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  1. Nothing will happen to those schools. If CIF did something it would unleash a firestorm of litigation they likely want no part of.
  2. Any chance Ewers flips back to Texas? Sarkisian would work wonders with him.
  3. 100%. I didn’t want to say that to not upset the Texas homers. But honestly it would be ugly.
  4. @GardenStateBaller get my Monarchs to play one of these teams next year. Both these teams are very good and extremely well coached but I don’t see too many high level D1 players.
  5. Doesn’t this remind you of Carrol’s QB, sans the stache.
  6. The semifinals were streamed last week so I guess I don’t get the joke.
  7. Agreed. Not to take anything away from Mac Jones who played amazing this season, but when you have the best offensive line, best receiving group, best running back, and a masterful playcaller coach, they can all cover for a quaterback's deficiencies. The NFL is the great equalizer when it comes to QB play.
  8. O% chance we play this year. If we don't play next season then we have bigger issues at hand than football. I would like to see MD play whoever the big dog is expected to be in Texas next season. Or MD/SLC would be a nice matchup since SLC has the top QB in the country in Ewers.
  9. Sark leaving Bama for Texas is unfortunate for Bryce. Sark is the main reason he went to Bama. He had been recruiting BY for a long time and didn’t stop even when he originally committed to USC. Watching Sark call the game last night, especially the first half, was like watching Rembrandt paint. Yes Bama has elite players everywhere. But when you have a coach that puts elite players in positions to make plays, well.... you see the results.
  10. Dude that is funniest thing I’ve heard in a while!
  11. What a performance by Smith. He is dominating the game.
  12. My eyes tells me Bama is better but they are letting Ohio State stick around.
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