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  1. NicholasMalibu

    Welcome to members of the Baltimore Sunpapers board...

    It puts my brain into a pretzel why these teams don’t have a kickoff classic every year.
  2. NicholasMalibu

    Welcome to members of the Baltimore Sunpapers board...

    You would take NJ’s Top 5 over MD/DC’s Top 5? MD/DC...St. John’s, St. Frances, DeMatha, Good Counsel, and Gonzaga.
  3. NicholasMalibu

    Welcome to members of the Baltimore Sunpapers board...

    What do you think about GC’s #7 ranking in the latest national top 100? Can you guys go the distance in the WCAC?
  4. NicholasMalibu

    Top 10 glaring mistakes in JF Top 100

    I think Fisher is putting a lot of stock into Good Counsel’s OL and the style of play. The OL is massive and led by transfer 5* OT Landon Tengwall(6’6 300). They return a big RB that runs very hard and a Senior dual threat QB that knows the offense like the back of his hand. They have two P5 receivers that can get over the top so stacking the box isn’t their kryptonite. I wouldn’t put them at #7, more like 40-50 range, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they beat Marietta, SJC, DM, GZ, SJP, etc... They won’t win shoot outs. They aren’t built to score fast. 21-17 type games against other top 100 teams would be realistic.
  5. NicholasMalibu


    You may be right. Also, he just started playing football 2 years ago after he gave up on his hoop dreams. He’s about as athletic as they come, but he’s still 6’5 230lbs(maybe). He needs to gain weight and will. IMO, I’d sit him for the year. Bama doesn’t need him right now.
  6. NicholasMalibu


    That’s a great pick up for Alabama. Keilan Robinson is a beast. Saban is doing work in MD/DC with Mike Locksley on staff. DeMatha’s safety DeMarrco Hellams committed last week. You can see him at The Opening. The other DeMatha safety Nick Cross is between Alabama and Florida State. SFA’s ILB Shane Lee has been committed for some time now.
  7. NicholasMalibu


    Do you mean Enoma? He graduated. There have been rumors he may not qualify for Alabama, but could be BS. He’s an athletic freak with a massive ceiling. I don’t think he will see the field down there for a year or two. When I say SFA lost their QB, I mean the QB Jalon Jones(Florida commit) is transferring back home to Richmond VA. It’s a massive loss.
  8. NicholasMalibu


    1. St. John’s(WCAC) 2. DeMatha(WCAC) 3. St. Frances Academy(MIAA) 4.) Gonzaga(WCAC) 5.) Good Counsel(WCAC) SFA lost their QB, so they drop from the top spot. They are loaded, but one dimensional. DeMatha and St. John’s loaded up on the transfer market. They’ll both have athletes all over the place. SJC’s defense is going to be something else. Gonzaga is pretty stacked too. The QB had offers from Alabama and Florida State before his freshman year ended. Key players include DE Wete(Oklahoma commit), ATH Ingram(Wisconsin commit), LB Stewart(Virginia commit) and TE Ball(Vanderbilt commit). Good Counsel is probably on par with Gonzaga roster wise. They will play different than the other 4 teams. GC will grind teams down on the ground and win ugly. They do have a very good deep threat with the WR Hart who has 18-P5 offers with a crystal ball pointing to Notre Dame. He’ll keep teams honest enough.
  9. NicholasMalibu

    Virginia Tech?

    VT/Blacksburg may be in Virginia, but it gives off a Kentucky/Tennessee vibe. It’s in legit Appalachia. Hatfield’s vs McCoy’s type stuff. Are you driving or flying? Do not expect a northern Virginia/DC suburbs/Richmond type of situation. With that being said, it’s perfect for college football. The fans are much more knowledgeable than the east coast prep scene at schools like UNC, Duke, UVA, etc... The campus is really great in fall. It’s academic forte is engineering if any of your buddies are into that stuff. The tailgate scene is fun. Not SEC fun, but your group should enjoy it. If this makes any sense, I’d rank it behind Florida State and Clemson for atmosphere, but way ahead of the remaining ACC members. I recommend Rising Silo Brewery.
  10. NicholasMalibu

    2018 Watch list for Tiers

    That makes sense in that situation. Concerning the MIAA/SFA deal, I don’t think injury had much to do with the decision other than using sympathy to distract. I mean, we’re talking about teams like McDonogh with 8+FBS Power 5 starters who are forfeiting. Most of these schools like Mt. St. Joe’s and Calvert Hall average OL’s around 6’2 280lbs. All of them recruit the 8th grade all star leagues.They didn’t want to invest in the arms race like SFA, who has been taking in double digit D1 bound transfers. There were problems when this staff was at Gilman, but they were controlled(protected) there because the school would only allow so much. There are no boundaries at SFA and it’s reached a boiling point. The forfeiting teams acted bratty and SFA was naive. The actual blame goes on league leadership. They get paid so situations like this never happen. They didn’t do their job.
  11. NicholasMalibu

    2018 Watch list for Tiers

    I completely agree. The forfeiting schools should of said publicly, we don’t want to invest that much money into football. Hiding behind a fear of injury or whatever was for shock value just like SFA claiming race or cowardice. It’s became a war of public opinion. This has happened in leagues very close to the MIAA. The DC catholic league(WCAC) with St. John’s, DeMatha, Good Counsel, Gonzaga, etc... had to define itself last year. They split into two divisions based on competitiveness($$$). In that situation, the Washington Post released an over dramatic article detailing the difference in play across the league. The WCAC brought in new leadership and fixed the problem. Problem solved, for now. The MIAA should of done the same thing. Even if that meant SFA leaving the league, they would of had enough time to schedule properly.
  12. NicholasMalibu

    2018 Watch list for Tiers

    It’s complicated. The coaching staff is heavily funded at a school where they can control admissions. They are good guys who are really trying to help as many kids as possible. They are also highly competitive, so building a national powerhouse was natural. The rest of the league(MIAA-Baltimore private) feels like SFA isn’t governed and felt like forfeiting was the only option to prove a point. Both sides were very emotional and made some bad moves. The real problem here is the league leadership. They have done nothing to make sure this never happened. There should of been some middle ground reached a year ago. In my honest opinion, I feel like MIAA leadership was terrified of a racial claim, so they froze, said a Hail Mary and did nothing. In the end, I feel bad for the kids at SFA. Hopefully they can figure this out. They have smart guys on that staff. I’m sure they will, but it sucks right now.
  13. NicholasMalibu

    2018 Watch list for Tiers

    I’m just guessing, but he’s already committed to Florida and SFA has been through a bunch of nonsense off the field. His father is a very well known pastor and city councilman in Richmond(not homeless), so why not be with your family and friends for your last year of high school? He will get the college experience in a few months.
  14. NicholasMalibu

    2018 Watch list for Tiers

    Might want to bump SFA down a tier... They just lost their senior QB Jalon Jones(Florida commit). He’s heading back home to Richmond, VA. I believe SFA has a highly touted freshman as next in line, but still, not going to be the same. This won’t be the only movement in or out of SFA.
  15. NicholasMalibu

    How many times has Folsom been on the main ESPN?

    Absolutely not. On a sidebar, there is a part of me that would love to see what you do on here if Folsom does beat DLS.