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  1. Love lax. Coached it at the youth level for many years. The sport got me a $68k discount off my kid’s college education. #Lax4Life
  2. Congrats! Kid never gave up through thick and thin. Very happy for him.
  3. DD has to be chuckling right about now. #birdsofafeather
  4. Bryant Arkansas. Top 100 team nationally last season (93) and #2 in state.
  5. Severe improprieties of Touchdown Club Funds is what I’m hearing.
  6. BS playing teams from VA, MD, NY, CT and Canada this Spring!! Its Fall schedule will be even better!! #RaiseTheStandard
  7. Hope so. I miss the days when South GA had a team in the Top 50 nationally.
  8. Camden student-athletes who opted out of in-person, in-class learning for the 100% virtual option were prohibited from playing sports of any kind. Reversing that policy for a new football coach seems pretty extreme. But it is South Georgia as you said.
  9. I spoke with Coach Sphire after he resigned. He was very down on the Camden administration. If they don’t change the ways they conduct business with regards to Covid, no HC will ever be successful there in the foreseeable future.
  10. Can’t wait for October 1st! Don’t sleep on Imhotep. They have 15 D1 ballers on this roster including the #1 ‘22 DE in the USA (Enai White) and the #1 ‘23 S in the USA (Rahmir Stewart).
  11. With Covid kids just want to go a school where they’ll know they have in-person classes each and every day. #powerprivates
  12. Decided against venturing OOS that weekend.
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