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  1. the problem is that the "bodies" game escalated into punches to the face and then the kids injuries were not treated as a priority by the trainers. Also no coaches were put on leave despite that they had a responsibility to "know" what was taking place in the locker room among their players. The optics are terrible for Mater Dei and for the Arch Diocese so action will have to be taken. Expect that a financial settlement will be reached with the plaintiff to avoid a trial and the skeletons that will come out during discovery. Also expect that all the Varsity coaches will be fired before the end of the year.
  2. @dntn31 is being a snowflake and locked the thread. Does anybody know the kid's name? I've spent days so far trying to research and I am frustrated trying to find his name. Thanks!
  3. @SteveFryer · It's been asked here & elsewhere if Bruce Rollinson will coach the Mater Dei football team Friday ... expect Rollinson to coach MD in that Division 1 championship game as the Diocese of Orange and Mater Dei High School work together on this situation.
  4. Got it Max. Just dismiss me as a troll because my reasoning and logic upsets you. Okay. ❤️
  5. Sounds like that locker needs some Unity and Positive Mental Attitude. Maybe Pat Dubar needs to play more Uniform Choice and 7 Seconds in the locker room. Sad story. Hope some changes are made.
  6. Everyone looks silly when they're investigating. ❤️
  7. This is exactly what I'm saying. Again, the Santa Ana PD has probably seen some gnarly shit. What warranted him to encourage the father to press juvie charges on Player 2?
  8. @maxchoboian I'm just curious that's all. A curious little beaver as they say. Again, don't see the need for the disrespect
  9. Yes I'm guessing the kids name. Nobody except parties involved has the answer that's why I'm trying to infer. So? None of the greatest detectives in the world ever has the answers in the beginning, they all guess. Don't you think it's weird MD's offensive coordinator Dave Money who is a legend in their program just quietly disappeared without anybody saying anything? Again, why you have to be so mean max?
  10. Elimination of choice. MD is a very diverse school. Because it will make it easier to find who is Player 2 and apparently the beatdown was so horrible the Santa Ana PD (who has probably seen some gruesome shit) warranted a juvie charge.
  11. @maxchoboian I guessed Raleek Brown because I saw one of a Mater Dei person on twitter make a laugh emoiji when they saw him on a sports cover while also seeing this article coming out same day. Talking about the duality of this situation and his involvement with this situation, but he since deleted it. If you see the kids twitter Raleek he is no longer repping his usual Mater Dei uniform and cover photo he had ALL YEAR but instead a picture of a car and a speed freak camp. Thats sus to me.
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