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  1. Drummer61

    IG report on Clinton Email coming next week

    Fake is not knowing facts and commenting as many do, on Europe, yet never spent time there.....Worse, never talking to the citizens in those countries as I have and will do again...
  2. Drummer61

    IG report on Clinton Email coming next week

    One of your best.....Your right about Germany and Muslims....I will verify when I am there...
  3. Drummer61

    ALice Johnson pardoned

    I always liked the far RIGHT....🤙🤙🤙🤙
  4. Drummer61

    Merkel wants Europe to step up and lead

    Leaving for Paris tomorrow and will visit France,Germany and the Scotland.....Will see how bad the It really is....Love when certain posters talk about Europe and never went there...This is my fourth trip....Looking forward to the Isle Of Skye in Scotland...
  5. Drummer61

    ALice Johnson pardoned

    They should have executed Beau Bergdhal. IMO.....👎👎👎 👹👹👹
  6. Drummer61

    ALice Johnson pardoned

    Which sailor ??
  7. Drummer61

    U.S. is too divided to remain one nation

    Why did you leave the sun and fun in Jamaica..??? Is that a socialist or Capitalist country....??? ...
  8. Drummer61

    8 states have primaries today

    No, we are not...We are a Republic that is based on and operates under a system called Capitalism....."The high taxes in Calf pay for all benifits for ILLEGALS and the takers..America has NEVER been deemed a "Socialist"...We have some giv a ways yo help some people and welfare thatnis abused..Both are paid by taxes...I feel fine and am financially stable, in good health and retired....Calling us a Socialist nation is not true...No more talk on this with me....
  9. Drummer61

    McCabe wants immunity

    If that happens with facts, you get your meal of choice at Cafe Martarano...🤙🤙
  10. Drummer61

    8 states have primaries today

    Margert Thatcher once said and it's so true,"Socialism is great till the money runs out"...South American Socialist countries are very bad......That form of government ,historically, never bodes well for those who want to be successful .....The takers love it and the makers leave it....Bernie Sanders would have litterally ruined American....
  11. Drummer61

    8 states have primaries today

    Do you live near Temecula ?? I lived there for a little over a year.....
  12. Drummer61

    U.S. is too divided to remain one nation

    I watched that whole mod crumble......Love it....🤙🤙🤙🤙
  13. Drummer61

    U.S. is too divided to remain one nation

    One of the worst crime cities in America............Also, America, but only for those who KNOW REAL HISTORY, was far more divided during the Revolution, The Indian Wars, the Civil, War,Vietnam Nam and other times than today...... Democrats were the culprits in much of that division.... An opinion letter that may be well written, is historically incorrect.........Some on this board will seek out anything negative in a vain attempt, that is without historical fact, to be negative...Those of the bitch party,whose only mantra is that of complaining, justifies a fact....."Liberalism is a mental disorder".....
  14. Drummer61

    ALice Johnson pardoned

    No comments from the left of the blame game crowd......See ......
  15. Put "little fatty liar" Loretta Lynch in this bunch of scoundrels........Before she fades into the sunset, light her lying ass up..👎👎👎 She was like diabetes,"silently working evil"