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  1. Good Counsel lost the same amount from the 2019 roster(entire starting defense)plus the QB, which SFA returned. SFA also added two handfuls of transfers, which GC did not. Not trying to get into a back and forth, just keeping it balanced here explanation wise for tonight. So yes, both teams are young. I want the WCAC to play SFA, but I’m not sure it will happen with all the bad blood from over the years. It may seem unfair, but SFA needs the WCAC way more than vice versa.
  2. A lot of the online chatter in MD/DC was SFA putting a running clock on GC in this game. GC had lost games to Gonzaga and St. John’s in the last few weeks. Great showing tonight for GC.
  3. They are in the WCAC-B division. IMO they could take the 5th spot in the WCAC-A division soon. A very interesting team to watch. The school is located pretty far into southern Maryland and a 2 hour drive from the DC area schools. Most of the spring games for the WCAC are being played at St. Mary’s Ryken because, well, they do politics different down that way compared to the I-95 DC/Baltimore corridor. Pretty cool deal.
  4. I believe the WCAC is still playing. GC beat St. Mary’s Ryken 17-9 and lost to Gonzaga 28-0 so far this spring. It looks like they play St. John’s this Saturday, but who knows. WCAC update below... Gonzaga looks good. They have beat Good Counsel and DeMatha. Had a close one with St. Mary’s Ryken. DeMatha got out big on Gonzaga at half and let them come back to win 24-17. DeMatha beat St. John’s the next week in a close game 17-7. All games look sloppy. I’m sure this spring schedule can only help the teams with game experience come fall 2021.
  5. Correct. GC is young and had a rough spring season against the WCAC, but talent is definitely there. They have a freshman receiver with a few high P5 offers. Another young OL with a Penn State offer. Sophomore QB is 6’6 200lbs. My guess is they’ll get better through the season and be an extremely tough out in the WCAC playoffs. The last time these two played it was a great game at Navy stadium in Annapolis with GC getting the W.
  6. Most OL’s have been brutal this spring, but I’m guessing that has to do with limited practices and pod participation. I know DM and SJC have solid young talent at OL so hopefully it’s figured out this fall. Any chance St. Mary’s Ryken jumps BMac for the 5th spot in the WCAC-A?
  7. Tough game. Sloppy for both sides, but expected. DM capitalized off turnovers. The WCAC will be a dogfight this fall. I was very impressed with DM’s RB and SJC’s QB.
  8. Do you have anything lined up with Gonzaga? They are looking very good in the spring season. Beat DeMatha by a TD and Good Counsel 28-0.
  9. Good to hear the guys from First Amendment Sports again.
  10. AB Wood had a few good teams, one beating DM in particular. How are they these days?
  11. You have my vote for a Northeast Catholic Power Conference. DC/Baltimore-Philly-NY/NJ.
  12. Many DM fans would like to see a rematch with SJR. Its only a 3.5 hour bus ride.
  13. DeMatha seems to be loaded in the ‘23 class. I expect them to scale up for the 2022 OOS schedule.
  14. It’s going to be interesting to see which P5 players choose to play in the spring for the WCAC schools. I’ve heard some college coaches are not pumped about the fact that these players may show up to summer workouts two months removed from a season.
  15. Maryland/DC postponed the season. Im guessing they’ll play in the spring. Good Counsel should control the game on the ground and win. Mt. St. Joe’s has some very good skill position players which could make it interesting. I’m not sure they would beat the Top 5 in MD/DC of SFA, Good Counsel, DeMatha, St. John’s and Gonzaga.
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