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  1. Way back many years ago I decided to attend Mater Dei instead of the local public high school. I never realized I was morally wrong to chose the school that was the best option for me.
  2. You are correct about Bryce Young. He would have attended MD sooner if not for JT Daniels. Same for Miller Moss. He attended MD camps prior to high school but transferred to MD for his senior season only after BY graduated. Although Moss never played since there was no Fall season in 2020.
  3. You are actually making an analogy between slavery and kids having the free choice to attend the high school they want?
  4. I am looking forward to the Mater Dei list that you will hopefully be doing also. Are you aware that 99.9% of the high schools in this country are playing 'real' football according to your standards? If you do not like what the elite programs are doing, go watch almost any local team play and you will be content. Just stop complaining since this train left the station a long time ago.
  5. Indeed. I don’t know the exact record but MD has won most of the Freshmen games against Bosco (and everybody) over the past decade. You just have to look at next season projected starters. Probably 17-18 out of 22 enrolled as Freshmen. Likewise for kids that get time in the rotation.
  6. The motive is obviously chasing a ring. I am not naive to think otherwise. Dickey is already considered one of the best WR in the country so, as you said, he does not need the exposure. Players of this caliber often enroll in college early. So he may only attend MD for 1 semester. There is nothing illegal with this provided he meets all the eligibility and graduation requirements. I just personally hate the optics.
  7. It doesn’t matter if a kid transfers 100 times. No rule is being broken. Just because you don’t like it, and I actually don’t like it either, doesn’t make it illegal.
  8. Perhaps I don’t know Florida regulations well enough, but if transferring was made legal, what rules would be broken if they accurately tracked it? Are there any restrictions or can any kid regardless of grade transfer at will to any school he wants?
  9. Please let me know what rules are ‘technically’ being broken. It’s a serious question as I truly am interested in knowing.
  10. Sondy will have a fit no doubt. I almost wish this was not the case. If the kid wants to attend MD, he should have every right to do so. But I just know that everybody is going to be saying that we recruited this kid to transfer.
  11. MD got 1 meaningful transfer in Nate Frazier that will get playing time at DB\WR. At least that I am aware of. And the outrage that a school like MD that is coed and has twice as many students as Bosco has more transfers than Bosco. Lol. If you look at that list, half are female and some are international students.
  12. This is so tiring, regardless what school we are talking about. I am not dismissing how truly awful these crimes are and I hope the victims get justice. These events happened almost 50 years ago, which of course means to some idiots that everybody associated with Servite today is evil. Just like MD has a culture of hazing. What a fucking joke.
  13. Power to do what exactly? No rules are being broken. Unless enrollment boundaries are created for private schools, there is no way to prevent this. And that will never happen since that actually would be illegal.
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