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  1. 39 minutes ago, Nolebull813 said:

    Why the hell would the NHL back stab and alienate their core audience for this brain dead virtue signaling?



    Because by far Canadians are the largest fan base in the NFL as well the largest contributor of players at around 45%.  

    Percent of NHL fans in America 


    18-34  17% avid 31% casual

    35-44 13% avid 31% casual

    45-64 10% avid 29% casual

    65+ 5% avid 20% casual


    In Canada it's over 50% and it's their National sport


    I would say they are catering to the majority of their fan base..just not you.. me I don't care about hockey 


  2. There are dirty units getting busted all the time. I remember when this went down in Baltimore involving the "Gun Trace Task Force" guys 



    Seven Baltimore police officers were indicted Wednesday for federal racketeering crimes ranging from filing false overtime claims while actually at a casino to robbing a driver during a traffic stop.

    One of the cops is facing a separate charge for drug distribution.

    Investigators said the crimes — some of them committed by some members of the elite Gun Trace Task Force — took place last year as the Department of Justice investigated the Baltimore Police Department for use of excessive force, among other violations. The racketeering investigation was conducted in secret over the past year as part of what officials described as a sweeping reform effort across the department.
    "They were involved in stopping people who had not committed crimes and not only seizing their money but pocketing it," he said. "These are really simply robberies by people who are wearing police uniforms."
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  3. 21 minutes ago, Warrior said:

    If this is true and one of the officers had a Motive - does this in the least change your opinion on this situation?



    I have always had a feeling that this scorpion unit had a "Training Day" vibe to it. I have seen other quotes from people in the neighborhood that these guys were dirty and basically a gang with badges. I am thinking this kid had dirt on these guys and threatened to expose them to his girlfriend and it got back to them through her brother or something. Maybe this was a hit on the kid but the intention was to intimidate and scare him from saying anything but it went too far.  I don't think the intent was to kill him just fuck him up some to keep him quite. Just a theory based of some of the stuff I read that the MSM won't run. 

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  4. 45 minutes ago, zulu1128 said:

    Wait, do people in Valdosta actually think the Hampton Inn is a 3-4 star hotel? Hopefully that's just a misprint lol.

    The Hampton Inn is downtown Massillon and very nice. If you want to experience old school Main St America and the history you stay there. More like a college town but for the high school team. Plenty decent restraunts/bars there but it shuts down early.  Cosmo's is popular.  The other hotels are over in Canton and in more seedy areas so if you want the late nightlife and titty bars you go that route. 

  5. 2 hours ago, Bodysurf said:

    Kinda like SFA in Maryland. CIF does not want to go down a slippery slope. The goal of this rule was to prevent IMGs in California. One can argue that MD and Bosco are like IMG, but they are fundamentally different also.

    Technically CIF teams should not be allowed to play SFA. SFA nor any MIAA team for that matter should be allowed to play CIF teams as none of them are state associated or allowed to play in the state tournament. SFA is only loosely affiliated with the MIAA. SFA other sports are in but the football program is exempt from even competing vs MIAA teams. 

    MIAA is not state associated nor governed by the state in any way. It is just a sports league of independent private schools which is run by the AD's of those schools.  Maryland's state association is the MPSSAA.  SFA gets away with it because the CIF is clueless and thinks the MIAA is something it is not. 


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  6. 19 minutes ago, Bodysurf said:

    I agree. But this technically would make it illegal for Cali teams to play BG, thanks to the idiotic CIF rule that Cali teams can’t play against teams that do not compete in their own state’s association playoffs. This rule went into effect after MD played IMG.

    CIF should give the same exemptions to the obvious schools there as well. By exemptions I mean allowing those schools to play whomever they want but in return no CIF school should be forced to play them. Play at own risk. 

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  7. 22 minutes ago, Nolebull813 said:

    Can you post the link where they were busted for “recruiting”?? You just made that up. And having a desire to be highly ranked in national polls should be a disqualification from competing for a state title? That’s fucked up 

    And where are all these Nevada teams lining up to play them? I bet most of the time BG schedules OOS out of necessity to fill a schedule. Playing top national competition is just an added bonus. And they bring in the big bucks, so it’s a win win. 

    Like i said they are being punished for being successful. I know we live in a society where merit and success is viewed as some ass backward way of doing things, but we should strive to go back to a time where success was viewed as something to be proud of and desired to achieve. 

    stop being an idiot. I don't care if its recruiting or whatever you want to call it. They have an obvious unfair advantage and don't operate in the same manor as the rest of the schools do nor have the same goals.  Don't want to hear about that one time this team or that team won. They are just built different period. Go play like minded programs and chase whatever mythical thing you wan.

  8. NIAA should let them keep their membership status as an associate member and don't let them play in the tournament nor force other NIAA teams to play them. Give them the same status as IMG in Florida. They keep association affiliation and NFHS membership but can go play who they want. win/win.  This should be happening in many other states as well for certain private schools.  These recruited up National rankings chasers can't have their cake and eat it to. Go national or play for states. 

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  9. 8 minutes ago, CaliNorth said:

    It appears on that other site that SFA chatter dominates . I really don't have an interest in that team or school

    Not even chatter, just instagram and twitter copy/paste's. Pretty sure the clown has 2 or 3 handles posting that stuff. 

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  10. 2 minutes ago, Rufus69 said:

    If you think the Cats can carry their entourage to Ohio and back for $20,000.....you should think more clearly.

    At the same time...if the Cats play a reputable team outa Florida or Carolina in Bazemore-Hyder...they rake in the pesos like it's Christmas.

    I'm sorry....I forgot.  You're an Alabama fan.




    Sure they can. Charter a bus.  Bishop Sycamore bussed down to IMG from Columbus.  SFA bussed down there many times, LCA and ECA also .. 

  11. 12 minutes ago, Nolebull813 said:

    Who the fuck is paying for all of this?

    The promoter. Guess they figure they will make it up and then some with ticket sales and what not. I think GSB is involved somehow as well. Maybe it will be on FLO or something and they threw in some bucks. Actually the guys tweets about the event come off sounding exactly like Sleazy Joe

    People try and do these events all the time. Most lose their ass. Remember the guys with the Patriot Games in Maryland and the I95 games. One year he had them at Towson U and another at Navy. Tony whatever his name was. Bankrupt he went and they weren't even paying teams to come. Stadium rentals killed him

    No photo description available.



    They will make a bunch on the Friday night Massillon vs Valdosta game as that will definitely sell out. The 3 Saturday games eh.. we shall see

    Don't know how much Massillon is charging them to rent the stadium though. That could be a pretty penny



  12. 18 minutes ago, concha said:


    The interesting thing is that as often as not (probably more often), when things like burned crosses, nooses and swastikas are found, the culprit is a minority and/or woke activist.  But shit-for-brains libtards like Ga96 get a chubby and start humping it like there's no tomorrow.


    I approve this message - JS



    Also more often than not is just some pranking teenagers getting their jollies off riling folks up.. 

    YARN | Those damn kids! | The Ben Stiller Show (1992) - S01E12 A Few Good  Scouts | Video gifs by quotes | 82dd905f | 紗


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