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  1. You’re most likely correct, but also probably depends on the schools. Plenty of publics around here pray pre-game. Also quick fact... Iona Preps field is “Wellington Mara field.” Basically the entire Mara family (boys) attended there, so the Mara family has strong ties to the school. https://www.lohud.com/story/sports/high-school/lohud-varsity-insider/2015/09/24/iona-prep-dedicate-field-wellington-mara/72640588/
  2. All in all this 3 game series seemed to get positive reviews. Only catholic schools were involved, no publics, but it is always a cool experience for HS kids to get a chance to play in a pro stadium. Would be nice if some public schools were able to get involved though, IMO.
  3. Erasmus is a public school, Hayes is Catholic. Erasmus plays in a relatively weak league and will probably play Curtis for their league. Hayes will be predicted to finish between 3rd and 5th place in their league unless they are able to pull some upsets. Never know, they could do better and even win the league....very Hard to tell how good Hayes is based on the fact that they played an opponent that was clearly better than them. Two things about them are they won’t be intimidated and they always have some speedy kids, so there is always a possibility of them beating you with their speed if they play a clean game.
  4. Iona Prep is a well regarded Catholic School here in Westchester, good academics. As for their football, they are one of those teams who will always have hardworking, solid kids. Will never blow you away with speed or size but they will be disciplined, be well coached, and give max effort. Like most HS, they have talent cycles - some up years and some down, but they usually have kids who like to compete.
  5. Game 1: St Anthony’s NY - 16 , Delbarton, NJ - 14 Game 2: Iona Prep, NY - 41, Pope John, NJ - 21 Game 3: most likely will be a huge blowout in favor or SJR, NJ
  6. Unfortunately because of crappy NYS lack of true playoffs, time will not tell. They will not play each other. But I can say I saw that scrimmage in person. It was played like a regular game and EH was not better than Iona Prep in any phase and ultimately lost 14-7. So I will go by what I saw. Granted because of very late season start times both were unpolished, but I can confidently say at best the teams were evenly matched (Being generous to EH here). Their coaching is suspect as well.
  7. They were not better than Iona Prep last week in their head to head scrimmage. Iona Prep won 14-7. Was played as a game like condition...Play was largely even with Iona making fewer mistakes.
  8. EH has some individual talent, and will probably be one of the favorites to win their NYC public school league. They did not look good at all in their 1 scrimmage they lost to Iona Prep, but I am assuming this game vs SPP is their first game of the year. I did not see this game vs SPP, but usually Erasmus has some skill guys to give some teams matchup problems. Can’t comment on this particular game vs SPP as I did not see it at all.
  9. Both offensive lines got pushed around all night for sure.
  10. Charlotte Catholic has had some good teams the past few years and has talent. You should know better considering you are so involved with the HS football matchup business
  11. Game tied 13-13. Curtis D having trouble keeping Karr off the edges
  12. Big play by Karr for a TD. 7-7. Catch and RAC. Burner speed on that WR. The stream is quality as well.
  13. Gotta love these local homer announcers they are pretty funny. Curtis looks fairly polished, but Karr has some really big dudes on both sides of the line and speed on the perimeter....they definitely have some athletes.
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