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  1. I hear Chad Morris has resigned as head football coach
  2. The Spearman HS kid is elite type football player committed to Texas.
  3. I find it interesting that Texas has produced more sub 41 4x100 teams than California, FL , GA combined
  4. Wind or not these class 2A kids very impressive 100m
  5. Class 5A 200m was really fast - All 9 athletes go sub 22 and all wind legal
  6. Barnes was the fastest 100m kid in the nation coming out of HS - He beat Schwartz from FL who is in the nfl himself head to head in NY
  7. Jump 25 damn feet wind legal and get 2nd
  8. Look at some of these wind legal jumps 🫢
  9. That Watkins kid is only Soph - He has chance to put up big time numbers the next two years in both 100m & 200m
  10. 3 under 47 - you run 47.03 and don’t get metal lol
  11. Everyone was impressed with Goree from DV today. He is big strong dude! goes 10.22 against the wind - SMU got themselves good football player
  12. Nathan Jones - Brock HS TE going to Univ Minnesota- is 62 ft + in class 3A and he places 2nd in the state meet Brock is back to back 3A team track State champions now
  13. Buford was not consistent like DV. Running more 41+ times than Sub 41 - DV just kept improving! That makes like 7 school teams all time to record sub 40 and they are all from Texas!
  14. I originally had Texas for 31 too. I missed the LB from Cal who is from Klein Collins HS which makes it 32
  15. They have several good meets. district championship Area meet regional meet state championships its hard to find competition for 3:09, so we will see.
  16. This put Summer Creek in good company - Top 14 all-time nationally- They have over month before state. I see them Improving this time maybe couple of times by the end of the season.
  17. 3 kids go 10.23 that was really good race and very impressive!
  18. I can’t stand the guy, they should let him go now!!!
  19. Yes, this all time according to milesplit
  20. Buford GA has posted 1 of the best all time 4x100 this weekend going 40.05 they may become first school outside of Texas to run under 40 flat and possibly the best ever by the end of season.
  21. I know his dad…This was done to get playing time.
  22. This is probably what should have happened at MD. See story at Midland Christian School Midland Police arrest coaches, administrators at Midland Christian School for failure to report sexual assault | khou.com
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