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  1. Liberalism is a mental disorder...........Like Michael Savage said and many prove.....every fucking day......
  2. They are Socialist by nature, especially those from Europe and their grandkids...Acording to those I have asked and one who said, " many are also Marxist" and the "Guilt that for some many carry"..??
  3. Historically, Jews always voted politics over faith and Israel...Trump was correct in that Jews are disloyal to Israel.
  4. https://teapartypac.org/new-york-times-admits-theyre-trying-to-rewrite-history/?utm_source=ewcp&utm_placement=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=newsletter&utm_content=TPnewsletter
  5. And you did not read Walters opinion ....If you had you would have agreed , unless your stupid,which could be the case..At best, a benign Leftist..Just read the post and read Walter Williams.....Learn facts....
  6. Iron, lots of LIBS never read the message, rather throw stone at a message of different opinion..Their mantra of open discussion is about as open as Hitler was to Jews..
  7. https://dentonrc.com/opinion/columnists/walter-e-williams-democrats-want-black-to-dislike-republicans/article_84de7a1a-82f1-54d9-9145-c5310d07e66a.html
  8. Hillary was way ahead too....Just read the post....comment on what the post says, not your benign remark....
  9. https://triblive.com/opinion/walter-williams-who-benefits-from-democratic-control/
  10. Oh boyyyyyyyyy....You ain't shittinggggggggg...
  11. I agree with Walter almost always...Great man..Read John Solomon and what he's uncovered ....
  12. Show us all the proof of that with solid irrefutable examples...Better check Sandy Hook and others under nobama...They arrested 4 scumbags before they did anything....Nobody complains about all the real wackos and assasins in the the Democrat run cites where very tough gun laws prevail...
  13. https://triblive.com/opinion/walter-williams-who-benefits-from-democratic-control/
  14. https://www.teaparty247.org/the-terrifying-reason-pepper-spray-sales-have-surged-in-sweden/
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