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  1. I can throw a baseball 100 mph it just takes 2 throws.
  2. None are qbs hard to believe. People should look up Touchdown Tony Dorsett he was probably the smoothest funny in nfl history. Plus he has 1 of 2 99 yards runs in NFL history along with Alabama's Derrick Henry. Actually Dorsett's was longer by about 10 inches per ESPN.
  3. The pure white sand of that area nothing is better IMO. From Gulf Shores Al to east of Panama City Beach is a perfect area for beach life.
  4. I say this panhandle beaches are 1000x better than Louisiana's. Better looking women also.
  5. I know a little town called Baker Florida has been very good in football. We drive though there going to FWB/Destin.
  6. Wild only 1 title in 25 plus years. Good info. Pensacola has produced some elite athletes. I think the Panhandle being such beach and retirement towns kills them from a HS standpoint.
  7. Fort Walton won 2 titles in the 90's. Danny Wuerffel was the qb on the 91 title. Any other larger Panhandle schools won a title since say 1990?
  8. They play each other normally the last game of the year. Next week area tournament starts next week in Alabama. Hoover girls are 29-1 only loss is by 1 point to Hillcrest in a fluke upset loss. We just had a off game no excuses.
  9. maxpreps rankings Hazel Green 13th Vs Hoover 19th Final Hoover 52 Hazel Green 38 Maxpreps article https://www.maxpreps.com/m/news/w7PYJwu6Z0CyajjYh0kK7g/high-school-girls-basketball-no-19-hoover-snaps-no-13-hazel-greens-87-game-win-streak.htm?ftag=
  10. It starts in elementary school. Our HC starts with them early. At the top level nice does not win. Just like football it must be run like a college as far as workouts and practice. IMO Lowndes should be top 10 in boys and girls in Georgia. Too bad the girl at Valdosta did not play on a national top 100 team.
  11. Some team will give him a chance. Unless his interviews go terrible.
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