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  1. I hope they stream the Mater Dei game.
  2. Damn, Rome got their muffins sluffed.
  3. Is the JSerra game on Friday being streamed?
  4. An up and coming Villa Park has a better schedule.
  5. Those are some very interesting odds.
  6. C'mon man. The best LA team lost a heart breaker to a TX 5A team. If the best SoCal team played a 5A TX squad, they can name the score.
  7. This JSerra team St Joe's is facing will definitely be more disciplined than the Serra they face in 2016. If St Joe's defense is not up to the task, they will be scored on quickly.
  8. Dont recall a SoCal poster complaining about transfers. It's been happening for years. The broad access of social media has made it more accessible to the public is the difference.
  9. By 17 huh. A page right out of the devil.
  10. Five minutes of funk this ain't no junk.
  11. Good game. Sounds more like the latter.
  12. Is this, can't touch the qb scrimmage?
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