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  1. You have - hell you dang near claimed that you was smarter than the Dolphins GM #NFL$$$
  2. IMO Manziel’s life style did him in...Dude was wild!
  3. Naw , I just always thought it was comical that some arm chair QB would make threads blasting dude in the NFL as sorry as player.
  4. I never said he wasn’t average. Calling him average is step up for you. Do average NFL QB’s suck? i tried reminding you that football is team sport and that he might be a little better than you gave credit. Not saying he is Tom Brady - you know the QB that was drafted in the 6th round 199 overall and who is better NFL QB than he was college...Why is that? It’s little thing known as Team and Coaching - now he has mastered the art of quarterbacking because of it!!
  5. @Texasfrog - Steeler been raging on Tannehill for several years. Man, I never seen QB that sucks so bad like @steeler01 says that has started in the NFL so many times. lol #TexasTested
  6. I am not buying that... I hear that the Titans have selected Tannehill as starter this week. 😝
  7. 90 plays can hurt you in some games...The INT late was big or the game may have been tied.
  8. Damn, you seem to have some information. Good god almighty I hope like hell this doesn't happen.
  9. This is where you are wrong cause well you just don't get the talent level of the area.
  10. Good luck finding 100 teams who could actually beat Desoto head to head. I doubt there is even 50 who could!
  11. Mayfield needs two things. 1. Just grow up and mature...Be professional! 2. Overall better team effort...Those dudes are dropping a lot of passes and not protecting very good. This year he seems to be running out of the pocket at times when maybe he should just move around in the pocket. I wouldn't judge him to harshly at this point.
  12. I personally believe Tua is a little overrated...Not that he cannot play in the NFL --- I just don't see 1st pick in the draft arm talent. Maybe I need to watch him more!
  13. IMO Joe Burrow > Tua I am glad to see true spread offense at LSU. It's really amazing though that when teams start playing fast pace the defense of that team seems to give up more.
  14. I didn't know all that...I just know he is good QB. I was basing everything off of what you was saying about him going to the Saints who likely will not have early pick.
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