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  1. Yetts and Raleek Brown will make a nice tandem. Plus it allows them to play Craig primarily as slot receiver, or most likely in the defensive backfield where the need is greater.
  2. #Legend Only coach to defeat the great Power Memorial who had some player by the name of Lew Alcindor.
  3. I couldn’t agree more. It’s great to see these games happening.
  4. Sierra Canyon with 3 loses and MD with 4 loses I think so far this season. In the case of Sierra Canyon, nobody has more talent in terms of prospect rankings but they are getting beat by teams that are just that... teams. From what I have see from MD they struggle when their outside shots don’t fall and their defenders get beat off the dribble. They have great length but are struggling against smaller and quicker teams.
  5. I am admittedly not sure exactly what the main differences are in the rules with Texas high school football. Is it really an issue that would significantly impact teams from different states that need to abide to Texas rules? Just curious.
  6. Servite getting kids too. St. Bernard is getting players. The previous staff from Narbonne is now at St. Bernard. It’s primarily an exodus of players from Narbonne and JSerra. A couple top JSerra players enrolled at Huntington Beach.
  7. No doubt it’s Tatum. He wasn’t nicknamed the assassin for nothing.
  8. He played terrible this season. It was painful to watch. I actually felt sorry for the kid. Unless Booty gets an awful lot better I wouldn’t be too excited about this. I’m surprised Allen doesn’t already have somebody better.
  9. Steve Ensminger is the offensive coordinator. Joe Brady is officially the 'passing game coordinator'. But I get your point in that the success this season of the offense and Burrow is largely attributed to Brady.
  10. I didn’t hear it from anybody. He broke a bone in his leg and missed the second half of the season. He was in a cast and crutches on the sideline.
  11. I expect Craig to be used more as a slot back next season. I would like to see him in the defensive backfield more also. Craig was also their best defensive special teams player. Yetts emerged as the #1 back by the end of the season but Craig looked solid in the slot when Zamora was lost to injury.
  12. Because of where they are located. Sierra Canyon is in the San Fernando Valley so they are geographically better situated to draw from the local talent pool plus areas of Ventura and LA county. Their main competition for local talent is Oaks Christian and Grace Brethren. Take Bryce Young as an example. Sierra Canyon is much closer to where he lived in Pasadena than Mater Dei is. Secondly, Sierra Canyon is the new ‘in school’ for celebrities and the super rich to send their kids. There is a media buzz around the school. What they are now for basketball has the potential to happen for football.
  13. Zach Evens was just a rumor and BS. I would not consider some things discussed here as ‘credible’. Kendall Milton on the other hand was pretty much a forgone conclusion. Even sportswriters were saying publicly he was going to MD. That was before the administration closed the door to multiple transfers.
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