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  1. Who Is The National Security Advisor....

    You are talking to the mirror, thank you so much...I knew you would agree that you are an ill informed mouthpiece for the party of BITCHING and COMPLAINING....All you do is bitch,insult,throw stones and copy and paste...You never have any substantive info for anything...An uniformed puppet run by the bitch party..
  2. Who Is The National Security Advisor....

    No, bring it out of the tumble its in...Also, how do mean that,explain...I'll listen as you ad substance as opposed to insults, copy and paste, overt lack of knowledge, and drive by tactics that fools use...
  3. Who Is The National Security Advisor....

    Great pick....This guy along DiGenova may be a great asset...Let's roll....
  4. NJ 2018

  5. Congratulations to the Board

    Thank you and I promise, no big head.. I will try too...
  6. Jersey Publics "Super Team" try fails

    Give us info on Ga teams as you live there..
  7. Jersey Publics "Super Team" try fails

    I no longer live there and don't care...Why would you,stop flattering yourself...
  8. NJ 2018

    He won't respond yet, but when he gets more info he will.. They had a lot of good players last year, really....This year ???? No QB with a great RB is not a good thing for the whole season..
  9. Jersey Publics "Super Team" try fails

    Why are obsessed with Jersey...?? Your like a little woodpecker pecking away for no reason ????
  10. trump vs Joe

    You don't have to justify anything to him..Not once has he offered anything of substance, rather attempts to be smart.
  11. Angry young white males

    Nietzsche was wrong....St John died from old age around 100 AD..
  12. Congratulations to the Board

    No,no....You have posted some good and I agreed...Don't be so sensitive...😎😎
  13. NJ 2018

    This year 3-6 or 4-5 ??
  14. NJ 2018

    Berger 's sr year..
  15. trump vs Joe

    Bernie Sanders is fed up with Russian bussiness...That speaks volumes...Some people still believe that "denial is the river in Egypt"....Sad.......