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  1. IMG will also soon be announcing the addition of the following three former NFL players to its staff: Shaun King- OC Pepper Johnson- DC Mike Sellers- RB Coach
  2. China will be held accountable. #invisibleenemy #KAG
  3. Twitter would rather see Americans die than promote proven cures. Smh. #enemyofthepeople
  4. Look who SPP gets to play next. Their ability to avoid capable opponents in the playoffs even includes make believe scenarios!
  5. These antics used to work back in the 90s. No more! #enemyofthepeople #winning
  6. Does she ever get anything right? Smh #winning
  7. Great points. Keep in mind that the majority of USAs 2020 opponents are not restricted by state associations and/or governing bodies. In a perfect world they could still play 5-6 games in 2020 without interference of any kind. Not likely to happen, but it would be possible if their opponents obliged.
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