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  1. Flynn and Stone free. Kushner unscathed. Where’s my pizza @DBP66?
  2. New QB is why I have them at #3. BCs Angeli is clearly better at 2. IMO QB is the most important position in the BNU.
  3. OLGC at SJR was the best OOS game still alive. No longer. The BNU regular season games between the Fab4 will still be epic. My preseason Top 4: SPP, BC, SJR, DBP
  4. Any unofficial games would result in playoff expulsion.
  5. I guess there were little boys on Pedo Island too!
  6. GA is definitely a stronger hsfb state overall. Our Top 4 is better annually imho. Recent OOS game losses have undeniably tarnished GA (SFA, BC, SJC, Chandler).
  7. Not newsworthy IMO. NVD is a shit program. If he ends up being better than Feder, I’ll be pleased.
  8. Thank God we now have inter-state, OOS games to help make these polls more accurate then way back then. #progress #PGL
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