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  1. Dude, you barely beat Cherokee. Give it a rest.
  2. PGL is planning to air GCs games vs SJR, CBR and SFA. Also considering SJCs games vs DBP and LCA.
  3. Things change by the minute in the world of elite hsfb scheduling. The oppty I was working on for SJB fell through. The MD oppty is still very much alive for 9/9. Keep keeping up.
  4. Too little too late. 99.9% of the top TX teams already have their 2021 schedules filled. Let’s hope someone steps up in 22.
  5. Your post is pathetic. The great wins ET and DV earned vs DLS and SJC respectively never would’ve happened if other idiots thought like you. Every state has publics and privates. You need to beat them all to be considered the best both in-state and nationally.
  6. They have that choice. However, Phil and LG are bound by their exclusive commitments to ITG.
  7. You and I both know that the quality of the NFHS feed is horrendous. Plus all of our games will manned with experienced play by play professionals, as well as 2-3 cameramen on premises.
  8. It’s $149.99 annually for access to the ENTIRE network, not just the HSFB channel. Even if you just wanted to watch the awesome 25 hsfb games we have scheduled, that equates to only $5.99 per game. Even LDT @imaGoodBoyNow can afford that!
  9. The $5000 is in addition to the already established travel stipend. In your case, CG would now be getting $15k, or CQ could use our $5k for other purposes.
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