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  1. I don't think all these kids going to certain schools make the choice themselves.
  2. Going to a school like Mater Dei offers more than just football a great education schools like Grayson only offer football. That is a moral issue. I also think offering a kid a free ride at a private school is unfair just because he runs a 4.4 forty. When they will not give a normal kid a free ride. IMG is guilty of this. The ones I hsve a problem with are kids who transfer their senior season just to chase a ring.
  3. You are right. I should have said schools that recruit hired guns for football purposes only. Grayson has kids play football then leave after the season is over going back to their original school is morally wrong. My bad.
  4. LSU leads the nation in rapes by football players and head coaches that cover it up in Miles and Coach O. If there was a national title for sexual assault by players LSU wins hands down.
  5. Alabama the best at college football Mississippi the best at college baseball.
  6. Slavery used to be legal. What is going on in Florida is not against any rules but by the rules of fair play it sure is.
  7. That 102,000 in Baton Rouge has watched a lot of losses to Alabama.
  8. Malcolm hated the democratic party. Who was the ICON?
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