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  1. "We don't date livestock"
  2. MPSSAA nor MIAA allow spring ball. Tell us again who's rules SFA is following?
  3. Hit her up and tell her you're huge..🤣
  4. even the old school Rap in the 80's was tame and entertaining. RUN DMC had great messaging. Then that gangsta rap shit hit..sigh..Even suburban white kids thought they was G listening to that mess..🤷‍♂️
  5. NFL about to ban the "two cheek sneak" anyway. Eagles were successful on 29 of 32 attempts on that play. Of course they want it banned now..lol
  6. It is... Most teams will stay in a Canton hotel and go to the hall of fame as part of the trip. Massillon and Canton are basically right next to each other and PB stadium is on west side of town towards Canton. Dinwiddie is the replacement for Life Christian who had to bail on it.
  7. When you report it make sure you post reported in the thread so the bot knows it was you..
  8. By the way it isn't a real commercial. It's a satire bit and the guy is comedian Eddie Pepitone. It's from an independent comedy network show called "Plea Bargain Advertising" They did a series of whacky commercial bits
  9. The brothers should be upset he left them out. Just saying
  10. seems like those crazy Koreans are relentless. They really want you to come there and visit..
  11. you would have to log into the other accounts and cancel those too. I have had two accounts for two emails and didn't realize it. Had to cancel them separately as they are two different accounts (even if it is the same log in)
  12. But if we open it to report it the damage may already be done ...😱
  13. @FreeBird this is what your headline means lol
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