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  1. The last time Buford was shut-out at home was in 1998. Chaminade held the Wolves to just 98 yards and four first downs in the game.
  2. Delbarton is solid. They exposed BCs passing D in a major way. BC at Don Bosco on Friday night!
  3. How is every hotel in the NOLA area still closed? Wasn't that storm weeks ago?
  4. Mentor beat Clarkson North Canada 41-19 this weekend. Quality out of state win for Ohio.
  5. No team that loses to a Tier 1 team by 42 should make Tier 2.
  6. Milton and Hamilton proving that the top publics can play with anyone when challenged.
  7. St John's and St Frances are keeping DMV high school football afloat this season.
  8. Broward County 2 Buford 0
  9. Milton is sitting pretty right now.
  10. Hamilton scores 18 points in less than one minute and wins the game on a 2 point conversion.
  11. St John's and St Frances are fun to watch. St John's hosts Life Christian Academy tomorrow afternoon.
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