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  1. STA-DeMatha

    No offense taken, I get it. I think you’ll be happy with how DeMatha looks next season, but SFA will have a much larger target on their chest in the top 5. Right now, I’d have DM around Top 50-75 to start things off.
  2. STA-DeMatha

    A little update on the SFA vs STA situation. I guess they were supposed to play week #1, but something fell through financially. Enter DeMatha. The game week #1 is now DM vs. STA. I have no clue if SFA is trying to play STA in another week this season. It would make sense that they are though. It’s been frustrating watching all the schedules release and programs like Aquinas, St. Frances, and DeMatha without a peep. I’m guessing the reason for the late release has been figuring this week #1 game out.
  3. Studying Mandarin Chinese

    There’s a large Ethiopian community in Washington DC, where I’m from. I always noticed how hard working they were without the need for flash. The initial wave of immigrants started working in the taxi and gas station industries and now they own the majority of those businesses in the region. The food is also great if you don’t get too far into the extreme tribal stuff. The women(east Africa in general) are easily the most attractive from the continent. All that kind of pushed me to learn a few conversational phrases and then I took off with it. I’ll be completely honest, the attention I get when people see a white guy blasting off Amharic is pretty cool too.
  4. Studying Mandarin Chinese

    I’ve dabbled in Arabic and Amharic(Ethiopian). Mandarin is very interesting to me as well. If you figure out the best route to learn, other than full immersion, please share.
  5. Best football state THIS year?

    You’d be 100% correct.
  6. STA-DeMatha

    Yes, the football team has revitalized that school in a way. Still, most of those players don’t come from the area. The QB signed with Florida is from Richmond VA. It’s a hot topic locally. I don’t like to get into the politics of it though. On the field, the team is about as legit as it gets.....
  7. STA-DeMatha

    Wow. You know your stuff. For DeMatha, I think the plan is for Cammas to take over. He’s had hype since the youth leagues. When that is, I have no clue. Najarian played a bunch last year and has size at 6’4 210. I’d be fine with Najarian starting. He showed flashes last season with a broken offense. DM will be pretty big at WR this year with two 4* WR’s in DeMarcco Hellams and Curtis Jacobs. They also have the 4* RB Marshawn Lloyd. Whatever QB gets the nod, won’t have a problem with skill around him. This is where the no spring football thing really hurts teams up here. There will be a learning curve for Cammas as a transfer, so anything would help. If DM vs STA gets played week 1, the QB position for both squads is going to be critical. I may make my way down for the game. I missed the DM vs AHP game a few years ago down there and regret it.
  8. STA-DeMatha

    SFA is loaded. They should start #1 in the east. SJC is a very close #2. DeMatha #3. I don’t see anyone on the east coast(not the south) that have a case to be ahead of those three knowing what type of talent they have coming in. All three programs have multiple 4* transfers coming in. Luckily they all play each other in 2018 with SJC vs SFA the obvious exception.
  9. Next Week's Coach Q&A is...

    Ask to walk us through the third quarter in the St. John’s DC game from last season. St. John’s had them down 31-17 halfway through the third quarter. That’s a tough mountain to climb.
  10. Best football state THIS year?

    You’re correct. MD/DC’s public school systems don’t promote football like other states around the country. It’s beyond frustrating knowing how much talent is here. Our public head coaches make less than Georgia’s positional coaches. They also would look at you like an alien if you brought up spring practice/workouts. None of that happens here. The top MD/DC private schools are able to provide advantages that teams in the power states see as status quo. It is what it is.
  11. Best football state THIS year?

    If we remove the Big 4(Texas, Florida, California, Georgia), I’d say MD/DC’s top 5 would line up fairly well with anyone else... 1. St. Frances Academy(MIAA) 2. St. John’s College High School(WCAC) 3. DeMatha Catholic(WCAC) 4. Our Lady of Good Counsel(WCAC) 5. Gonzaga College High School(WCAC) Not bad for a state that could fit in Texas 22 times.
  12. STA-DeMatha

    DeMatha is scrapping together a great schedule.
  13. STA-DeMatha

    Yea, DM lost their starting RB Marshawn Lloyd in the Gorman game for the season with a broken arm. He’s been hyped since his 8th grade season, so that one stung for sure after his TD run early in the game. They also lost a few lineman in very critical games against SJC, Good Counsel and Gonzaga while starting a freshman RB. No excuses at the end of the day, as I know the team owned up to a very disappointing year overall. I do know that the entire staff and team were very gracious for the opportunity to head out to LV to play Gorman. Tough outcome, but unbelievable experience. Top notch program you guys have out there.
  14. STA-DeMatha

    Oh, I get it. It’s a smart move knowing how many local coaches go to those games and want to mimic SJC’s exposure. They may not have the bankroll that SJC has, but it’s good publicity. I was just giving you a tough time.
  15. STA-DeMatha

    Ha. I’m starting to get the feeling that your business bias may be getting in the way of your posting ability. You couldn’t get a picture of SJC’s field? Next time ask me to snap one for you. It’s not too far from me. I’ll dust off my old Nikon.