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  1. Question is have these Colquitt kids actually moved to Valdosta if so how many and how much does it hurt Colquitt.
  2. Or his players or anybody.
  3. Florida was also 100x better coached. Manning was 0-2 vs Danny in the pros.
  4. In the article it said this kid was on his 4th high school. In California do you have to make a bonafide move into the district to play?
  5. He will be just like most of Grayson's team first year students.
  6. Not portables at Hoover. Hoover pays more but probably not in the Buford level. Been 30 plus years since portables at Hoover at the old high school.
  7. Talk about culture shock from surf city to south Georgia. Probably the first time he will not be around plastic people.
  8. I m sure he is moving to Valdosta for academics.
  9. Just pissed we never got any of those California boys coming to Hoover. Valdosta got em coming in from coast to coast.
  10. Like when Tua Jr was looking for a place for a guaranteed starting spot and Thompson gave him that.
  11. Florida is trying to set the record for multiple starting dates changes.
  12. He could win 2 state titles in the same year. Once he gets to Georgia and sees all those southern girls he will forget about California and decommit and end up at Alabama. Talk about culture shock. Valdosta got qbs coming in by the truck and airplane load.
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