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  1. IMO he/Lo tried to force everything over the top when he took what they gave him he did ok. He had two pick's on the day.
  2. They are extremely long at the WR's and Te's all 4 above 6ft Don't know what the size of their lines are, but strength and conditioning was on fleek those boy's were all jacked.
  3. My bad was the Edison tournament It happened Congrats again.
  4. Not true........Servite beat you guys last year in the semi's
  5. The info is incorrect Caleb was only a soph this past season will be a Jr Caleb only got about 4 series today scored on two stopped at the goal line on the other two. they played 4 Qb's throughout the day.
  6. Caleb is the up and coming QB...He was the QB that won the Long Beach 7 on 7. Clarkson only played the 3-4 1st game series then sat out the rest of the day.
  7. Centennial is NATIONALLY relevant in BOTH basketball and football. Pretty impressive for a suburban public school on the west coast.
  8. How many State Champions does a State Need. What's wrong with a D1 D2 D6 State Tittle Arlington and Loara are hanging banners with pride. California had debates for decades of which team was better when they never played each other on the field. They figured out a system to rank strength of teams by div and relegate to their proper spot. No more arguments settled on the field Open D1-D12
  9. Must be painful to watch what's going on in California. Huh? Its not that hard to figure out. its already been going on for decades in Basketball. If a high school kid has earned the ability to pick his spot why not. Getting to travel out of state and at minimum 6 games on TV ....Prom @ Sofi stadium.
  10. MD lost to Servite in the Semi's
  11. Its just that cali publics can't offer therefore compete with what the privates are providing School size vs Teacher/student/adult ratio. Here are the current top 25 in the Socal open division. Only 5 are publics. The publics in metro L.A. are older schools. Its the new modern publics in suburbs 30 or so miles outside of LA that can take advantage San Bernardino Riverside Onterio Temecula Calabasas West Ranch This list will be updated January 24, 2022 OPEN DIVISION (Alpha Order) DIVISION Bishop Montgomery Capistrano Valley Christian Centennial/Corona Colony Crossroads Crean Lutheran Damien Etiwanda Fairmont Prep Harvard Westlake Heritage Christian Jserra Mater Dei Notre Dame/Sherman Oaks Poly/Riverside Rolling Hills Prep Santa Margarita Serra Sierra Canyon St. Anthony St. Bernard St. Francis St. John Bosco West Ranch
  12. Its not a secret, get the kids involved in the program early on.
  13. BB bos

    Top 25

    What's with all the whining from publics??? Everybody needs a trophy mentality. What's wrong with winning the D4 trophy be proud.
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