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  1. I see the convenience of traveling to LA, but why wouldn't he host a quality, OOS team from outside the SW?
  2. Florida is still a solid, Top 3 hsfb power state. Although teams in the 305 are down, teams like Jones, Edgewater and Rockledge are picking up the slack. Never sleep on the Sunshine State.
  3. @imaGoodBoyNow Coach King receives my OOS Scheduling Alerts each week. When he's ready, I'm sure he'll act.
  4. Biden’s such a dope. #blackmail
  5. https://www.northfulton.com/milton/milton-football-travels-to-california-for-once-in-a-lifetime/article_6dfee19c-d9a0-11e9-a417-7bf19a8d096d.html
  6. Guy's still living in the late 80s. #glorydays
  7. I meant the CQ at Lowndes game. It's 11/1. May have to make that trip.
  8. Dude, Jamie from PN is as good as it gets. And even he picked MNW.
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