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  1. I think we hit the nail on the head here which is liability. Schools have the fear of being sued if somebody contracts the virus. Companies everywhere are afraid of being sued. It is going to be interesting in the future. I heard that Disney is making people sign wavers before entering the park that they are assuming the risk of being infected. I wouldn’t be surprised if restaurants do this also. Same with churches and sporting venues in the future.
  2. MaxPreps is full of crap. Even Rollo’s wife said on the FB page that this schedule is not accurate. Lol. No chance in hell they are getting on a plane in September.
  3. Monarch schedule according to Maxpreps. The St. Louis game is the date of when the Trinity showcase was scheduled. So therefore if MD is playing St. Louis, which all previous indicators said we are not, it would not be in Hawaii.
  4. I would think that any game requiring a team to get on a plane to play is highly questionable, if not already cancelled, at this point.
  5. Whether or not one agrees with the quarantine guidelines and restrictions is not the issue here. What amazes me is that somebody, who I would think is a reasonably intelligent person to get the position he was in, is stupid enough to flaunt the rules and think he would get away with it.
  6. Not only did Ricks transfer to IMG, Darrion Green-Warren transferred to Narbonne also. Davies and Domani Jackson would have been the backups at corner if not for the transfers. IMO Davies is better than Green-Warren. Domani Jackson is actually the most physically gifted of all of them, including Ricks. But he got called WAY too many times for PI last season. Once he hones his skills Jackson will be a special player.
  7. I am aware of 4 nonleague games so far. Cen10, La Miranda, Pasadena Muir, and West UT.
  8. This is pretty funny.
  9. I’m still still bitter that he was injured in the second half ☹️
  10. USC is tearing it up in terms of recruiting studs at the skill positions. What they DESPERATELY need is a lot more big, physical, and nasty linemen. USC would be unbeatable if football was a track meet. But in order to get back into the national picture USC must improve dramatically in the trenches.
  11. The UC and Cal State systems will be keeping it shut down through the Fall semester. So if UCLA, Cal, SDSU, Fresno, etc don't play football I don't see private schools such as USC or Stanford playing either. I think coming out yesterday and saying these schools will not be coming back to campus in the Fall was premature. IMO this was the nail in the coffin for college and high school football in California next season. All over twitter now are the speculations of Cali high school players moving to Arizona or Nevada. The Bishop could be ELITE next season again!
  12. Todd was in my class. Let’s just say Marv was an interesting strength coach😉
  13. I suppose the 75,000+ deaths in this country are fake also.
  14. Barnes at one point came very close to being the Servite coach. It was 2005. I believe he accepted the job and then he backed out. Actually it's the best thing that could have possibly happened for Servite as they hired a guy named Troy Thomas instead.
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