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  1. Denver Pyle is the only Uncle Jesse. The best part of the Dukes
  2. I can vouch for Fred he is not Kenyatta. We disagree over a few things but unless Kenyatta has become white and looks like Santa or Uncle Jesse you are wrong. Is Grayson still rolling in boys BB? Our girls are now 24-1.
  3. Yes recruiting Montgomery that's how Prattville built is program back in the day.
  4. Maybe Prattville Christian will let them use their field you can see it from I-65.
  5. I was told they are hitting the Montgomery area hard right now.
  6. Here is the new players dorm , Fieldhouse, classrooms, and fire station. This #1 Dorm #2
  7. Burrow upside is 1000x better right now. Burrow is a team leader and winner. Manziel was a stat guy with terrible flaws. Burrow had the best single season ever as a qb. Only the browns would take a chance on Manziel.
  8. The practice field has 12 tripod hunting stands along with new goalposts. Was bush hogged this morning.
  9. They are using the Coosda volunteer fire dept and the senior center.
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