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  1. I have it, but Coach Moore wants to make the announcement first.
  2. Yes, both made/make dreams come true in terms of college schollys.
  3. As I posted last night, SFA has ballers currently matriculating at Army, Duke and Georgetown among other high-quality institutions. They each serve their own needs. I'd liken it to St Anthony's hoops when Hurley was at his peak.
  4. Canton, which is very close to Massillon. They are considered the host school.
  5. If they want to get better by playing the best, who are you to question their decision.
  6. The kid was recruited by BM/SFA in the 8th grade. There’s history there. And SFA is the more appealing football program on paper at this time. This isn’t rocket science.
  7. We live in America, the Land of the Free. The kid and his guardians want a change of scenery. Who are we to question their decision? #sourgrapes
  8. PS....Bill tried to recruit Barham to SFA in the 8th grade.
  9. While at SFA, Bill had a rule. If you play us, we won’t accept your players. Even if they recruit themselves. I’d say turnabout is fair play at this point. Ignoring or shutting out teams like IMG, USA and SFA makes it easier for them to pillage. Long term, to stop them you must beat them. Gentle reminder. Chase Young transferred to DM from Palotti. Regarding academics, SFA currently has players on the rosters of Duke, Army and Georgetown just to name a few.
  10. It’s very evident that they don’t need to play the local, pouty privates.
  11. Selling the parents that SFA gives their son a better oppty to make his dreams come true= Marketing
  12. Who’s been ranked higher the last three seasons? Get with the moment!
  13. Thank you, Mr. Grayson! Love, MC, Cen10, DFB, Cocoa, Desoto, ET, MV, Marietta, Byrnes, JC, Milton, CQ, CH, DV, NS, etc.
  14. Awesome! But most elite players desire to play at the highest levels.
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