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  1. Could have been, yes. I believe there is one in the Bronx and one in Brooklyn.
  2. The NY Federation basketball tournament Final 4 Is set set in class AA: Archbishop Stepinac (White Plains, NY) vs Eagle Academy (Brooklyn, NY) Long Island Lutheran (Brookville, NY) vs Victor HS (Victor, NY). https://www.nysbasketballbrackets.com
  3. Field almost set. Waiting on this weekend NYC and Upstate public school champions to round out the final 4:
  4. Hayes vs Stepinac Sunday in the finals. Winner will be the Catholic School representative in the Federation Tournament
  5. Final four set. Winner of this will represent catholic school champ in the state federation tournament
  6. You assume correctly. Current bracket:
  7. Long Island Lutheran is the top rated NY team but they are in a Private school league and play a more national schedule
  8. When I was playing in HS in NY we had a shot clock I believe first year was 96 or 97. 35 seconds. No reason not to have it nationwide at this point in 2023.
  9. This is a ridiculous take. NFL is the only level where the talent level is closest to equal across the board. Winning a lot in HS or college doesn’t mean anything for the quality of a coach where they can have a tremendous talent advantage. Saban and Spurrier found out the hard way in the NFL that they are actually mediocre coaches at their core and it’s a lot harder to win when they don’t outman their competition at every position.
  10. Technically those are not NYC teams either. Both are on Long Island. LuHi always has talent though. Have no idea what St Anthony’s basketball program is like. They are never a threat to win their league, but the CHSAA is a very tough league to win. Stepinac, Iona Prep, Cardinal Hayes, Christ the King, Archbishop Molloy, Xaverian, Bishop Loughlin, Mt St Michael, etc etc - league play in the CHSAA is very intense. You better bring your “A” game every night or you will be humbled quickly.
  11. Stepinac and St Frances played a great back and forth OT game a couple of nights ago
  12. I’m a Giants fan, but I always root for the Jets to do well, I’m not a hater. I would take Williams in a heartbeat. I’m sure the Jets and a bunch of other teams would take him as well. He has a lot of potential.
  13. Williams is talented and entertaining to watch, no doubt about it. Seems to be a great fit for the offense and the campus location. Some players do benefit from “committing to the coach” not necessarily the school. In his case he currently has both working, so good for him.
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