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  1. I disagree history, tradition, and playing to a championship level do effect future seasons. The fact that Georgia has never won a national championship game in the history of the program points toward nothing changing in 2021. Times Alabama in my lifetime has been in national title meaning 1 vs 2 or a playoff final game for the national title. 1978 1992 2009 2011 2012 2015 2016 2017 2018 2020 Times Georgia has won a national title game from 1892-2020 Georgia is overdue they may go 15-0 this year. But histor
  2. So Georgia has had spring games from 1981 to 2021 except 2020 and none of those teams won a national title.
  3. Can you explain how Hoover police patrol I-20 which starts in 1100 miles away in west Texas and take drug money since it does not run though Hoover? Tell us how that works know it all ?
  4. Does Marietta police patrol I-20? I-20 is about 20 away from Marietta and is not in the Marietta police jurisdiction.
  5. You will believe anything. The truth is Hoover high school when built for 30 million was from dime bags stolen for high school kids and sold by the police. It only took 3,000,000 dime bags the Hoover police got on drug bust to build Hoover high. They did this on I-20 which does not run though Hoover. The real story is the AHSAA made Hoover forfeit 4 games because of a player moved from Hayden Al living his mom to Hoover with his dad. Who the father had lived their for 15 years. But since the judge did not give custody to the father the AHSAA ruled him ineligible we forfeited
  6. Yep and the best talent most years. If Alabama avoids injuries they will win it again.
  7. He look solid with half the offensive starters out. Probably the best qb in the SEC by the end of the year. You will not see Alabama only win 5 games after winning a national title like LSU.
  8. Georgia Tech should give kids who grew up in a terrible home life and environment which gives him no chance to succeed from a grade standpoint a chance to prove himself. But if they want to eliminate these type kids so be it. I have no respect for Georgia Tech Paul Johnson taught dirty cheap football which injured many players on opposing teams. Many ACC coaches claim this not just me.
  9. Sounds like Louisiana has a state pride issue if so many pull for out of state teams. I look for many more to turn on LSU because of this sex crime scandal.
  10. LSU needs to get rid of football players who commit sex crimes and administrators who cover it up.
  11. Most kids in Louisiana grow up LSU fans. In Alabama probably 35-40% kids grow up Auburn fans. Georgia and LSU especially have an advantage with no instate competition unlike Alabama and Auburn. Georgia has a bigger population than Alabama and Louisiana combined. Georgia Tech has 1/2 title in the last 60 years. They run from competition that's why they left the SEC tired of Alabama beating them. Bobby Dodd was not up to the level of Bryant and left. Recruiting wise how many 5 stars has Tech recruiting vs Georgia the last 15 years?
  12. Alabama has Auburn to deal with in state. Georgia Tech is a nobody compared to Auburn.
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