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  1. You seem like you know what’s going on…Do you mind setting up a game between the top WCAC and BNU teams next season? I can’t take the smack talk from my Bergen County buddies…
  2. Bergen Catholic vs St. John’s DC would have been a smart game. Probably a best game each team could schedule with just a bus ride.
  3. The freshman QB is showing up. Had a bad pick, but didn’t flinch.
  4. That stings… I’m actually following a few Twitter accounts for updates.
  5. No I saw it was sold out earlier today
  6. The WCAC is way down this year, but DM and GZ are still top 100 teams in the country. I wouldn’t say this game will be a dud. Like WCACguy said, DM has more talent, but they’re very sophomore/junior heavy and it’s a league game so it should be tight. The freshman QB for DM has a few games on the resume. Same with GZ’s new QB. Gonzaga has great coaching. I’m expecting DM to jump out then GZ make a comeback similar to their spring game. For next year, DM returns everyone and a lot of those players are P5 caliber. They should be much better.
  7. Yea there is still a lot of cross over between DM/SFA and that has a lot to do with the Poggi/McGregor relationship at Gilman. With McGregor back at DM and Poggi out at SFA, I expect DC talent to stay in the WCAC moving forward. You can already see that in the 24’ and 25’ classes.
  8. The ‘23 class looks great. The majority of the starting line up is ‘23. They should be much better next season hence the OOS games being talked about. The freshman QB is going to be electric. Two ‘24’s on defense have P5 offers already. The team just needs experience before they can make the jump to a top 25 squad. This just isn’t the year.
  9. WCAC is cycle down this year. The good news is they have a great amount of young talent playing meaningful minutes. SJC is the most impressive team so far, but once league play starts, those rivalry games throw logic out the door.
  10. Yea down cycle for MD/DC, but I’m taking CLB. Good to see you still around.
  11. Tough day for MD/DC but our pride and joy is Gonzaga right now. They are legit. Not sold on SJC. GC and DeMatha are very young but loaded in those classes. Fuck that though…Donda or CLB?
  12. Yea I know. Just a jab. You’ve been taking some heat, huh? I’ve got PR guys on capital hill that would digest this quick?
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