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  1. C'mon, he's not an accurate passer.
  2. Just like he torched SFA with his legs.
  3. Sad news indeed. May MTP rest in peace. Gentlemen, we are nearing the point where the hospitals will choose which patients to treat and which will be sent home to fend for themselves. Some it takes quick. I know a young man, 52, that passed in less than 6 days from that virus.
  4. Was he a Lowndes fan?
  5. I hope Drake Jackson returns for his Jr year. It will be nice to see he and Foreman anchor the USC defensive line together like they did at Corona Centennial.
  6. I was thinking the same thing. Not even giving Alabama a chance to the national title. Lol
  7. I hear he sings to himself in the mirror. Lol I kid. I kid Clemson fans.
  8. All respect to Etienne but he's no Najee Harris. Was very impressed with the buckeyes all around team. They play great defense and Ovale is a speed demon. This has the making of a great game.
  9. Usually the coaches are the one's asking their players to refrain from motivating the opponent. Dabo did a great job motivating Ohio St by telling them they didn't belong in the college playoffs.
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