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  1. NYHSFAN33

    Cancer sucks

    Good luck and stay strong man.
  2. A truly amazing round and trilogy of fights for that matter. “Just imagine if you bought a ticket” might be the single greatest / truest comment made by Jim Lampley.
  3. One of the best rounds of boxing I’ve ever seen. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=3PPhyBUsxaA
  4. NYHSFAN33

    Warriors vs Kawhi Leonard Finals 🧵

    Toronto’s coach totally shit the bed and cost them the game IMO. On a 12-2 run, up 6 with all the momentum and the crowd behind you and what does he do? Call back to back timeouts and let Golden State re-group and take the game back. One of the worst decisions I’ve seen from an NBA head coach and n a while.
  5. Would like to be able to watch the ECA vs West Monroe game if a stream is available
  6. NYHSFAN33

    2019 OOS matchups

    I saw Timber Creek once, when they played New Rochelle. I believe New Ro won the game, but Timber Creek had some really impressive athletes on the outside that caused matchup problems and good size on both lines.
  7. NYHSFAN33

    Track and Field

    Rai Benjamin from Mt. Vernon. Area has gotten a little rough so it’s great to see kids from there doing positive things athletically. Usually that happens on the basketball court from Mt. Vernon but glad this young made has made a living running track.
  8. NYHSFAN33


    Good for him wish him the best, hope he has a good experience wherever he finally ends up going to college.
  9. NYHSFAN33


    2 transfers before playing a down of football. Is he going to be eligible to play this year? Seems like a flaky kid. Hopefully he settles down and shows out on the field for his sake.
  10. NYHSFAN33

    Sofla guys from waaay back

    OU and DSouth both used to be pretty active going back tot he old TX 6A board some of us longtime guys used to post to. Hope they are both doing ok
  11. Coach “O” seems to be doing well on the recruiting front. Seems like his players enjoy going out there for him every Saturday as well.
  12. SJR has a challenging schedule overall for sure - just saying this game should not be a contest unless Hayes has something up their sleeve I’m missing. Doubt it though.
  13. Waste of a game for a team like SJR. Hayes most likely will not be very good next year even in their own league. Should Play them in basketball instead if you want a decent challenge.
  14. NYHSFAN33

    James Harden can't flop his way to a title.

    Good - Rockets games are terrible to watch. Harden or Paul pounding the ball into the floor for 15-20 seconds followed by a step back (Travel) 3 point attempt where the shooter goes down like he got sniped from the stands. Amazing how they have a coach in Mike D. who ran one of the most fun and fluid offenses in basketball during his time with the Suns. Now relegated to holding up 1 finger and calling for an iso on every trip down the court.
  15. NYHSFAN33

    Proud of daughter

    Tremendous - congrats and good luck going forward.