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  1. Just look at past schedules, Columbia has a record of playing top notch schedules, including teams like Nease, Tallahassee teams, and other top notch teams. Not Lake Placid like Valdosta does every year
  2. I just have to chime in. Only because i am a hugh Columbia fan. I played 1 year in Lake City before moving back to Ohio. I have to say all these idiots that say COLUMBIA is not good, really does not know high school football. I mean not as good as back in the day,we had some studs on our team. Early 90s. But still Id have to say if you really want to brag bring your poor excuse of a team valdosta to Ohio and play a real team. Id take a number of teams here in Ohio, not even our best teams that would smack you, take your dinner and eat it at your table just to spite you. Now in this game, im gonna take Columbia by 14 this year.
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