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  1. FWIW, Los Al scrimmaged Mission Viejo, beat them 21-20 in a regulation half, and out gained them by just under 100 yards. Beat them in their 7v7 tournament the previous month also. I think they're at least in the same tier.
  2. If what you're saying is accurate, why on earth would they have agreed to play AFTER our 5* guys are gone? Do you really have any special insight to this, or is there something special about Bishop Manogue?
  3. FWIW, they passed on Los Al until after the '22 season when Nelson graduates. Been after them since last year.
  4. These ratings will actually have some meaning after week 4 or 5. Seriously...Cen10 at #20??
  5. Prof!!! Is that you? Thanks - it really played like the #3 & #4 teams. None of the BS trash talking stuff. MV players, coaches and their fans were a pleasure to host. Was talking to a couple of them before the scrimmage. Coach Johnson seems to run a great program.
  6. I don't disagree that it would've been a good matchup with Servite, but as I said, few coaches want to schedule teams they might see in the post-season. Scheduling top schools, or any schools, is no easy chore...especially THIS year.
  7. Los Al scrimmaged Mission Viejo on Friday, and was competitive in the trenches. Played 2 "real" quarters, and ended up on top 21-20 courtesy of a last minute 85 yd catch & run from Wills, followed by a 2 pt conversion from Nelson to Lemon.
  8. DLS only has 1 national level team on their pre-league schedule - St Francis (MD). They've got 3 local teams in there that are weaker than Los Al. With CIFSS changing their playoff division selection until after the season, it doesn't make sense to schedule a team like Servite when you will likely be in the same playoff division.
  9. Well, thanks for the welcome. Which teams, other than Bosco & MD, qualify as having a challenging non-league schedule?
  10. Schedule is neither "cute" or "local". 3 games are out of section. Buchanan was top team in Central Div last year, and Lincoln is #4 in SD. Paramount lost by a point in the semis to CIF champ SJ Hills in 2019. St Marg is usually pretty tough in the Trinity, but can't hang with MD or Bosco like everyone else. FWIW, Los Al tried to get DeLaSalle and Bishop Gorman this year, but they declined.
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