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  1. Oaks Christian and Bakersfield is the ESPN game so they are planning on bad ratings.
  2. The kicker of that game 88 is no longer the kicker he is the holder for 84 now. The Sr #1 wr left the building two wks ago as the new QB stopped throwing to him. The soph and Jr Wr's are now in charge of the show. The wk zero O was run based for QB and RB Flowers who are now both out for the season. The O is now completely changed
  3. ON the field 9 of 10 DRIVES WERE 3 and OUTS. 46 TOTAL yds 1st half 2 of 5 20yds.... 2nd half was even worse -2 yds passing 39yds rushing ...+10 in OT The one 2nd drive started with the Re-Al int two 15yd penalties to get to the redzone sacks on 2nd and 3rd resulted in FG On the field SJB had over 250yds enough to win that game. It was the 5 potential TD drops by the WR's inside the redzone/endzone and Two missed FG that cost them that game. Since then the have Replaced the #1's starting QB RB WR and K,.... While adding Sal Spina who sat out wk Zero.
  4. Wasn't the wrong QB DJ wasn't ahead of the Sr. at the time Wk Zero.......5 games of shared snaps and now onto week 15 is a different story. Week zero loss was in inability of the wrs to catch 5 potential td passes inside the 10 yrd line an end zone. The O and QB generated over 250 yds plenty to win that game.
  5. BB bos

    To all the Bogus polls and Cali loving idiots

    Here's some #'s a fellow So cal poster has put together..... The numbers show a pretty stark picture of how Division I football - especially parochial football - has changed over the last 10 or so years in Orange County and the CIF.Of the six Trinity League teams, four of them have one D1 titles over the 11 years: Orange Lutheran in 2006, Servite in 2009 and 2010, Santa Margarita in 2011, St. John Bosco in 2013 and 2016. Only JSerra - which has only become competitive over the last five years – and Mater Dei have not won titles.But there is more to the story than that. In 2006, Orange Lutheran went 4-1 in league, losing to Servite and almost Mater Dei while outscoring its four opponents (JSerra forfeited in those days) by an average of 9 points.In 2009 and 2010, Servite went 10 – 0 in league but with four of those victories fairly close, by 10 points or less, while outscoring its league opponents by an average of just over 18 points.In 2011, Santa Margarita went 3-2 in league outscoring its opponents by an average of 7 points.By comparison, St. John Bosco since 2013 has gone 23 – 2 in league losing only to - you guessed it - Mater Dei. If you subtract those two games versus Mater Dei they had between 2013 and 2016 outscored their league components by an average of 35 points, falling off to a mere 22 points this year.Mater Dei since 2015 has gone 13 – 2 in league, losing only to JSerra and – you guessed it – St. John Bosco. If you subtract their games versus Bosco they have outscored their league opponents by an average of 36 points for the last three years.Why the abrupt disparity the last five years? Have Coaches Negro and Rollinson and their staffs suddenly become incomparable tacticians? Have the other Trinity league teams tanked? Obviously "no" to both questions. In fact, the Trinity league top to bottom has probably never been stronger than over the last two years.We all know what has happened. It has long been understood for as long as the CIF has existed that athletic transfers and recruitment of athletes whether from other high schools or from junior high/elementary schools was verboten. It happened, of course, but the occurrences were for whatever reason relatively uncommon. In Orange County basketball, the dam broke with the appearance of Coach Gary McKnight and the regular transfer of elite basketball players into the program. As I don't pay much attention to high school basketball any more, I don't know exactly when that dam broke but as a result there is no competitiveness in local high school basketball, with Mater Dei winning its last 102 league games. The team is now euphemistically referred to as a "national program." It sure as hell is not a local one and like many previous fans I don't give a damn about the sport anymore.The MD football program starting circa 1990 delved into those waters to a much lesser degree but it was still the start of the Orange County flood. It's partisans will undoubtedly disagree with that assessment but we must recall and went to the old adage that "No single drop ever feels it is responsible for the flood."
  6. BB bos

    To all the Bogus polls and Cali loving idiots

    Same here with Rosen and Darnald..... Darnald throws a two yrd pass to completely uncovered wr who runs 40 yds is not the same as Rosen putting the ball on a dime 40 yds down field. USC is a TOP 10 TEAM
  7. BB bos

    To all the Bogus polls and Cali loving idiots

    Its simple if your not a top 15 TEAM IN THE NATION your not staying within double digits of MD this season.
  8. BB bos

    To all the Bogus polls and Cali loving idiots

    Bosco wlll be fine. Their D played better than STA's 9 of 10 possessions were 3 and outs YES NINE OF TEN.. 46 total yds in the 1st half QB was 2 for 5 20yds the 2nd half was worse either - 2 passing 29 yds rushing .....+10yrds in OT The 2nd possession started with RE-Als int plus two penalties got them to the red zone 2 sacks on 2nd and 3rd kept them to the fg. Bosco had 250 yds just couldn't convert to pts They also replaced the starting kicker since then too, as he missed the two fg attempts
  9. BB bos

    To all the Bogus polls and Cali loving idiots

    Go back to wk 1 threads I said all along the main issue was the horrible play at a WR. The team started the season as a run 1st team catering to the ability of the qb at the time. Re-Al's problem was when his read was to throw.....to the open man..... Cooley couldn't catch a cold. Tip balls led to ints running the wrong routes led to ints alligator arms led to ints. This continued thru the season and led to Re-Al's benching If you look at DJ's 1st 3 of 4 games against Garce Dorsey MD the same thing happen when throwing to said #1 WR. DJ started throwing to other options which led to WR pulling tent and walking out last week.
  10. BB bos

    To all the Bogus polls and Cali loving idiots

    All 3 starters have been replaced. Its very fortunate that the backups are all better. The QB who was the center of the problem has been replaced by a better QB in DJ who now has six games under his belt. IMO the real reason to all the issues the #1 WR left the building last week and look how much the O finally was able to open up. RB Flowers was lost for the season due to injury but his replacements Holonani and Savage along with DJ ran for over 250 yds this wk.
  11. BB bos

    SJB vs RC

    What rumors???............... The ones your spreading
  12. BB bos

    5-6 Bishop Amat 21- SJB 28 in the 4th Qtr

    Squeaking by ?? OK It was 28-7 they had less that 100yds on O till the last drive 400 yr to 100yds Muffed punt started them inside the 5 TD successful onside kick good drive TD Bosco scored 2 plays once they got the ball back.
  13. BB bos

    CIF Official Brackets

    CA is 3 more League #1's away from perfection. 10 league champs with 8 spots for at large spots. Adding 3 from the following leagues champ... Sunbelts Heritage Surburban-La Mirada Sunset- Los AL Edison Freeway- La Habra
  14. BB bos

    CIF Official Brackets

    Go look I said YOUR state.. I never claim other states don't have a playoff that works for them. Nor did I claim CA has the best solution only claim is to .......WE GET IT RIGHT DLS is part of the equation they or whomever comes out of their playoff represents the North
  15. BB bos

    CIF Official Brackets

    Every trinity team has petitioned to be in D1 Along with the mission teams Same as the teams that separated from their leagues to move up LBP CC MV VM SC RC MV In a few years we hope to add La Mirada La Habra Heritage Los Al Edison The more the merrier not your solution to make it smaller.