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  1. No sandbagging here. I think any objective person that knows football would agree that Bosco has looked like the better team so far this season. But of course anything can happen next Friday😉
  2. From what I have seen Bosco wins next week. MD has been better tested by Gorman and Cen10, but Bosco has definitely looked more impressive overall. I don’t know what team played JSerra last night!
  3. SFA has 9 lives. I didn’t see the game but just reading about it is crazy. Give credit to SFA but Kahuku gave the game away.
  4. Very ugly half for MD. JS returned opening kick for a TD. It’s a penalty fest. MD probably has 7 or 8 penalties.
  5. MD lost in the semis in 2015 and lost in the finals in 2012 and 2013. It is not like they were a bad team prior to 2016.
  6. Judge is going to look good in a Dodger uniform next season.
  7. It will be interesting to see where Poly ends up if they run the table. From here on out their SOS will take a huge hit because of the pathetic Moore league they are a part of. This could hurt them in Calpreps by end of season. They will likely still be top 8 but they should fall due to SOS.
  8. As I was saying above. This is getting ugly for the Damien coach. The 19 year old Amat student was obviously the player.
  9. Talk about loss of composure! That is a reflection on the Damien coaches. I heard that the fight after the game was because the Damien head coach laid hands on an Amat player. If true that coach needs to go. Under no circumstances is it ever okay for a coach to touch an opposing player.
  10. Last time I went to this game was when Troy Aikman played against Rodney Peete and I believe they were ranked 1 and 2. I use to be more of a UCLA fan but now I am impartial to either team since I didn't go to either school and like to see them both do well. USC is clearly on the right path but UCLA appears lost, despite being 3-0 now. It is shocking how little emphasis Chip Kelley places on recruiting.
  11. Miller-Ross with 3 defensive touchdowns! Shoutout to that young man. I sure hope that the Under The Radar crew was at this game so I can watch the hype video and highlights.
  12. Agreed. It’s the WR position that is most noticeable. They don’t seem to be creating separation. There is plenty of talent and it is a very young group. I’m also a bit puzzled why they don’t utilize their huge tight end in the passing game. I do think that MB/Bosco will be close and Bosco should be favored. Bosco has obviously looked great so far but it is hard for me to judge them because they have not played anybody good yet, whereas MD has played 2 elite teams.
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