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  1. Got it. Thought the AD’s still had to vote on whether it was a delayed fall start or a 2021 start. Strange times.
  2. Have to talk to SJC about that one. Everyone else doesn’t mind, particularly GC and DM.
  3. I don’t care enough to drill into this, but I’d guess Caleb Williams played the highest level of competition on this list over the last two seasons. Davis and McCord are the only two that may have a case with that.
  4. Pretty hilarious that people would want to take actual 11 vs 11 football out of the equation here.
  5. I understand your point. From the other side, a lot of kids that go to WCAC schools think they’ll grab an offer from Alabama by their sophomore year then reality hits. Should they not have a second chance at a more elite academic school? I can’t judge it either way. You have guys like Josh Hart(NBA-Pelicans) who transferred into Sidwell Friends and changed the landscape of their basketball program while bringing massive student and alumni involvement to athletic events. That is something that will be remembered forever by that community. I don’t think he’s looked at any different than the kids that started in the lower school. I mean, President Obama(daughters went to Sidwell) has made several comments about Hart being “a Sidwell guy”.
  6. That’s true. All of the WCAC schools place football players at Ivy League schools. I know DeMatha had QB’s at Princeton and Columbia over the last 4 years. I’m sure Gonzaga, GC and SJC have done similar. I honestly think it has to do with being a part of the St. Albans network. It’s unmatched. I’d do the same thing.
  7. Maybe 10 years ago. Schools like Sidwell, Maret and STA are starting to embrace athletic transfers that can meet the academic load. The basketball teams are much, much more competitive for this reason.
  8. I hope so. That schedule is looking heavy.
  9. I’m not sure this was a football decision. He may be thinking Ivy at then next level. I’ve always had the stance that if you get into STA, you go to STA no matter what. Too many connections to pass up.
  10. Good Counsel’s starting QB announced his transfer to St. Albans DC. I get why he would make the move academically, but do you know who is up next at GC?
  11. GC just lost their starting QB. Transferred to St. Albans DC.
  12. He already has six P5 offers after his freshman year and is rated the #2 QB nationally in 2023. I’m sure the WCAC doesn’t need a breakout alert on Cam Edge at this point. DM loses Marshawn Lloyd, but returns a bunch of talent at WR and RB. It should be an interesting season.
  13. GC is the top dog until someone knocks them off. Your QB is going to have a breakout junior season in 2021.
  14. MD and SJB would do that to any league in the country last season. They had the best two QB’s in the nation. I’d like to see Trinity vs WCAC Round II in 2021. I know DM will be stacked and have one of the best QB’s in the country. SFA as well.
  15. Unfortunately you’re spot on. Did you coach in the Mid Maryland League?
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