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  1. Yep I know just joking. Obviously a mistake to not list Carter. I’m guessing the last 3 players listed without a position are kickers. There are 13 freshman. The future is bright!
  2. @HurricaneNick the roster is posted. There is no kicker or punter listed🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ And where the hell is Dre Carter? Is he not on the team or do they just decide to not list their top OL player.
  3. When are the tickets for the Jesus Christ concert at Red Rocks going on sale?
  4. That was a few months ago. He had a joint. What was actually worse than that was he was speeding and had no insurance. As far as I am aware he is practicing with Bama now and will be their starting CB. That is unless you are referring to something new that I wasn’t aware of.
  5. Because if he truly is such a great distraction for inadvertently reading a word that somebody else wrote, then our culture is messed up beyond repair. I find this story hard to believe. It seems to me they are killing the messenger in this case.
  6. There has to be more to the story. Gundy said himself that the 'word' he said was not his own as he was only reading it. Yes, he should have had better restraint and refrained from uttering the word. But if this is truly the full story, it seems a bit harsh, even in today's woke cancel culture.
  7. I'm worried too! Having a kicker that is automatic on PATs and almost always kicks it into the endzone is SOOO valuable and something we have taken for granted for a while now. Let's hope somebody steps up.
  8. Seeing the Family Guy clip made me think how hilarious that show is. It’s so politically incorrect it’s great 😂😂 “Would you rather” one of the classic Family Guy scenes.
  9. Logan is the only one that will scrimmage! I just wish we could scrimmage somebody we don’t play a few weeks later.
  10. @HurricaneNick do we have a scrimmage lined up before the 1st game against the Utah team?
  11. Him too! 😉 I knew I was forgetting some studs
  12. Next man up. LB is arguably the deepest position. Watch out for sophomore Nasir Wyatt and freshman Shaun Scott. Also have Remere Davis and others to go along with Levi. It sucks losing Williams but we will be fine.
  13. I think you are referring to the external firm that was hired to assess every aspect of Mater Dei safety, protocols, operations, etc. It wasn’t just the ‘hazing’ but I’m sure that is a major focus. That is a good question as to when we will see that report, assuming it is made public.
  14. Nobody said the sexual abuse that occurred was false. It is a fact that teachers at MD, and other schools, have sexually abused students. That has been public knowledge for several decades and the cases are still being settled by the diocese. I was a student at MD when the principle Harris was abusing students. Harris went to Santa Margarita after I left MD. The claims we are saying are false are the recent hazing allegations that were in fact deemed false and dismissed. You need to get your facts straight and stop spewing nonsense, as well as try to get a grasp what people are referring to. The quote above has nothing to do with MD football you nitwit.
  15. Who said that any MD person is 'ok' with this happening? We have always said that if any wrongdoing was done, the heads of those accountable need to roll. In the case of the locker room fight, the players involved were punished, quite severely to be honest considering what actually happened. I am not defending what happened, but it is absurd to say the coach is responsible for whatever any player does in his program 24/7. There is no justification or evidence of MD being complicit in hazing. A court of law agreed and threw out the bogus charges. I find it interesting and bizarre that MD is so deep in your head that you post every banal tweet about the school.
  16. Are these supposedly special instances of kids getting a 5th year only because of covid? It should not matter. Nobody should be eligible if they have been enrolled in high school for 5 years. SFA will have an even harder time finding teams to play if they go down this route.
  17. 100% The 2019 MD team was better than the 2018 team. Objectively speaking, in 2018 Bosco was better than MD but MD got the ring. In 2019 the tables were turned, MD was better but Bosco got the ring. Both championship games were upsets.
  18. And that is precisely how the Court of Law sees it also. But unfortunately, idiots only care about the court of public opinion. Rollo and MD have been crucified in that court.
  19. Exactly! Matt Logan doesn’t duck anybody either so Bosco can schedule Centennial. Of course they won’t. They think it is more impressive to play the #17 ranked teams from Hawaii, Oregon, or wherever.
  20. I guess there is never enough.
  21. People magazine is going to name me the 2022 sexiest man alive.
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