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  1. Bally Sports and Fox affiliates have the broadcasting rights to this game. As was mentioned above, you should be able to get an extended sports package from your cable provider. I pay a nominal fee and I get all the regional sports channels. I am not in Cali now but I will be able to view the game still.
  2. IF MD beats Servite, then either Servite or Bosco will finish the season with 2 losses. The question will be how would Calpreps rank a 2-loss team versus an undefeated Cen10? SOS factors immensely into the Calpreps rankings so unless the game is a blowout, a loss to MD/Servire/Bosco doesn't hurt your rankings much. Personally I think Cen10 should get the 3rd seed. As a MD fan I would prefer to see Cen10 get the 4th seed so that we can play them in the semifinals. I would not want to play both Servite and Bosco a second time. That is testing fate!
  3. Yes. But they were great in the early 80s. In the early 80s it was Edison and Servite.
  4. ‘Make sense’ and ‘CIF’ are usually not used in the same sentence.
  5. Sure there has. There are many sports played at the school. There are a lot of smaller sports that MD historically has not been good. Back in the Stone Age when I was a student, Servite would destroy MD is sports like wrestling, water polo. Servite beat us in football all 4 years I was at MD, which was before Rollo’s time.
  6. Only for the newer generation that has nothing to do with Mater Dei would Bosco be considered a bigger rival. I’ve followed and lived the MD/Servite rivalry since the 1970s. In recent years the Bosco game has been a more important game simply because Bosco has been a better a team than Servite. But Bosco is NOT Mater Dei’s rival. Servite always has been, currently is, and always will be our biggest rival.
  7. It's hate bordering on pity. I was taught at a young age to hate Servite.
  8. Oh Sammy, Oh Sammy where art thou @Sammyswordman? Please come out of hiding this week to deliver your tiers and join the MD/Servite game banter. You will lose any remaining credibility if you come back only if your Friars defeat the Monarchs.
  9. I have nothing against Folsom but this is just hilarious because of Block. Winning!
  10. MD 42 SM 3 halftime game started well for SM as they recovered the opening onside kickoff and managed a field goal. Then MD scored the next 42 points. Time to rest starters and get ready for Servite next week
  11. Does Matt still live in Manhattan Beach? I'm sure Block will love this! I believe his kid is a pretty good baseball player.
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