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  1. Looks like Valdosta is winning themselves a championship this season.
  2. He clearly missed that.
  3. C'mon now, you gotta be kidding.
  4. What stock market loss, the market has been banging ever since the pandemic began.
  5. Hopefully, JSerra will have an improved team.
  6. Is Booty still the QB at JSerra?
  7. Baller alert! I likes that.
  8. C'mon let's get this season going.
  9. Mission Viejo, Canyon Country, and Corona Centennial. All before the so called recruited teams. I'll just leave this here. Oh yeah, and all public.
  10. With the way this pandemic is still ravishing the globe, we may not see these great oos matchups.
  11. I thought Corona Centennial had SFA on their schedule. I believe they are in Cali.
  12. Can't wait for the season to start.
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