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  1. And the browning in prison will always be brown...Your dreaming as the left wants you too..WHITEs RUN AMERICA....
  2. But many of you are still and always will be slaves under the Democrat party and will also stay that way.....We pay for your non compliance and you guys rot in jail...
  3. And whites far,far outnumber blacks in numbers.........% wise blacks are the worst,by far...
  4. Under Trump they benifit...The rest of your response is a benign attempt at deflection from the point I made...
  5. Yes, just look at Nancy Pelosi's house and San Francisco.....
  6. Yet Blacks now have the lowest unemployment rate in about 50 years and millions less on welfare....Blacks for years have voted Democrat and are still getting fucked by those LIBERAL POLICIES and refuse to look in the mirror to find their trouble.......Insaniity is doing the same thing over and over, yet expect a different result......Now,..........who is stupid......🤡🤡🤡
  7. Democrat states are a mess and many that run them are criminals and or incompetent....Strict gun laws there too.....
  8. Historically, this is true and above reproach....IE Democrats stated the KKK and also tried to kidnap Lincoln...When Repubs and Lincoln wrote the EP which freed the slaves, Booth, an avid Democrat and Racist of renoun, shot and killed Lincoln...
  9. Do you think that was racist in the context he used in...IE..."go back, straighten it out, then come back and show us how to do it"..I think political correctness has us all in a quandary and scared to say anything...Trump may get pissed at his critics,but I don't think he's a racist..
  10. How many on this board have ever been asked if he's a racist...?? What specific examples of racist remarks" has he made...Is racist using the word ,"infested"...???
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