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  1. I love Saint Biff, and I know that he's very appreciative of PGLs unwavering support and loyalty.
  2. SPP played BT in Dublin, Ireland, while DBP, BC and SJR have all played on the West Coast.
  3. Stil counts towards GAs OOS W/L record!! And it's more about ELCAs courage than Xs scheduling! Plus, ELCA has been a T250 team of late.
  4. Bama-bound/Former BC star, Tyler Booker, killing it at IMG!!!
  5. Eagles Landing is also traveling to OH to play X. That makes only two (2) relevant GA programs traveling to play in significant OOS games. Two! Sad.
  6. https://thsf-2.com/posts/St.-Xavier-Bombers-Varsity-Boys-Football-Live-%26-Schedule-2021 Love the games vs Trinity* and Eagles Landing GA!
  7. Conversely, why is Milton the only HSFB team from GA to ever venture to Cali?
  8. The B10 loves "scientologists" too! LOL
  9. It's Ocean Springs Grace Baptist. See below. Next. https://t-cal.org/schools/
  10. So you don’t want in on the action? I’ll bet the both of you. SJB -35 I’d say it’s about that time to put up or stfu
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