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  1. ESPN states Garcia is practicing with the team(Grayson) and may play on October 30th.
  2. I was at that game. Funny thing is , even after MD was up big, some older BC fans couldn't see anything impressive with the MD team. They believed BC was just playing poorly.
  3. Everyone has heard of Grayson. Is their next game being aired or streamed? The bigger question, is Garcia playing?
  4. you can't take away that they , Linares and Salido, were the best at their division. They were the champs when they faced Loma. I don't buy this that he was at a disadvantage, when he clearly was putting on to Teo in the later rounds. I hope Teo does move up to 140, so he can get his bell rung.
  5. Those score cards were horrendous. Specially that 119 - 107 or whatever that bull shit was.
  6. Is he really the smaller man in the professional lightweight (135lbs) division? His last gold medal was in the Olympic lightweight division which is 138lbs. Also, he already held 3 of the 4 belts. He also beat a more experienced Jorge Linares. I dont know if it was the long layoff or was he too wary of Lopez power, but his game plan backfired. He practically gifted Lopez the first 6 rounds.
  7. Dang, alot of panting going on in this thread.
  8. That's ok GSB. They'll have 27 seniors transfer in next season. Lol.
  9. Who is this dude, the Jerry Springer of message boards. Why are you bringing up old sh!t?
  10. when you wanna catch fish, you fish with nets, not with a rod. Throw out as many applications and flyers as you can. Your bound to catch summin.
  11. Exactly, you win some, you lose some. Either way, you earn respect by stepping onto the field and giving it your best.
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