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  1. Can't fault them for scheduling the two Top 25 powerhouses. 5-1 in last six games. Undefeated in last four. Nobody hotter in NPG4.
  2. In 2016 he won KY by 30% and LA by 20%. Not happening. #keepdreaming
  3. “are” school? #hypocrite
  4. You REALLY think he won’t win LA and KY in 2020? Serious question.
  5. @DBP66 In the end, we still won!! It’s a marathon, not a sprint.
  6. Even if he does make it back, KM at 50% still isn’t enough IMO.
  7. DBP has the best D in the state. Don’t see SJR scoring that much more than in Game One.
  8. @Sammyswordsman Don’t agree with dropping Lakeland that much. Why didn’t you do the same to SJB after the Servite game? Very similar situation. If LL beats STA, it’ll then adversely affect DLS. Need to think these things through.
  9. I’m trying to get them into a post-season game vs a top team in December. Won’t be easy, but attempting nonetheless. SFA would love to go back to playing MIAA conference games. Highly unlikely unless those other programs acquiesce.
  10. I think that losing KM is too much to overcome for DBP. Low scoring game for sure. Like 14-13.
  11. I recommended DLS, and changing the event name to Cali vs The USA.
  12. All that matters is they definitely got #2 right!!!
  13. Way to fight back, FedEx! #fakenews #enemyofthepeople
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