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  1. SJB likely has too many weapons for DLS to overcome. Athletes win games especially when the there is not much difference in the coaching level of both teams.
  2. Both are really good...However, I am really high on this Lowndes team. I believe they could potentially beat anyone in the country. Side note - this may be old news. My coaching buddy in GA told me today that Buford will be forced to play 6A next year due to rule change. Goes something like this. Transfers from outside of the city of Buford count twice on the enrollment numbers.
  3. Texasball Picks @imaGoodBoyNow Here are my picks for now...Before careful cheating off me. I have the right to make few changes later in the week. For all others - I have enjoyed playing with you all this year. I don't appreciate this jerk @imaGoodBoyNow calling me out as cheater last week! As many of you know I posted my picks all year until the 2nd round of the playoffs - at that point I was advised to send them in to THS. Good luck to everyone who still playing.
  4. Aledo is country living out in Parker County. The town is actually pretty small - The ISD boundaries is actually pretty big.
  5. They actually went D1 couple times in the old system when they was put in the district with mostly Fort Worth Inner city schools. In fact they won 5A D1 before. The year they won D1 they actually had less students than did both teams in D2 championship. Mostly they have been in D2 The new system will keep them in 5A D2 for at least 2 more years.
  6. Do you believe DV and NS should only be ranked between 10-15 Nationally? DV vs NS will be highly contested - either team could win this game. I am leading towards DV to win very close game this time. Aledo is in 5A D2 and Ryan is 5A D1- I am leaning toward Lone Star to beat Ryan in close battle. I expect to see Aledo playing Fort Bend Marshall in the final and I believe FB Marshall has the all the potential to win that game.
  7. lol - Guy spends all his time running down Texas lol...He probably should be looking at the programs in his home state little closer.
  8. worthless attempt that proves nothing at all. Enjoy our state championship! Texas High School Football!
  9. You can run your sorry mouth all day...Nobody cares what you have to say! No true expert on HS football would be calling out the state of Texas on it's quality level of play. To spend all this time attacking our state senseless. You have proved nothing! Meanwhile every state has taken some defeats OOS - Including some ugly losses by your home state. Get over yourself and stop this BS. Happy Holidays!
  10. My bad MaxPreps had them at #4
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