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  1. The GHSA is so far behind the times and unwilling to do what is right. There are 48 Private GHSA Schools 1A-6A. Big School (Top 24 enrollment) Small School (Bottom 24 Enrollment) 6 regions of 4 and Privates can play Publics/OOS in non-region, if they want. That creates 9 State Titles (1A-7A), Private Big and Private Small. I never understood why this was complicated.
  2. And 1966 was the last time you were in the same region. LaGrange was 4-6. LaGrange won a natty 25 years later in 1991. Any other brain busters? You want to claim Macon too? Your argument pertained to 1-7A which is 4 teams (hence your own title). National titles for South GA, which is what you rep, are Valdosta 6, Thomasville, and Colquitt. Region one varies across classes the current 6A one is half Macon schools. You are a South Georgia guy and Lagrange is not. Neither is Macon. 8 in 95 years isn’t bad. Take the facts and move on.
  3. Of course! Valdosta 6.. last in 92 Thomasville 1….74 Colquitt 1…15 8 in 95 years. 1 in 95 years for current 1-7A
  4. Im speechless. There is so much wrong. 1 7A? Valdosta is 6A… 92’… 29 years ago. Warner Robbins is 5A…Macon suburb..81’…40 years ago. Thomasville is 2A. Last state champ was 88. 74 national champs? So 47 years ago. LaGrange isn’t South GA it’s 1 hour from Atlanta. Most recent 2004. Colquitt and Lowndes never won a 7A State Title. Colquitt is 0-2 and Lowndes is 0-1. Camden 0 Lowndes 0 Colquitt 1 Tift 0 So 1 in the last 28 years….. Cool story
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