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  1. The main post office hub in Birmingham had 70% out the 2nd week of December.
  2. Now you and Fred are kin to each other now. He will be your campus daddy. Congrats. Great school but soft at football.
  3. You can always watch this years Alabama vs LSU game to past the time.
  4. Thompson is loaded they return a bunch. Hewitt's best chance was last year 2020 with a senior loaded team. Thompson will be the favorite. I have no faith in Hewitt they have only made it past the 2nd round once in the last 25 years.
  5. In Parts of Alabama there are no beds. People in Huntsville had to taken to Nashville.
  6. NG has no chance then without your leadership and skill. You need to drop out now and go next year. You will thank me later.
  7. Hoover said it was basically a done deal unless something crazy happens. I knew Hoover was again invited to the CK but did not know who we would play till today. Are you a senior or junior?
  8. Hoping no covid by then. We got to develop a qb for 2021. They should invite Thompson. Thompson is yet to play an OOS team.
  9. Larry don't screw around with it. If in doubt get admitted.
  10. He will be met with a mindset of 1970-1980 style football. Vestavia has run the I formation since the 70's.
  11. Who is the best all time WR out of Florida? Micheal Irving
  12. Dolphins are a terrible organization ran by idiots. Players are talking about beating Kansas City they can't even make the playoffs. New England was terrible and they still did not make the playoffs.
  13. Point is they would never spend time with all of the ESPN top 300 just a few Alabama looks at all of the 300 and many more.
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