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  1. The Yappi posters in Columbus that were telling you what BS was would’ve been the “integral part [to] the solution” if you would’ve just listened to them, like you should have.
  2. The "we had guys that played two games in three days", which he conceded publicly (although other outlets suggest that there were more players that did two games in three days than he admitted) is pretty irresponsible for a coach to permit. Don't think that influenced schools to drop BS from the schedule? How about, too, the fact that Roy and BS have not been transparent on their roster when it comes to who plays for them?
  3. Plausible, depending on what happens with DeWine getting primaried by Renacci next Spring.
  4. He's never been the AG of Ohio, fwiw.
  5. Sincere question: do you, or do you not, think Roy Johnson is to blame for their season being over? In light of the two games in three days boondoggle, the Canton hotel getting stiffed, as well as the fact he (BS) is who stepped up to the plate to go on ESPN knowing that there were many skeletons in the closest with him & the program?
  6. When he promoted Bishop Sycamore on Yappi for his PPV game with Archbishop Hoban, he was warned by nearly a dozen posters there of what he was getting into. It was explained to him that Bishop Sycamore's status as a "school" was severely in question; that the principal person behind Bishop Sycamore (Roy Johnson) had a slew of legal issues hanging over his head in both the civil and criminal justice systems in Ohio; that Bishop Sycamore was known to have players that had already graduated HS and/or would've had four years pass from the first day of their freshman year in HS, among other insanities. GSB responded to these demonstrations of fact with denials and went full-tilt in promoting falsehoods to booster Bishop Sycamore's image as a football program, including: (but not limited to) the claim that Bishop Sycamore had over 100+ players in the program, 26 D1 recruits, would be fielding two teams. He was told about the Sto-Rox game, and he said it wouldn't be the same BS squad that was going to be playing IMG two days later. He specifically claimed to be in possession of a list naming the "26 D1 recruits" for ESPN to be highlighting in the IMG broadcast -- when posters asked him to publish the list for verification, he replied to the effect of "not wanting to steal their (BS) thunder." One of two things clearly happened: Roy Johnson fed him a ton of bullshit and GSB realized it when he got too deep; or, GSB actively promoted and enabled the con that was Bishop Sycamore when he knew the truth all along about what Bishop Sycamore was going to trot out for everyone to see on ESPN. Regardless of whatever actually happened, one thing is for certain: there are kids and young adults on the Bishop Sycamore roster whose lives have been effectively ruined for the meantime as a result of GSB's antics.
  7. He is correct that you took the first train out of Yappi when it came to talking about Bishop Sycamore immediately after the Hoban/BS game.
  8. https://www.cantonrep.com/story/news/2021/09/01/bishop-sycamore-football-team-accused-stiffing-canton-hotel-espn-fairfield-marriott-geico/5681745001/?utm_source=cantonrep-News Alert&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=news_alerts&utm_term=news_alert&utm_content=OHIO-CANTON-NLETTER61 They stiffed the hotel in Canton.
  9. IDGAF if IMG beats the Detroit Lions, La Salle 58-0 or Brown Mackie. That team, Bishop Sycamore, is literally horrible. X’s and O’s = trash; schemes = trash; fundamentals = trash; situational awareness = trash. And it falls entirely on the grifter coaches. These fools can’t even punt the damn ball without IMG scoring entirely on a BS screw-up.
  10. The correct term for anything after 8th grade but before first semester of university really should be “secondary”, or at least when it comes to any team with a ‘post-grad’ on it.
  11. Same adult in charge in 2018 as 2021!
  12. The anecdote about living in a Delaware hotel, before being kicked out due to bounced checks is verified by a lawsuit filed by the hotel (Baymont Inn) against Roy Johnson in Delaware County court. The "players from New York" story is also true. I'd say that is credible enough.
  13. The personality and charisma of Paulie Walnuts, with the intellect of Jackie Jr.
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