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  1. The Top 2 are set through the end of the season. Everyone else is fighting for #3.
  2. He's gonna be independently wealthy once the BS documentary hits!! #LastChanceHigh
  3. The Top 7 should always be North Jersey. Smh.
  4. Hell yes!! DPC is my newest client.
  5. WL is twice as good as DV. Therefore. they'd lose by only half as much to MD
  6. https://scorebooklive.com/national/2021/09/13/sblives-georgia-top-25-milton-notches-huge-out-of-state-win-a-feat-buford-hopes-to-repeat-friday/
  7. Toughest games are at SPP, vs Delby, at DBP, and vs SHP.
  8. BC is not on their schedule this season Schedule - DePaul Catholic Spartans (Wayne, NJ) Varsity Football 21-22 (maxpreps.com)
  9. Says the unemployed goofball. He coached at the two worst D1 programs in the history of college football, Rice and Kansas.
  10. You will once you hear what I have in store for TX in 2022!!!
  11. I'm well aware of the Cen10 situation. And I respect it. AD Gunn is a good guy, who always tells it like it is.
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