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  1. Marine corp = no...Annapolis = yes Army = no....West Point = yes see the pattern here
  2. "So you agree with me that Zip is full of crap, correct" You don't deserve a response from me....bitching, full of crap.....I stated a fact and GSB reinforced it FUCK YOU I'll put you in the "cock holster" group...you with your friend "Rich" Hanson.....and "low, hard driver" with his friend "Greg" Toal Good Day
  3. I think the defense is coming into its own (vs the play at Gonzaga) and they are figuring out how to use Berger and Kyle M.(who is overshadowed and would start on most teams).
  4. The sport gurus at NJ.com disagree...... Don Bosco gets first signature victory in coach Mike Teel's tenure The unpredictability of the SFC United Red Division or “Big Six” is back once again. We’ve already seen New Jersey’s No. 1-ranked team lose twice this season. One of the key divisional games this week is Friday night when No. 3 St. Peter’s travels to Ramsey to take on No. 9 Don Bosco. The Don Bosco defense has looked great this season, but the offense has stalled at points. That can not happen Friday night, and we are predicting it won’t. We think Don Bosco uses some creative play-calling to free up running backs Jalen Berger and Kyle Monangai just enough to sneak out a victory and hand St. Peter’s Prep its second loss in a row. If Don Bosco wins, it will be coach Mike Teel’s first victory against a divisional opponent.
  5. What you are missing is you are not that close to the team as I am from an information stand point...like the "low hard driver" you're at 50,000 feet and I'm at 5,000 feet when it comes to knowing day to day info.
  6. You're right. The point was that DBP second team played SPP first team in the 2nd half.....Both teams were heavy with seniors(especially the lines), so I guess DBP wanted to see what they had....typical Hanson, now I see why posters were pissed with him beating Hudson Cty publics 70-0 all the time
  7. In the 2nd game there was an agreement to pull the starters for the 2nd half(I believe the game meant nothing, playoff seating was set). DBP did Hanson didn't....with that and killing Hudson county publics for years, this guy is scum
  8. I don't know what they're ranked, but it must be pretty high. Here is an example of why they were better in that game vs DBP. One play my kid was playing defensive line, the play was on the other side of the field, but 2 lineman were torturing him, he'd go down and the 2nd lineman would knock him down when he tried to get up. It happened a few times (maybe even after the whistle) and the wife was pissed. My answer....when he plays Oline, he and the guard should do the same, but this is a young line (soph & jnr) and they are not experienced enough at this point.....Gonzaga was very chippy in that game
  9. I think the DBP defense has grown/improved since then. How is Gonzaga doing this year after the DBP game?
  10. Zipcep

    SJR vs BC

    From NJ.com No. 4 Bergen Catholic (4-1) at No. 1 St. Joseph (Mont.) (4-1) Saturday, 2:30 p.m. What do Bergen Catholic and St. Joseph have in store for us this year? While last year's 41-30 win from Bergen Catholic was exciting, prior to that these two Bergen County non-public rivals had played three straight overtime games from 2014-16, including two that weren't settled until a second OT. There was Angelo Guglielmello's game-winner to cap a 17-14 St. Joseph win in 2016, a Johnny Langan-to-Connor Hebbeler touchdown pass to cap a 16-13 Bergen Catholic win in the 2015 thriller and the unforgettable Corey Gaarn game in 2015, with the backup/emergency QB coming in for an injured Guarantano to lead a 37-34 win in Montvale. Now, the two perennial powers meet again in Montvale, with St. Joseph riding a four-game winning streak behind the running of Andre Epps,and Audric Estime. Bergen Catholic, which was knocked off its perch as the state's No. 1-ranked team a few weeks ago after a loss to St. Peter's Prep, will now look to hand St. Joseph its first in-state loss of the year. St. Joseph 24, Bergen Catholic 14
  11. From NJ.com No. 3 St. Peter’s Prep (3-2) at No. 9 Don Bosco Prep (3-2) Friday, 7 p.m. St. Peter’s coach Rich Hansen said his team got outplayed and outworked in a 16-14 home loss to DePaul last Saturday. It was the latest upset in a topsy-turvy start to the season in the SFC United Red Division and resulted in latest shakeup at the top of the rankings. How will St. Peter’s respond? As Hansen said, “you have to get back to the drawing board and find a way to get up for the next one.” That next one is already here, and Don Bosco is waiting for its first signature victory. Bosco’s defense, led by senior LB Jonathan Alvarado and DL Jahmir Greene, was impressive in a 14-13 loss to Bergen Catholic and pitched a shutout last week in a 37-0 drumming of Pope John. The key in this one will be Don Bosco’s offense. Don Bosco must avoid the penalties that crippled them in the loss to Bergen Catholic and get running backs Jalen Berger and Kyle Monangai going early. The St. Peter’s offense has been dominant at times but struggled against DePaul. You just never know what to expect in the United Red Division, and this one will stick to that theme. Look for whatever team can get its offense going to win. Don Bosco Prep 17, St. Peter's Prep 16
  12. It certainly isn't as flag happy as the NFL........love the old school turf at the Yale bowl. Last year's Yale defense was hard hitting and very good, few NFL players. One guy is on the falcons Foyesade Oluokun at LBer.
  13. ....here you go, your own play ground....now go compare dick sizes,,,,er,,,,football programs
  14. why is this a NJ vs Ga thread? I'll start one.... back to our regularly schedule program....a discussion about 2 jersey teams playing
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