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  1. Sure we could have a winner. How many extreme racist are there on either side? So we needs a battle site large enough to host the war. I say Texas. Wall it off drop em in there and let em fight it out. They could just toss the losers over the border into Mexico. For target practice they can pick off the illegal aliens making a run for it. Shit is made for PPV..
  2. He didn't know it else he would have solved it when he got the milskie and not kept spinning.
  3. like 8 years old. I guess barstool was bored and wanted to fire up the race baiters lol.. If this did happen today do you think they (WOF producers) would have let him pass with the wrong pronunciation? I think absolutely they would..lol
  4. So basically up until they start high school you can recruit the hell out of the kids. After in high school if there is recruiting and illegal communication they will hammer you. For the kid he/she has until the end of 11th grade to decide if they like it there or if they made a mistake or whatever and can transfer free of charge but only once in that time frame. Senior or multiple transfers would need a waiver or sit out.
  5. https://www.northjersey.com/story/sports/high-school/2023/01/18/njsiaa-taking-major-steps-into-21st-century-with-new-proposals/69817296007/ "The NJSIAA knew you were lying all this time. They knew the PSE&G bills were phony, and that you only rented the house or apartment for a few months so you could claim a bonafide change of address and your kid could transfer to a better school and play sports there. They knew. They always knew. Now, the state’s governing body of high school athletics is doing something about it." "The new rules allow one free transfer (meaning no penalty) for student-athletes in their first six semesters of high school, but new punishments for subsequent transfers." "New rules regarding recruiting The NJSIAA didn’t stop there on Wednesday. It also took steps towards eliminating its archaic rules on recruiting athletes, basically letting schools and coaches have at it while kids are in elementary or middle school, but inflicting punishments if recruiting is discovered after a kid is enrolled and participating in a sport at the high school level." "We will cut it off K-8 and we will focus on [grades] 9-12 and focus on any type of communication between athletes and schools, coaches and boosters and go after them hard.”
  6. Sports- kids that play sports that have put their transfer into NJSIAA for eligibility at new school. Guy was reporting on the NJSIAA meeting where they were discussing what to do about all the transfers. DIAA (Delaware) has the same type thing on the agenda for their meeting next week.
  7. no its not. 252 kids with "multiple transfers" (meaning more than 1) in the last 3 years. Meaning 252 kids are in at the least their 3rd school in 3 years. How many transfers that have only transferred once? 2000? 3000?
  8. OMG.. ultimate choke job 🤣
  9. Now your talking..put that shit on pay per view..
  10. Now your talking..put that shit on pay per view..
  11. Did anyone get a pic of a flying DeLorean yesterday?
  12. Fuck'em all,, give me every label you got. I'll take them all
  13. eh kinda getting tired of the black this and black that stuff as well.. fuck them too
  14. To get a rise out of dumbshits like you. It's a satirical bit but you are too fucking stupid to realize it. You take the bait hook line and sinker every time. You fucking gay pussy
  15. You're too stupid to realize I don't give a shit about the MAGA's or Trump. Your bullshit labels have no effect on me.
  16. I could care less about the gays. Be what you want just don't try and force your beliefs on others and stop trying to label everyone.
  17. maybe.. Just don't run like a pussy when there is a knock on the door.
  18. quite the opposite.. you're the pussy and that's been confirmed and now we know your gay. Gay Pussy that's you. GP66
  19. They don't want equality they want special treatment. Fuck'em they ain't nothing special about them. Time to stuff them freaks back in their damn closet and don't let em out again until they can behave in a civil manor.
  20. @FreeBird You wanna know how dumb @DBP66 is. He would be the one with the bag..🤣
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