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  1. Essence Cody and Hoover's Reniya Kelly started together on team breakthru.
  2. He has underachieved had 2 of the greatest throwing to him his entire career in Brady and Big Ben and not even top 20 in playoff receiving yards. Elite talent but head case. Only 6 playoff tds.
  3. Lowndes probably needs to cut the flounder fishermen loose. Kids can see when someone is not 100% invested. Sounds like this guy has football way down on his list of priorities.
  4. Texas's freshman qb will get to meet Will Anderson and Dallas Turner face to face.
  5. You did not want any part of my other post. Weak again on your part.
  6. I'm just got off the phone with a friend who lives and grew up in Covington Louisiana he said c$#na$$ is a racial term that true cajuns do not like and viewed as racist. Again you make another clueless post about names and racism.
  7. To start with only classless trash brings someone's family into a message board post. You talk about the flag. I bet I have had a rebel flag waved in my face much more than you. Every year until about 8 years Vestavia fans waved rebel flags in our faces, our players, and our coaches coming into the stadium. They used to call us every name in the book including calling my group and family everything from SOB to n%$#@r lover. So you have me pegged on the wrong side of the fence when it comes to the flag. Tell me the last time this happened to you dealing with the rebel flag. So next time educate yourself about myself and the rebel flag before posting garbage lies. I personally hate the flag and what my family had to endured over it.
  8. If it is wrong it is wrong no matter a coach, a player, a preacher or a rapper. Giving a 21 year old kid a pass for saying that is the problem nowdays.
  9. I agree something else has happened. If a black coach said it would he be fired? If a black coach said honky would he get fired? More to this.
  10. If a coach gets fired over using it a player should too. Can't be a 2 way street.
  11. Alabama leads the country this year with 5 stars per capital according to 247.
  12. Hoover beat Evangel in 03 in front of 17,000.
  13. Week zero Alabama August 19th and 20th top games that are pick em worthy 1. Thompson vs Buford at Milton 2. Hoover vs Auburn in Montgomery Al kickoff classic 3. Hewitt at Central Phenix City
  14. He needs to start a fishing and canoeing tv show.
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