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  1. That Freebird was from Oakland. They were on the plane that Aerosmith pilots refused to fly. They were headed to Baton Rouge for a concert. That same week they were headed back to Jacksonville to produce 38 specials first album. They spent a lot of time in Muscle Shoals Alabama recording.
  2. This is a great live version.
  3. Trust me we got enough problems right now. Don't need him even in the state.
  4. Way things are going Rodemaker will end up at Hoover.
  5. That beats the Grayson Uhaul them in for 6 months deal. At least they want them for 6th grade up.
  6. Said he is tired of looking at ugly New Orleans he/she women on Bourbon Street. Also can't take the piss and vomit odor that New Orleans smells like 24/7.
  7. He understands Jerry Jones is 100% the problem.
  8. Probably most Titans do fans after Saturday.
  9. He knows the cowboys are the king of choke.
  10. Rams front 7 maybe the best in the nfl.
  11. Jerry Rice was only a 4.6 guy but the best wr ever.
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