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  1. Guys you need to think about the real world. Again a 65 year grandmother is driving a 2016 camry with a good tag on it is she more likely to get pulled over or a male in a hoodie with the windows down no tag at all, loud music, car full of garbage, a spare tire on it with a different color fender on it. Obviously they 2nd one. Again which of the 2 has higher chance of having a warrant, which one has a higher chance of having drugs on them, which has a higher chance of fighting the cops. This is the real world not some hallmark channel feel good movie. Growing up in Birmingham at one time Hueytown Al had the biggest reputation for partying and wild girls. This was when the Allison's were at the top of Nascar tons of people drove over there looking for fun. But the Hueytown police had a bad reputation for being rough on out of town people. So guess what we stayed in Hoover and did not go because of I did not wanna chance having a run in with the Hueytown cops. Plus we were Earnhardt fans and did not wanna taking a chance of some local rednecks wanna to fight over Allison's vs Earnhardt deal. But some did and got arrested.
  2. In the real world not a dream perfect world cops see red flags as they are pulling someone over. Probable cause can be anything like I said a funny smell , driver acted funny /suspicious, cop sees a zip lock bag in the back seat, driver is a known drug dealer etc.
  3. Don't run and you will not get tackled.
  4. You are right once you get pulled over they can do anything they want. All they have to do is say I smell something funny next thing you know here comes the k9 you are handcuffed then they search your car from bumper to bumper. You have no choice in the matter this is why I go to extremes not to give them any reason to pull me over. I take no chances when it comes to cops.
  5. Is the person you described more likely to have drugs on them or a 65 grandmother driving a 2016 camry? I also had a state trooper tell me when they perform a traffic if the back seat of a car is full of misc garbage it shoots a red flag up instantly.
  6. I don't look down on those people. I just try not to put myself in a position of having a higher chance to get pulled over. For instance I live by the old saying nothing good happens after midnight I'm never out late unless I have no choice. Having a tag out of date for example 90% of the people pulled over on live TD have at least 1 of these things going on beer/booze, cigs, drugs how about getting your tag renewed instead of buy a few cases of beer or cigs with an out of date tag you are asking to get pulled over an up to date tag you don't get pulled over. These people you see on live PD are just begging to get pulled over. People have a choice next week for example it is tag month I got paid I can go to the courthouse get my tag renewed or go buy 2 cases of beer, a case of cigs and a bag of dope that is a choice. Some make the right choice some don't.
  7. It is those people I have never been pulled over for a tag light I keep my cars maintained, never had a car searched, never been ask if I have been drinking, never been ask stuff like got any drugs or warrants, don't Associate with anybody who may have drugs on them so they may end up in may car, inside of my car does not look like a hoarder home, what are the odds of most of the people on live pd working full time 40 hour week jobs.
  8. You gonna answer the question or post youtube videos? I did not figure you would just give up.
  9. Of course if you are doing nothing wrong and have all your crap together up to date drivers license, car tag, pistol permit, insurance etc. and are not drunk or have drugs or driving crazy nothing happens. I have never even had a cop ask me to get out of a car before. When a cop smells dope those kinda stops happen. People say shit happens well only happens to those kind of people you see on live PD. HawgGoneit you must have had a bad run in with the police before.
  10. Or my favorite how many have you had to drink it's always 2 beers. Or they are trying to use their cell phone or smoke cigs while being arrested. It's all just a delay tactic.
  11. Yes I was forced to. Can you answer the question .
  12. Why are so many white middle class looking kids 16-25 at these riots? You would never see black kids at a white riot /protest doing these acts of crime. I understand both races are doing wrong. But these white kids in cargo shorts and a backpack with name brand t shirts on do not look like like a common place protester.
  13. Hard to believe that these arsonists and looters/thieves would have thought prior to do doing these terrible acts that if people would have supported the NFL kneelers I would not be doing this. The thugs who busted the windows out and robbed target could careless about the NFL kneelers and what happened. I have never even known of anybody rioting and burning down business and stealing like these animals.
  14. Explain to me how kneeling during the pledge helped police abuse.
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