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  1. NicholasMalibu

    SFA 2019 schedule so far

    Most of the teams in the WCAC would love to play SFA. I can only think of one that wants nothing to do with them. It’s not on the level of the MIAA forfeiting the league to SFA, but it’s almost a political statement. You can’t operate like that and ask for games. There are too many options out there now. As a fan, I think everyone in MD/DC wants to see SJC, GZ, GC, or DM play SFA, but they understand why it doesn’t happen. I’m still holding out hope that McGregor coming back to DeMatha is enough to get a DM vs SFA game.
  2. NicholasMalibu

    SFA 2019 schedule so far

    You’re welcome. Let’s just chalk this up to me having a bad sense of humor.
  3. NicholasMalibu

    SFA 2019 schedule so far

    That’s a great schedule for SFA. Are the IMG and MD games back to back?
  4. NicholasMalibu

    SFA 2019 schedule so far

    The WCAC plays teams like IMG, SJB, STA, MC, DLS, etc...but they are scared to play SFA? You must know something everyone else doesn’t. Congrats.
  5. NicholasMalibu

    Teams currently involved in OOS discussions

    Hopefully DeMatha throws their name in that hat soon. I know McGregor has higher priorities right now since taking the HC job last week, but they return a lot of talent, especially on the OL/DL. They were very young in the trenches last season. Surprised not to see Miami Central on that list too.
  6. NicholasMalibu

    Jalen hurts will transfer

    Follows Locksley to Maryland.
  7. NicholasMalibu

    New DeMatha Head Coach

    There have been some historic basketball games between Mater Dei and DeMatha over the decades with national championship implications(see article below). I’d like to see a football game at some point. https://www.nytimes.com/1983/12/23/sports/meeting-of-scholastic-giants.html
  8. NicholasMalibu

    New DeMatha Head Coach

    I wouldn’t pick GZ to beat SJC if they played again. It’s just my opinion, but I can’t rank teams for potential after the season. GZ won the WCAC championship. SJC didn’t make the final. DM lost on a Hail Mary. It’s tough to rank them, so nothing would really look “ridiculous” to me at this point with that top 4. I know Good Counsel is #5. SFA is a wildcard. Next year should be more of a soap opera with today’s news from DeMatha.
  9. NicholasMalibu

    New DeMatha Head Coach

    Are you ranking on talent or accomplishment? I don’t see any use in ranking on talent after the season.
  10. NicholasMalibu

    New DeMatha Head Coach

    I’m not sure if he’s on the board at DM, but SFA’s principle is a DM alum. This is going to be a crazy off season. Does Deno come back to DM from SJC as the DC? What happens to the players left at SFA? A Corum/Lloyd/Bangura backfield at DM would be very tough to stop.
  11. NicholasMalibu

    New DeMatha Head Coach

    The rumor is the OC Baucia and LB coach Ian Thomas, both DM alums, will be joining Bill. Both unbelievably connected on the DC/MD football scene and a massive reason for the talent at SFA. DeMatha returns a lot next season. It’s a very interesting situation.
  12. NicholasMalibu

    New DeMatha Head Coach

    DeMatha just announced that legendary HC Bill McGregor is returning to take over the football program. I’m in shock, but very very happy. I am very interested to see who follows him from St. Frances.
  13. NicholasMalibu

    Who is your final 4?

    Final 4... #1 IMG- Mater Dei- #1 Mater Dei- Champ=Mater Dei #2 St. Frances- North Shore- #1 North Shore- *All of these would be incredible games
  14. NicholasMalibu

    How are your top Football powers faring in Basketball?

    Yes he’s referring to the legendary DeMatha coach. I can clarify this a bit. Coach Wootten retired in 2002, I believe. He had one rule when it came to scheduling top teams. Once you called DeMatha out, you’re done. No questions. John Thompson pre-Georgetown was famous for doing this in the DC area. He ran his mouth about how DeMatha was scared of his St. Anthony’s squad for years and Wootten just refused to play him. Thompson went as far as saying that Wootten and DeMatha were scared to come too far downtown(racial jab). It was a classic case of Thompson needing Wootten/DeMatha for legitimacy and tried every bait possible. Wootten never bit. The Oak Hill vs. DeMatha situation was similar, but Oak Hill didn’t really need DM. They just called them out and Wootten never responded. The article below goes further into detail on the Georgetown/Thompson side of the bias... https://www.google.com/amp/s/deadspin.com/the-power-struggle-at-georgetown-goes-back-to-a-petty-1793666837/amp
  15. NicholasMalibu

    How are your top Football powers faring in Basketball?

    Good call. I forgot about the SMR kid. He’s very good and a great pick up for Charlotte. Either way, both kids are from PG county. I think Big Drop’s point is the WCAC teams are composed of local talent and very few transfers. I did not know that about the GZ roster. The more I think about it, once that metro line to Dulles/Ashburn is complete, Farello will figure out a way to get a handful of top basketball players to PVI. If anyone can do it, he can. PVI 2.0 is definitely an interesting topic.