like MIAA and others or continue on this path of an arms race ending in self destruction in the name of some fake national glory or will they go back to their stated mission as a school and league?
  13. and girls married at the age of 13 at one time and it really wasn't all that long ago .. what's the point? different times different standards. Loretta Lynn married at 15 to a 21 year old and that was 1948 and no one thought too much about it. In the 50's it was not uncommon for high school girls 14 or 15 to date older men in their early 20's depending on what part of the country you lived in. Hell the were a few girls in my high school who dated guys in their early 20's and that was the 80's.. just different nowadays with high school kids being treated like they are little babies. I am willing to bet there are still high school girls dating older guys in their early 20's
  14. nobody cares... all star football teams are boring.. same as Under Armour or US Army All American games.. no one cares who wins.
  15. @Atticus Finch could you please apologize to @Columbiafan for telling him to kill himself? It seems to have left a deap emotional scar he can't get past so maybe an apology is in order.. That there is my public service announcement for today... your welcome @Columbiafan
  16. word are just words... actually having a real harmful effect by your actions are another.. The dickhead in question was complicit in harming kids either financially or their futures derailed by being sold a pile of pie in the sky bullshit... The jackass should have gotten banned after USA scandal period...long time coming
  17. boo fucking hoo... 😭 take a hike, fuck off, GTFO, go kill yourself, be gone with you etc... it's all the same thing.. stop being such a Nancy
  18. yeah because he got banned for talking about match-ups...your clueless
  19. here's another obsessed fool... what the hell does Los have to do with this.. Has he been screwing kids over by pimping fake schools and bullshit?
  20. yeah as if this forum is life and death. gimme a break.. just a joke man.. I could care less about anyone on here's and especially your ideas and views on anything other than HS Football.. so piss off with your bullshit..
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