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  1. Prolly the first, inaugural game. I'll see them a bunch on the road.
  2. LCA at USA on 10/10/20 should be a great game. Thx for promoting! #PGL
  3. There are loopholes in every area of life. “Can Do” people will always trump “Can’t Do” people. And be happier doing so.
  4. None of their players re-classed or transferred for athletics. Each one was asked and answered accordingly.
  5. Home-schooled kids are people too. Stop being a hater.
  6. Home-schooled kids are people too. Stop being a hater.
  7. Stop exaggerating. Per state rules, no player on its roster will turn 19 before 8/1/20. #legal
  8. GA is so lucky to have @Coach Clack and @Coach Helmerich. Those two are keeping the state relevant. #disruptors
  9. @Coach Clack strongly disagrees!! Thank God for him. #savior
  10. Manatee just bailed on Buford forcing them to scramble for a replacement opponent for this event. This is only fitting since Buford had recently bailed on their original opponent, Life Christian Academy. #karma
  11. 8A Palmetto FL is strongly considering a trip to SFA in October 2020.
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