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  1. NicholasMalibu

    St. Frances - Playoffs?

    Possibly, but the WCAC(Washington DC Catholic League) won’t let them in for just football. The WCAC is strong in all sports. Football, Soccer, Lacrosse, Basketball, Baseball, Swimming, etc... have teams consistently ranked nationally. At this point, SFA is a headache for anyone. I’m not saying they are bad people or hurting anyone, but the blatant recruiting violations and racial accusations don’t really make them onboardable. In my honest opinion, they should of kept quiet and talked the the WCAC(SJC, DeMatha, Good Counsel, Gonzaga, etc...) behind the scenes. I think SFA’s best bet is for Poggi to help finance a Northeast Super League with the Philly, NYC/NJ, and Baltimore/DC powers.
  2. NicholasMalibu

    SJC vs. Good Counsel on ESPN 2 @7:00pm EST

    For the WCAC? SJC, DM, GC, GZ. The last 3 will move around all season. SJC should make the WCAC final. Anything can happen in that game though. I’d put SFA in at #2 behind SJC if we’re talking MD/DC. We really won’t know until the Geico game. All we can really say now is they were beating SJP in Philly by a TD in Q3 of game #1. Hopefully next season they will figure out this independent schedule deal. Any clues on that? At least tell me if they’re heading in the right direction.
  3. NicholasMalibu

    SJC vs. Good Counsel on ESPN 2 @7:00pm EST

    DeMatha just beat Gonzaga in 3 OT’s. DeMatha DB Hellams(Alabama commit) intercepted a 1v1 ball against the Gonzaga WR Ball(Vanderbilt commit) to give DM a chance to win. DM’s RB Marshawn Lloyd took it in for a TD to win on the next play. The refs were horrible for both teams. The GZ QB is already the best QB in the WCAC as a sophomore. It’s early, but he may be playing on Sundays in the future. Very strong and smart. Arm is great for the 10th grade.
  4. NicholasMalibu

    SJC vs. Good Counsel on ESPN 2 @7:00pm EST

    It should of been a turnover 100%. There should of been a person foul on SJC on the first big run also. The SJC kid punched the GC RB in the head after the whistle directly in front of a referee. I knew then that this crew wasn’t ready for the ESPN lights(Yes, ESPN usually brings their own lighting). Looks like they’ve settled in after that first drive, so I’m not complaining. It’s part of the game.
  5. NicholasMalibu

    SJC vs. Good Counsel on ESPN 2 @7:00pm EST

    Good Counsel 10 - SJC 10 Down the road... DeMatha 7 - Gonzaga 7
  6. NicholasMalibu

    Maryland/DC Thread

    St. John’s would handle SFA this season. SFA can’t pass against teams on their level. Last year, not so much, SFA was the better team. St. John’s will have a very tough time playing after the WCAC season is over. DeMatha has tried for football and basketball for years only to be shut down by the league immediately. It’s a weird situation because the basketball teams play in the Alhambra tournament after the WCAC’s and it’s been going on for years. Anything else gets shut down on spot. Might be time to bring Plank into a meeting and set the tone.
  7. NicholasMalibu

    Maryland/DC Thread

    Yes, DM could win. It’s a toss up game. Should be a good one. The WCAC has two massive games within 5 miles of each other this Friday night. IMO... SJC over GC DM over GZ
  8. NicholasMalibu


    Is this game being played at Catholic University in DC? GC should push SJC in this game. If GC can control the game with the run, SJC may be in trouble. SJC is much faster, so if this turns into a shootout, they’ll win by 2 TD’s. SJC’s coaching staff is going to have to earn this win. GC always comes prepared.
  9. NicholasMalibu

    Princeton for the long haul - Mark Fossati ( SJR )

    The BNU and WCAC have done a great job getting their kids into the Ivy League. I believe this clip was after the Princeton vs Columbia game Friday night. I know a bunch of DeMatha fans tuned in since both QB’s we’re DM alums in Lenhart(Columbia) and Lovett(Princeton). It’s always good to watch those games and hear familiar names on the broadcast. Fossati(SJR) was glaring for me as a DM fan. I’m sure he regularly reminds Lovett of that stomping that took place up in N.J. a few years ago.
  10. NicholasMalibu

    Marietta GA 14, St. John's DC 21 - Final

    Oh I didn’t need to ask or sway anyone on MC>IMG so don’t bother wasting bandwidth. That’s a real thing. MC’s resume is better. Way better.
  11. NicholasMalibu

    Marietta GA 14, St. John's DC 21 - Final

    Yes. Minutiae. Yes. MC>IMG. Yes. MC>IMG. ...you’re protecting your state’s narrative. SJC is tier 1, and if you don’t think so, you’re afraid of their potential resume.
  12. NicholasMalibu

    Marietta GA 14, St. John's DC 21 - Final

    You have to elaborate more. Stock down to what? Like, out of the top 10? 25? Marietta did not “almost” beat SJC. The score could of easily been 35-14. They fumbled on the 7 yard line in the second half and kneeled on a touchdown to end the game. SJC played horrific after the IMG cancellation. Marietta scored 14 points. They didn’t exactly get into the driver seat for yesterday’s game. Are we also just going to forget that SJC just beat Miami Central who handled STA on the scoreboard?
  13. NicholasMalibu

    Marietta GA 14, St. John's DC 21 - Final

    Northeast private schools > Georgia? Y’all got dogged out by basketball states, yay or nay?
  14. NicholasMalibu

    Maryland/DC Thread

    Who knows? I haven’t watched the 4 teams enough to know how the match ups would play out. I will say that Wood’s win over Spalding is a very good win. Spalding would win Maryland 4A. They are extremely well coached and that score is head scratching. Gonzaga may have been down after that rivalry game with Georgetown Prep. Probably not, but we’ll find out soon. The WCAC is going to be better than the movie Bloodsport this season:
  15. NicholasMalibu

    Maryland/DC Thread

    Very surprised by the Gonzaga and Spalding score. Every else SOP. Bad weeekend for MD/DC.