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  1. Auburn at Ole Miss South Carolina at LSU LSU qb may not play or it would be an easy pick. Mine are Auburn and LSU Even without its qb I say Muschamp screws it up
  2. One think I know for sure Tech is a great school. But suck at football right now. Congrats on your family going to Tech.
  3. Not clean but have you got any proof about those cars. I personally know one of the guys that checks those cars out you don't. Booster stuff goes on but not cars. The issue at hand is a LSU booster stealing money from a children's cancer hospital and giving it to players. Not that a Alabama player drives an old pile of crap. Don't change the subject and try to defer the issue at hand. Stealing from a children's hospital is probably about the lowest trash level in SEC history. Have you got a list of these Bama players who have the exact same cars if not don't post lies. Probl
  4. One of those times the NCAA told the Florida head Coach Charlie Pell if he came clean they would get a slap on the wrist he came clean and they hammered Florida.
  5. Fluker got a loan from an agent. Got a link for the others? Especially the banker?
  6. Penn State, North Carolina and Ole Miss all deserved the death Penalty.
  7. In 1995 Bama 25 schollys and no bowl game. In 2001 21 plus schollys and 2 years no bowl game.
  8. My point is many people think native Americans were here from the start. Most fools think Columbus discovered American he did not even land on the North American continent. He landed in the Caribbean. Vikings were here before Columbus.
  9. What Alabama players were getting paid. Alabama has been hammered by the NCAA twice.
  10. There are no such thing as native Americans the first Americans came from Russia over the intercontinental bridge.
  11. You could add up the other 13 and not equal Ole Miss. Tennessee under Fulmer was close. LSU is good Ole boy as anybody.
  12. The real truth is the dirtiest program in the SEC and it is not even close is Ole Miss. I can promise you one thing all the cars you see those players drive at Alabama are clean. They are checked daily. Saban has a GA that checks on what the players drive every day. If a player pulls up to practice in a car that has not been checked out an investigation starts. Alabama has on file who owns it, who makes the payments own it, who's name the insurance is in, who pays the insurance, where is it financed at, where was it bought at, what name is on the title, the loan paperwork, who's name
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