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  1. Tell that to the kids in all those states that you dissed that work their asses off to play football, just like the kids that play at the academies. In some sense I have more respect for ID, MT and the like.
  2. This mythical national championship is nothing more than a thing for people like us to have forums like this. Only thing I care about is what my team can directly control on the field and that is hanging a CIF championship banner in the gym, and of late we have state titles which are earned on the field also.
  3. These ranking are a joke and my team is #3. I don't know why they don't base this on the same criteria as all other strength-of-schedule rankings are determined. You need to take EVERY game on the schedule into consideration. A team's strength of schedule is the average of every team they play.
  4. The last paragraph is harsh. Not that I disagree with him. But it’s almost as if this reporter is making it personal.
  5. Wasn’t his Senior season at Gorman in 2016? Indeed COVID is a bitch for all, but this saga goes back way before COVID. He should come full circle and transfer next to San Diego State since that is where he is from originally and started in high school.
  6. Hard to believe he still has 2 years of eligibility remaining.
  7. “Up your butt, Jobu!”
  8. Have we announced captains yet? Makes sense that the 4 pictured here are the captains.
  9. It's a slippery slope. From a legal point of view, I would think there is nothing that should prevent high school athletes from NIL money. I would expect class action litigation otherwise in the same manner we saw for college athletes.
  10. Agreed. I remember in an interview that DJ said USC never recruited him. Crazy! Helton needs to go. They are so soft. Great skill players but a terrible offensive line. USC had the best O-line for several decades under John McKay and John Robinson.
  11. 100%. Bryce Young was also a USC verbal commit before flipping to Bama. Plus we lost DJ to Clemson.
  12. He reclassified and graduated after 3 years. He was starting for USC in what would have been his senior season in high school.
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