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  1. This is a pretty good schedule.
  2. I hope so. We should have been in spring training by now. I'm getting withdrawals.
  3. Is the Corona thing gonna extend into the football season?
  4. GSB has put alot good oos games together. The email proves he was a part of that game coming to fruition. If he didn't mention that Marietta was playing an oos before, is because the contracts had not been signed. You know how baller alert works.
  5. Why choose one only. I will do them all and Barbara Eden twice on Sunday. Hubba Hubba.
  6. I believe this year they pass MV.
  7. Great hire for Servite. Looks like Servite is on the up swing.
  8. Hopefully the Cathedral Catholic game is at Centennial this coming season.
  9. Well the administration did allow them to play Chandler in the Geico bowl series.
  10. Has MD and SJB schedules been finalized?
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