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  1. To get a rise out of dumbshits like you. It's a satirical bit but you are too fucking stupid to realize it. You take the bait hook line and sinker every time. You fucking gay pussy
  2. You're too stupid to realize I don't give a shit about the MAGA's or Trump. Your bullshit labels have no effect on me.
  3. I could care less about the gays. Be what you want just don't try and force your beliefs on others and stop trying to label everyone.
  4. maybe.. Just don't run like a pussy when there is a knock on the door.
  5. quite the opposite.. you're the pussy and that's been confirmed and now we know your gay. Gay Pussy that's you. GP66
  6. They don't want equality they want special treatment. Fuck'em they ain't nothing special about them. Time to stuff them freaks back in their damn closet and don't let em out again until they can behave in a civil manor.
  7. @FreeBird You wanna know how dumb @DBP66 is. He would be the one with the bag..🤣
  8. what the fuck are you talking about? I don't give a fuck what or who the articles are about it is illegal to do what you are doing and as someone who occasionally publishes their work it's offensive. Hey I get it with the Trump stuff your severe TDS compels you to break the law but why risk getting booted and or getting this forum shut down or worse sued over this dipshit no one even give a fuck about about. Your just too damn stupid to understand anything. SMH
  9. I seriously doubt anyone on here gives a fuck about this Santos clown before or after this revelation fyi..heard the govt might be cracking down on this illegal activity.. just saying of course Not infrequently a forum member wants to tell others about an article or news item related to the issues discussed on the forum. However, posting the entire article to the forum, without the permission of the author or publisher, results in a prima facie case of copyright violation. https://www.apa.org/about/social-media-policy#:~:text=Not infrequently a forum member,facie case of copyright violation.
  10. only 2 away games.. Massillon 2023 Schedule1- Valdosta(GA)2- GlenOak3- Mansfield4-Elkhart(IN)5-Lakewood St Edward6- Middletown(DE)7-St Johns Collegiate(DC)8- @Austintown Fitch9- Warren Harding10-@Canton McKinley
  11. IMG is not independent. They are full members of FHSAA. They just have a deal where they aren't allowed to play in the state tournament but they do have to follow FHSAA rules in terms of player eligibility (practice time, age of player, years eligible to play etc) The National team competes as an independent but they have to follow FHSAA rules pertaining to high school player eligibility.
  12. LOL.. It is some click bait site that basically had random quotes from Hooters girls about random customers and they put those quotes on other random photos of people with Hooters girls. Neither has anyting to do with the other.. does show how easy it is to spread bullshit though. Why I keep myself out of pictures the best I can. You never know who wants to be an ass. Then there's people like DBP that believe all of it hook, line and sinker. lmao
  13. Pony Express.. Craig James and Eric Dickerson McFadden and Jones Bush and LenDale White Kenny King, David Overstreet and Billy Sims also Miami had all 4 these guys Gore, McGahee, Portis and Davenpot just to name some more
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