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  1. Are any of these games streamed? Always liked Longviews style of play and would like to catch them play, especially vs West Monroe and McKinney North
  2. I agree with your sentiment definitely. I have been saying that for years. To play devils advocate, they are trying to build a football program at a traditional powerhouse basketball school. Also they beat Hayes last year. Their losses were to Iona and Stepinac. The guy is obviously a loudmouth but to his credit he has seeked out games with almost any willing takers. I do agree they need to break into the upper tier of their own league first and build from there. Don’t know if it’s going to possible at a basketball school like CTK though.
  3. 2 great games Power Memorial vs DeMatha, both played at DeMatha back to back years. The teams split. As a slight correction, Power Memorial was 96-6 during Alcindors career there (5 losses in NYC, 1-1 vs DeMatha). Power Memorial no longer exists, the school closed in the mid 80s.
  4. East Catholic is a very solid team, not to take anything away from them, but as an FYI, Stepinac has been playing without their most talented player who is out due to injury (JR. AJ Griffin, Duke commit). I saw them get blown out in their own gym last week vs St Raymond’s. Their pg, RJ Davis (SR. UNC commit), is impressive...but he can’t carry them against talented teams without his running mate.
  5. As I’ve stated before, Charlotte Catholic has had some talented players and they are always well coached. Not sure if what they have been like the past couple of seasons, but I have 2 friends that live in the area, and I have caught a few CC games while visiting. Wonder why they aren’t playing Charlotte Christian.
  6. I tend to agree with you here....If I lived in that area, I would not consider this "school" for my child at this time. I don't know the dynamics / demographics of that particular part of the country, but I have to assume there are better, more established options for kids around there than banking on this going smoothly.
  7. I think the intention to do something positive is there, but from an execution standpoint, I would not be confident at all that this goes as designed. In fact I would be equal parts shocked and impressed if that were to happen. The poor unintended consequence if it doesn’t work out might be drawing disadvantaged, potentially talented youth to this place and not getting them a satisfactory high school level education.
  8. I am no ranking guru, and generally do not rank teams, but from what I saw this past season, if I had to name my top 5 in NY it would be: 1. New Rochelle 2. Freeport 3. William Floyd 4. Cornwall 5. Iona Prep William Floyd lost to Freeport in the LI large school championship and Iona Prep was upset in the CHSAA playoffs, but won the league regular season and were the best NY Catholic School team this season, IMO.
  9. Not for Chenago Forks...Forks is a very good class B school statewide, but they cannot play with the caliber of a New Rochelle or the best teams in AA. Forks is a very good small school, but you are talking an enrollment difference of 600-650 kids maybe for Forks vs 2,500-3k students at New Rochelle. They are both NYPSAA teams, so if they were in the same class they would meet each other in the State playoffs. But New Ro is class AA and Forks is class B.
  10. No, not that I know of. Will continue to be multiple titles crowned for the foreseeable future.
  11. No, a lot of people don’t see it as a problem. There have been efforts to have Long Island join the state tournament. However, it’s not going to happen any time soon. Across the state most people are more concerned with keeping neighborhood rivalries in tact than playing for a true state champion. Also, NY football starts late. It will never run later either in order not to cut into basketball season.
  12. Classification goes by enrollment like everywhere else (AA, A, B, C, D - Class AA being largest enrollment, Class D the smallest). Problem is there are a lot of different championships awarded, so no real champ. There is the Long Island public title, the NYC public title, the Catholic School title, the Private School title, and the NYPHSAA (NYS public high school athletic association) state championship. Too many different winners to determine a true state champion. For instance this season the 2 highest ranked teams are New Rochelle (NYPHSAA state champions) and Freeport (Long Island champions). They don’t play each other. Some years a Catholic school is the highest ranked team and doesn’t get the chance to play the top public. Some years the NYC winner is the highest ranked but doesn’t get a chance to prove it...etc etc etc.
  13. Unfortunately NY doesn’t do a true state championship. New Ro and Freeport are the top 2 ranked teams in the state and didn’t get to play each other. The Catholic / Private schools were very down this year and the Publics were strong this year.
  14. New Rochelle won the large class (AA) state Championship. I believe Freeport won the Long Island large school championship, Canisius won the Catholics, and Erasmus Hall won the NYC league.
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