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  1. Obviously the political persuasion of California’s leaders is vastly different from the majority of NASCAR fans. But if I have to be specific…. Liberal versus conservative😂
  2. Ref didn’t cost them. He has to touch the ball. What cost them was Dak not handing him the ball, on top of the ridiculous play call.
  3. It should never have came to that. They had time to throw 2 Hail Marys instead of 1?
  4. You mean like them being in NYC this weekend😉 https://www.instagram.com/p/CYzV7fOPt9x/?utm_medium=copy_link
  5. That’s a PR stunt to sell merchandise. The culture of NASCAR is just about the polar opposite of the Peoples’ Republic of California.
  6. I hope so. It is just mind boggling and frustrating that the recruiting focus is not addressing the team’s major need. Yet! From Day 1 on the job he should have made it a top priority to get linemen. Riley’s appeal is obviously strong with skill players. Linemen not so much, which is disappointing.
  7. Lincoln Riley is building an absolutely amazing 7x7 team at USC. It is just too bad for USC that real football is won in the trenches and for that reason they will still suck.
  8. Sierra Canyon and Alemeny fit this description. And they are trying! But it would be a stretch for kids from the very fertile Inland Empire to go there, whereas a good portion of MD/Bosco elite talent is from the Inland Empire (and Long Beach/South Bay).
  9. 2 times Bama had 1st and goal and settled for a FG. It likely will cost them.
  10. Man does Bama Miss their receivers. Gotta catch that!
  11. You need to give him props for throwing a beautiful dime on the rollout to CJ yesterday. Great throw, great catch. 38-24 Bama
  12. Johnson would not have played much at MD. This is a good move for him. Matt Leinant’s son Cole is the heir apparent to Elijah Brown. MD will be just fine.
  13. Well I guess if you can't beat them, join them! There is no truth to the rumor that all the girls at MD are going to be expelled.
  14. Of course it does! I am sure this has nothing to do with the University of Georgia being one of the teams. I would guess half the roster or more is from Georgia.
  15. I believe this was the same case a couple years ago regarding IMG. But in that case IMG actually was poaching players. This is just absurd if they apply the same argument to all OOS teams in general. The reality is that Texas has been exposed recently after scheduling elite OOS teams. Texas would rather play in their own little sandbox and pat themselves on the back falsely thinking how good they are. But honestly I am astounded if this communication was actually sent. Have they no self pride? They must realize what a joke they would be in the eyes of everybody else.
  16. 15 years in a row without a losing record is not as impressive as being able to coach the certified whack job Antonio Brown for 9 seasons😂😂
  17. Would be surprising for him to go anywhere except USC, unless he decides to stay at OU. But I would expect UCLA to make a hard pitch for him since he is the perfect prototype QB for what Chip Kelly likes to do.
  18. What is the point of having replies when you know that they will be nothing but hate and vitriol. MD athletics and football do not tweet for the sake of generating discussion.
  19. So where does Caleb Williams play next season? USC obviously has to be at the top of the list of choices. There are a number of teams that could use him next season…… Georgia, LSU, ND, UCLA just to name a fe that come to my mind first. Should be interesting to see where he lands. And of course he could still remain at OU.
  20. These are NOT new videos! I realize this is an epiphany to people outside of the program but we saw these videos 3 years ago. People don’t know what they don’t know regarding this and other things that transpired at the time like the departure of Eli Ricks. MD has willingly made them available to the law firm doing the internal investigation and they were made available to the press.
  21. Holy crap what a catch
  22. Father Jenkins resigned today. I’m very happy about that. Now I can send my check again.
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