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  1. I agree...Duncanville is their problem in region final.
  2. steeler aka the guru after seeing that ole Texasball is the #1 seed going into the Pick ‘em contest playoffs. I wonder why they don’t play when they claim to be so much smarter than everyone else?
  3. Probably not big advantage- you didn’t factor in the full time recruiting coordinators at MD and SJB
  4. My guess is this starting DB at Argyle is pretty athletic
  5. Not usually fan of this dude. IMO he got this right.
  6. @DevilDog - Are you going to AT&T both Friday and Saturday? Both the games on Friday could be really entertaining (SLC vs Desoto and Rockwall vs Allen) Can you make it for 4:30 starting time? Saturday - Noon Kickoff Guyer vs Cedar Hill will be interesting - 2nd game Duncanville will likely win pretty easy. Worth seeing some of the player changes they have made since the SJC game. Early in the season they had moved 5 star OT to DL @Horsefly has reported that they have moved him back to the OL.
  7. He is beyond Weird...I still believe this is Steeler. Others say this is "Los" Where was Los from? Anybody?
  8. Go play in the freeway...
  9. lol - I have officially crowned myself regular season champ **Injuries in the regular season could cause playoff issues
  10. Can you explain how all this works. So we have like three winners? 1. Regular Season Champion 2. Playoff Champion 3. If you get beat in the playoffs - Keep playing for the best overall record champion?
  11. And you know this is down year...How?
  12. This right here proves to all Texans what-a-damn fraud you are! We would be cool with you taking every single Texas team out of the bogus tier system.
  13. Preach on https://twitter.com/doc_acosta23/status/1196213225165139968?s=21
  14. Texas Football Baby! 🖕
  15. I like this thought - except North Shore will prove to be better than Katy
  16. I bet they can’t find post from hardly any of us in the thread “California News”
  17. As Guru aka Steeler would say. Thats because they suck: end of discussion California clowns will pimp any team
  18. We see your opinion daily. it goes something like this. ”They suck”
  19. Jesus - it’s top 8 teams besides DLS you going to sell us on the D2 bracket that Orange Lutheran and Santa Margarita played in or the northern bracket that DLS plays in? low IQ and easier than 2 bit ho on Rosedale!
  20. I can’t recall talking about 2A OL or even 3A OL in long time. However, in 2004 Boyd HS won class 2A state title. They had OL that was very big that many 6A programs would have liked to have. If you would read more and stop trying to undermine everything we Texans are saying so fast - You would see that for the most part we have been talking about 4A teams. Little ole Newton is class 3A D2 team and they always have athletes that could play at 6A schools. In fact they have had their share of D1 recruits especially when I said that last year. You can bet your ass that 4A Argyle OL could battle with just about any team. There QB is future D1 kid ( dad is Gary Hogeboom) played for the cowboys! They are very physical football team - They would get beat by elite 5A teams and 6A (they would not have enough talent in skill positions) still IMO they could beat many much bigger programs as could teams like Carthage who is also 4A.
  21. Once again your football IQ and your overall IQ is lacking. What is impressive about Newton during that time is being public school with less than 300 students 9th grade to 12th grade and the level of the play based on school size and location (country) - not some recruited private
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