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  1. Yes Hoover beat them 17-7 games was not that close.
  2. Maybe we can play each other. Hoover returns 5 of the top 7 one which is 5 star Aniya Hubbard. We will start 2 post players 3 guards. Probably not run as much the last few years but will be better down low. We play another tough national schedule. Should win state again if we stay healthy.
  3. Not to change the subject but how good will your girls be this year?
  4. Will you deliver the boat for $50 and a case of your choice of beer?
  5. 1. Byrnes 10. Male 9. AHP 8. Catholic Central 7. Skybridge 2. Roswell 6.King Phillip 5. Moeller 4. DBP 3. Eastside Catholic
  6. Hoover should be in the 80's. I think they handle Auburn easy now.
  7. Auburn boosters can his a$$ Sunday morning. You heard it hear first.
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