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  1. Bosco's new QB in the mix is going to be Katin Houser from Liberty Nev.
  2. Its common knowledge because at least a half a dozen people were involved with the scheduling Athletic Dir office, Director of football operations and her staff then Jason.
  3. It was the city. The parade started 4 miles from the school at city hall, all the downtown business were outside waving as the parade went bye, the news trucks were all at the school. The city of Bellflower called Bosco to have the Parade in the first place, the day after by the way. The City of Bellflower provided the fire trucks, police cars and traffic services to close the road for the duration. The city of Bellfower provide the Mayor and the State of California Provided a State Senator to both speak and present.
  4. Here's one the local news coverage. https://abc7.com/society/bellflower-hosts-parade-for-saint-john-boscos-varsity-football-team/5836131/
  5. Stop....Again none of the Qb's for Bosco were transfers. The transfers were from Bosco.
  6. Just like college 3 of the 4 qb's were backups and transferred to benefit themselves. Now they have an opportunity to play for a National Title.
  7. Nobody....USAT MaxPreps HSFBA PrepForce PrepNation Massey CalPreps
  8. Bosco has supplied more QB's than they received (ZERO)
  9. The outlines have been drawn over the past ten yrs. If you want to be considered for a national title you need to participate with a national schedule. No reason for any team not to at least schedule the best team within a 4-5 hr bus trip.
  10. Don't want the old system never solved anything. Having CC, MD/SJB, MV, Sierra Canyon in 4 different playoff brackets would be pointless. You would have Texas.
  11. If you want to play with the neighborhood kids then stay and play. CDM is very happy with their state titles. One town one team mantra. MNC Titles shouldn't be on you're mind trying to be on top 25 polls with other OOS teams.
  12. They are in D3 for reason That at minimum puts them behind the top 10 in Socal southern section alone. Putting them at 5 in State is saying they would beat J Serra, Servite, Amat for starters.
  13. What was DLS O balance of run/pass between the two games. They seemed to have opened the book on reverse throw plays last nite.
  14. DLS needs to train all season long throwing the ball. If the Qb had little better touch on the ball they would have won, at least six over throws to wide open wr's. The fumble at the goal line was costly along with called back TD. Prepare you're QB all Yr..... the veer alone wont cut anymore vs top ten National programs.
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