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  1. WCAC Best QB....Caleb Williams - Gonzaga #2 Dual Threat in 2021 Next Up...Cameron Edge - DeMatha 2023
  2. Makes sense. I forgot the publics in NJ actually play the privates. Must be nice.
  3. Does anyone know why the BNU schools don’t participate in the National Prep Wrestling tournament at Lehigh every year? I know some of the NJ privates like Blair and Peddie do.
  4. SJC, DM, Milton(GA), St. Thomas More(CT), IMG, USA Academy, Elder, Royal Institute(MD), Friendship Collegiate, SFA
  5. I was impressed with LCA last season. They were young with strong talent. I’ve got them winning 5 maybe 6 games with this schedule. They will also scare some household names.
  6. I’m blaming you. Start cold calling Bill or something.
  7. I’m joking as well without the lol’s. That obviously gets lost in text, so hold off on patting yourself on the back. I’m a DM fan because I went and played there. I support SJC, GZ and GC other than that. If you take a jab at DM I’m coming right back with one. It’s part of the deal and nobody here is immune to that. I agree SJC’s body of work has been very impressive, but you know the phrase, “people only remember who won”. The WCAC championship is what matters at the end of the day. Good Counsel holds the title now, and everyone else is just molding historical facts to fit their agenda. Me included.
  8. Can’t play the National Champ, 3 time zones away at their house and say DM had the weakest OOS. Now this season? I think you know where I stand on that one.
  9. Maybe DM fans were bothered the week after those 5 games. SJC just doesn’t show up when it counts. 2 championships in 40+ years. That’s embarrassing, almost cringeworthy considering the support that school has across the board. The reality of the matter is, DM fans are envious of the Plank money. Everyone in the WCAC is and they’re lying if they say otherwise. As far as what SJC does on the field, we’re all good. Keep it up!
  10. Not that it’s going to happen because Plank is in the Tres Comas club, but if he started pulling back funding on Military Rd. NW, it would hurt the league. The competition is what built the present day WCAC. Additionally, Plank/UA donates to several WCAC schools so this theory would be a net loss. That and SJC is harmless. They win a WCAC football championship once every 20 years.
  11. DM is going to be interesting this season. They return Edge at QB, but also RB Bangura(4 offers) and the rising junior RB Winston(Michigan State, Maryland, Syracuse, offers). I’m interested to see what the offense looks like run vs. pass. QB Edge, RB Winston and WR Bradley should have break out seasons. Defensively they have three 4/5* players with offers from all the top schools in DE Moore, DE Mobley and LB Penn. They also bring back long time coach Deno Campbell from SJC.
  12. SJC’s HC retiring this summer. Pat Ward is the new HC.
  13. Much, much more than a coach. He was an absolute hero in every sense of the meaning. He will be missed, but left an impact that will last for a very long time.
  14. DeMatha lost more D1 transfers to Montgomery County public schools than the entire WCAC took in last season. It’s part of the deal everywhere.
  15. This wasn’t a football decision. Out of respect for everyone I’d suggest stop talking about it.
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