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  1. Cool draft article: https://amp.lohud.com/amp/4888111001?__twitter_impression=true
  2. Yea Buffalo NY to New Rochelle NY is a long drive
  3. Lights went out for Canisius a while ago on this game. In all seriousness I think because Canisius had a 6 hr ride to the location - didn’t stay overnight due to NY COVID protocol
  4. He played for Curtis HS - Staten Island. Public School (NYC-PSAL)
  5. I have heard most of the players in NYC trying to get film attended a bunch of camps in the Fall and made training videos to supplement whatever game film was already out there. Unfortunate situation for them really crappy circumstance out of their control.
  6. I am not sure about the rules, but NYC teams aren’t playing - Deblasio and all that. I doubt that any of the players you are referring to came from Westchester or north (Not sure about Long Island) so I doubt it. My best guess is the guys you are talking about transferred from schools in Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten Island where they aren’t having a season. Not 100% sure but I doubt they would be allowed to play 2 seasons in 1 year anyway. I doubt that any of the Westchester Schools would allow it anyway.
  7. I don’t pay attention to rankings very much, but if we are being honest there has never been a Stepinac football team that I would consider to be top 25 in the country. They have had a couple of teams top 100 worthy, but never in the top 25 IMO. In Basketball they have been ranked that high (and deservingly so) I would assume.
  8. They are right down the street from me. Young team with a lot of underclass men. Very average talent this year, down from the last few seasons. Historically Stepinac was never a power, but recently have had solid football and basketball squads.
  9. Today is probably the best game you are going to see in NY during this odd Spring Season. Iona Prep vs Canisius. Being streamed online at 4:30 pm today EST @ https://events.locallive.tv/events/50009 Weather in the New Rochelle NY area should be in the low 60s. Cloudy and the rain should hold off. Ideal football 🏈 weather. 4:30 pm kickoff EST between @CanisiusHSFB and @ionafootball. Game will be live streamed on @locallivenet.
  10. I do not believe it is birth states via Maxpreps because Jordan is listed as NC where he played HS ball and not NY where he was born. Plus they mentioned that Curry was beat out of NC rankings in the intro paragraph. Also it is listing their HS alma maters next to the name. I think it’s going by high school team.
  11. I thought Curry went to HS in NC? If counting birth states the lists change significantly
  12. Shaq was born in Newark but I think he moved around - thought he was an army brat.
  13. Louisiana always has been had underrated hoops talent. Everyone thinks of NY, Chicago, D.C., Southern Cal (For good reason, all those places are packed with talent). A lot of talent in TX, Ga, Fl, Indiana as well as Louisiana. These places just don’t have the high powered super talented leagues that get the attention. The talent is spread out more
  14. I don’t think Shaq played HS ball in NJ at all - TX I thought?
  15. Louisiana always has plenty of talented players - no surprise to me. Solid bball and baseball talent down there as well.
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