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  1. I wasn’t being serious. I have no clue how it’s going to pan out. I don’t know much about Duncanville. I’m pulling for SJC. Not many teams get to play these games in Texas on this stage.
  2. RB Anthony MacFarland at Maryland. He’s entering his sophomore season. Broke his leg his senior year at DeMatha and was out for the season and the hype dwindled. Last season he broke out.
  3. Heard that was rescheduled due to NCA’s helmets not being in on time.
  4. Valid question. I have no idea what the correct answer is, but when you’re paying living expenses for amateur athletes it’s a valid question. He’s a great guy for doing it, but it doesn’t mean what’s going on shouldn’t be questioned. IMG and Oak Hill have to be involved in this question as well.
  5. Congrats to the league you follow and all, but I’m not the only one saying that about the GZ OL. All 5 starters are P5 with 4 already committed + a P5 TE. My only point is SFA didn’t have a win better than Gonzaga in 2018 or ever so they aren’t clearly > Gonzaga yet. Yes, they have a stacked roster and played the media to their advantage, but if GZ wins the WCAC again and SFA underperforms OOS(coaching staff has) than that argument means nothing.
  6. DBP, Bingham and Lee were great wins, but not wins that will solidify SFA on the level of MD, SJB or IMG. If they win those games this year they deserve all the credit in the world. They have the talent all over the field to win. It’s going to be interesting for certain.
  7. Beating SFA is not clearly > beating Gonzaga or DeMatha. Gonzaga is the reigning WCAC champion with arguably the best OL in the country and a top 2021 QB. They couldn’t care less about the SOS competition, so it doesn’t seem like an attractive win, but what exactly has SFA done beside stack a roster?
  8. Just a heads up, SJC’s uniforms this season will win this discussion. Plank didn’t make sure they played TX, CA and FL’s best for nothing.
  9. SFA beats MD MD over SJC by a score SJB beats GC by 17 I’m too much of a homer to say anything about the DM vs SJB game
  10. Boston College just got a commitment from DeMatha OL Dwayne Allick Jr.. Top 5 schools included Florida, NC State, Illinois, Boston College and LSU. He will be joined on the DeMatha OL this year with Golden Achumba(Penn State) and Jordan White(Maryland). https://mobile.twitter.com/dtrain00100/status/1155268473959919617
  11. Kind of off topic, but does SFA allow its football players to graduate early? I heard Lee enrolled at Alabama early. I know that’s a no go at the majority of the private’s around the country.
  12. EP heavy favorite, but I like this game, it’ll be a good experience for both teams.
  13. Just as good as any of the others out right now. Preseason polls are extremely tough in July. You should do a top 25. I think the board would enjoy that immensely.
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