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  1. SFA is already hosting SJR next season. Agree with you that games vs Mater Dei and TX would be awesome.
  2. Love. Candidate for Post of the Year Award.
  3. One of the biggest OOS upsets of all-time will always be Life Christian VA over 6A Cibolo Steele last season. LCA has a total enrollment of 250 co-ed students (Pre-K- 12).
  4. MD IMG SJB Servite BC Cen10 WL DV Chandler SJC
  5. We all know that FL is a much superior HSFB state than LA. Don't waste your time.
  6. If the kid was that good, he'd be at either Chandler or Hamilton. Those two obviously didn't need or want his services.
  7. Other than MC, all the privates in Dade are currently thriving.
  8. https://www.ajc.com/sports/high-school-sports-blog/6-small-private-schools-to-leave-ghsa-rejoin-gisa/MCMM42J5YFG47M245JROSKLSEI/?utm_campaign=snd-autopilot
  9. Product of his environment. #hotrod
  10. He's Bama through and through. Born in Montgomery; graduated Robert E. Lee HS; matriculated in Tuscaloosa.
  11. It all started in 2015 with Red Lion DE/Eastern Christian MD. Def harder to persevere in football.
  12. I'll be in Auburn for the Iron Bowl on 11/27. Can't wait to see it first-hand!!
  13. Bags of cash are def the norm there.
  14. With the exception of Vandy, the entire SEC is a mess in this respect.
  15. SFA would need to beat IMG on 11/19 to be strongly considered. That and several of the other teams ranked above them would need to decline their invitations. #longshot
  16. Auburn is no slouch. They were a few seconds away from being Bama State Champs in 2020! In HSFB teams need to lose in order to drop. Look at BC. They were challenged similarly by Delby and SHP and their ranking didn't budge.
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